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    Extreme ATV Hill Climbing was one of my favorite things to do growing up. So when I heard there was going to be a ATV hill climb competition at Bikini Bottoms Offroad Park in Dyersburg, Tennessee I was pumped! ATV Hill climb racing is a test of man and machine. This group of hill climb quads range from 2 stroke to big bore 4 stroke and were ready to do battle on the Bikini Bottoms Hill Climb. Let us know in the comments what you think of this Extreme Hill Climb.
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    1. Nick Rezendes

      4 stroke or 2 stroke like 4 stroke comment 2stroke

    2. Too Fly Noah

      Bro’s really need to lean forward so they don’t flip back

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        you should come show them how to do it since they are obviously doing it wrong

    3. Stephen Newman

      Gotta say,didnt think big boy was gonna do it at 5:34...GOOD JOB BOSS!

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        it is a tough climb

    4. Jared Briggs

      That raptor has some serious torque converter box

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        had some serious horsepower thanks to that big bore

    5. Jared Briggs

      That godam dudes gonna pay lots of money for that damage

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo


    6. Scba14 Scba14

      Rear brakes on the right side everyone bales on the left. Yamaha banshee wound out in second gear aint getting any push. Missing gears before they even hit the hill. Im no pro at the hill but these are rookie mistakes.

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        need more woopow like that big bore raptor

    7. Dave Micolichek

      2 strokes do NOT belong on this hill. No torque..

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo


    8. Dave Micolichek

      0:06 "He got it". Umm, NO. No he did NOT.

      1. Dave Micolichek

        @BustedKnuckleVideo almost

      2. BustedKnuckleVideo


    9. Crazystuffyousee

      Quads and hill climbing only means bent axles, frames, and handle bars...

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        not much damage done this time

    10. Lukus Carter

      Who else wants a Raptor after seeing that guy take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd? And i don’t know crap about 4 wheelers plus my spine is broken. But I can think about it tho.

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        that thing was hella built

    11. SassePhoto

      For Sale: Quad bike, used for 10 seconds, some dirt on it

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        SassePhoto only driven on weekends

    12. WD Dub

      ATVs are retarded

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        so are comments like that....

    13. R earl

      man that made it up :hes a good rider and has a good machine.

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        R earl truth

    14. Plight_of_Icarus

      That raptor was great the rider was great, but I'll bet you that he had someone else build that bike. Anyone that builds a bike, can tell you everything from the ground up. This guy knew about the Tires and the big bore kit.

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        Plight_of_Icarus it happens to a lot of people

      2. Plight_of_Icarus

        @BustedKnuckleVideo possible, didn't think of that.

      3. BustedKnuckleVideo

        he might just not be comfortable in front of the camera

    15. حامد أحمد.

      اركبو عليه

    16. Gerardo Téllez


      1. BustedKnuckleVideo


    17. Sascha Wagner

      Top 💪👍👍

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        out the top on a raptor

    18. bigbangnone

      Mama says dont climb hills with quads,

      1. bigbangnone

        @BustedKnuckleVideo Dirt-bikes climb much better - and if you do not make the top, you can fall back while turning front wheel and lean into the hill - preventing your $10K investment from tumbling down the hill and breaking. Mama says...Never buy a quad.......They are for youngsters who tour.

      2. BustedKnuckleVideo

        dirt bike didn't do so well either

    19. chris lerch

      At least the 3rd one did not tumble first try );-)

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo


    20. Provessor Kayoss

      Big ups to that kid representin Nicky Hayden!

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        if only he would have made the climb

    21. gocubsgo

      Guy on hill hanging from rope...bro it's a machine just let it go

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        they are light so not much damage after a roll

    22. Barret Norcross

      MY 1984 "HONDA" CR 480R would make THAT HiLL..EASY..

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        that's what the other dirt bike guy said as well... then he failed

    23. Florian Schubert

      Most of the riders are FAT

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        most of the commentors are haters

    24. dano

      The hill climb helper guyz should have grappling hooks on the end of their ropes and throw them at the bike when things start to get outta control!!! Great idea I think!!!!!!!!!! just sayin

      1. dano

        @BustedKnuckleVideo welll,,,, that was my second choice of throwing the hook for!!!! just sayin

      2. BustedKnuckleVideo

        Until that hook misses and ends up nailing the rider...

    25. SoyYo

      Raptor Gang!!!

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        big bore them and they really get after it

      2. SoyYo

        @BustedKnuckleVideo Yes it does. Got two Raptors 700rs they are beast!

      3. BustedKnuckleVideo

        takes power to climb this hill

    26. Yeti8it

      A MUST for any hill climb is a long swing arm, Deep Paddle tires and HORSE Power . Most of these guys had none of these things ...or only part of each thing needed to be successful .

