Raiding 12 Bases In Minecraft



209 ათ. ნახვები74

    ...To build a base out of stolen gear :)
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    1. Ernesto Santos

      I like loverfellas build more but I’m trash at building

    2. Ciara Doherty

      Loverfella/ Zack i don't know how to spell it there is a lot of ways but he is the best

    3. Sweet Skunk

      The abstract moon

    4. Ryan Reeves

      In LEGO movie 2 Batman actually Marie’s an alien so that is ironic

    5. TheBadDrawnGamer

      Plz shoutout Gavins

    6. Phat Kiddo

      Just go to 2b2t and take any thing you want

    7. Alexander Freiday

      How do u raid in ur server

    8. Connor Robinson

      raiding a home except you fill their chests with stuff until they notice

    9. Bj Will

      He makes such creative content

    10. Joe Hope

      I think Ben's was weird, Isac's was creative & Loverfella's looked good on the inside. The outside... not so much. Favorite: Loverfella's.

    11. Travis Linn

      Wedding chapel was the best

    12. Liv Schapiro

      Loverfella base

    13. Anita Snyder

      Mine houcse

    14. Anthony Germinario

      I'm at a tie with the abstract and yours.

    15. Garrick Heyes


    16. Garrick Heyes

      Can movie players play on this server

    17. blind fox

      Can i join the server on xbox 1

    18. Arthur Morgan

      NO way i built that base 4:32 and sold it with my friend! edit that is my friend!

    19. Nick Laramie

      mine house

    20. Dazzle

      ngl, I would live in Lovers build.

    21. can i get 1k subs with no videos


    22. Yuri_waifu

      Mine house

    23. Fiz - zy

      what’s the ip to the server?

    24. poopoocaca poo

      mine house

    25. Foxfire0002

      Gonna have to go with loverfella’s build being my favorite. Is feels cozy. :)

    26. KAPHYCAT

    27. Sara B

      8:54 - "well it does work" my exact response every time my code runs

    28. Guest User

      What server

    29. Juan Manuel Mendoza

      Really love this episode

    30. Guy Thrasher

      The baby Yoda wedding is the best lol

    31. Anthony Vangorder

      Mine house

    32. Jake McInnes

      I just love these vids crack me up every time :)

    33. Briana Cunningham


    34. Chase Flaten

      My friends name is Jamale

    35. mysticZ_K


    36. 31st_N1Tr0

      Whats this server

    37. 1k Subs With No Videos

      what is this server called?

    38. Gideon Hendriks

      Lover base is best

    39. Kung Fu Phooey

      Im gonna have to go with the “Safe and Beautiful MineHouse”

    40. memelord468

      Lol my is in this video at 3:47 to 3:48

    41. Mad Max

      this minecraft java or windows 10?

    42. Trenten Torticill

      Go back to ark in 2020

    43. Lori Putnam

      Mine house is best

    44. TURTLE icy


    45. Synergy AI


    46. Gabe Sowards

      Threives guild???????

    47. Alec2109

      oh no coppa is gonna fine you now dont teach kids to rob thats my job

    48. Poopy Poopy butt

      Wedding da best

    49. PikaPika

      6:07 poor batgirl

    50. Wells Lewis

      Mine house

    51. timothydavidmoore

      Surprised you didn't just farm sugar cane for paper and do something with that

    52. F1nl4y7

      LoverFella 1st Issac 2nd Ben 3rd

    53. Michael Vore

      I cant find the post you made about the next event so I'm just replying on this one. The next event I would like to see would be a gladiator arena typ of thing but the floor is lava and theres random islands and you have to like parcore to them. I'd also say make randome chests with really good gear but there extremely hard to get to. If you like this idea please do a shout out to all the Michael's out there. Thanks lover fella:^}

    54. Doof

      You robbed my house! It was the loaded house :). At 3:57

    55. SavyOohNaNa

      I'm literally just scrolling through the comments and reading the ones that loverfella liked or replied to bc those are the only ones worthy of my attention apparently🤣

      1. LoverFella

        Like this one

    56. jason Wang

      You could use redstone as blood 🩸 🩸 like a man died oops sorry I should not have said that

    57. Banana Dog


    58. I AM LEGEND


    59. DISCO - DAN

      Wedding wins

    60. Nuclear Rainz

      my favorite builds were from Isaac and loverfella