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        the rider makes a lot of difference also

    27. Nicky Maddux

      A lot of those folks gave up to quick I only seen a few with confidence to make it. One did.

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        Some just didn't have the quads for it

    28. Void_ DBug YT

      Are these guys a re hard core dear devils

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo


    29. Unorthodo_x

      Omg, some of these guys have no clue what they are doing. I only saw one guy even lean forward.

      1. Unorthodo_x

        @BustedKnuckleVideo when and where big boy ;) PS just tell them they might wanna lean forward

      2. BustedKnuckleVideo

        feel free to come try for yourself

    30. Shawn Ireland

      It ain’t about the machine or the hill, it’s all about the rider.

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo


    31. Custom wheel horse tractor Eric83

      Great video

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo


    32. Gene Vickers

      They need paddle tires that are a lot more aggressive.

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        gotta have more power then as well

    33. Psycho biker

      I'd send it on my dirt bike, up and down

      1. Psycho biker

        @BustedKnuckleVideo at least it would be fun

      2. BustedKnuckleVideo

        would fail just like the other dirtbike in this video

    34. Justin Cavinder

      The dude on the raptor, for one has a 780 raptor. And 2, he knows where to put his weight and isn't scared to flip.

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        they didn't bring enough quad

      2. Justin Cavinder

        BustedKnuckleVideo maybe not scared, just not as dedicated to make it to the top as the guy on the raptor.

      3. BustedKnuckleVideo

        I don't think any of them are scared to flip

    35. Rachel Gibson

      Most of these guys look like they weigh more than their quads.

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo


    36. Matt Pennington

      The amount of people that could’ve easily made it up this hill but driver error got the best of them is crazy lol this hill doesn’t look like much as long as you keep momentum and know how to drive a little lol of course I’m talking without hitting the hill too tho

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        well grab a quad and come put your money where your mouth is...

    37. Buxton Bear

      those guys really suck balls at hooking quads

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        come on out next time and show them how it is done then

    38. Forum Spark

      As a u13 quad racer, I would never do that

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        it's not for everyone

    39. shawng7902

      takes big power to sling a tire like that, and that raptor was about the only one that had that kind. A 450 may eat them up everywhere else, but in the sand and big torque places they seem to really get it done

      1. shawng7902

        What??? The 110mph banshees didnt have it? Bite your tongue lmao. Used to love them. Everyone ran 100mph+ biggest beast in the woods they say. Ya mean you will eat my lil ole 13:1 470R alive ya say? I love 2 strokes dont get me wrong. But they do struggle against anything out there today.

      2. BustedKnuckleVideo

        the 2 strokes were struggling

    40. Chris Carnelli

      Give me a yz 250 n I will show how to climb any hill there is shit I was chills I was told couldn't happen with my crf 250r I had 1000s into engine but still never bogged at all

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        bring it and I'll bring the camera!

    41. Chris Carnelli

      This is why quads suck

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        the dirt bikes didn't do to well either....

    42. billy kugler

      Are some of these guys from Wellsville? I heard them say something about Preacher.

      1. billy kugler

        I grew up right down the road from Wellsville but sadly never had a quad as a kid so I never rode there. I'm taking my quad with me the next time I visit family but I dont think I'll be hitting many big hills with these guys. Not many hills here in Louisiana. They got some big balls.

      2. BustedKnuckleVideo

        yep these are mostly ohio guys

    43. sedg666

      4wd = better

      1. sedg666

        @BustedKnuckleVideo heavy yes but still would have made that hill look like a bump on the trail two wheel toys are good for well not much.

      2. BustedKnuckleVideo

        4wd = heavy

    44. random person

      Something that would be an oddity is if Somone managed to work some engineering magic and made a 6wheel a.t.v. put a all wheel drive system in It and put some tyres like what was on the raptor on it along with a high torque engine like a snowmobile engine

      1. random person

        @BustedKnuckleVideo oh forgot about that I was more thinking about haveing brute torque and traction to get up tho I think by that point ya may as well put wheels on the front of a snowmobile and use it as it is perhaps with a more powerful engine

      2. BustedKnuckleVideo

        It would be too heavy for hill climbing and if you ever rolled it down the hill it would yard sale it due to the weight.

    45. Rock Uroskie

      There’s no replacement for displacement.

      1. Rock Uroskie


      2. BustedKnuckleVideo

        and riding ability

    46. Gregory Parrott

      Nice! The big bore Raptor is a natural for the hills. I am surprised that the old Honda 700XX, 2WD with an IRS has not made a showing on hill climbs. The IRS would maintain traction better in the bumps.

      1. billy kugler

        Too short, it would be hard to stretch an IRS.

      2. BustedKnuckleVideo

        the two strokes didn't stand a chance

    47. Charles Morris

      Man I see a lot of comments about I can and that’s a easy hill. My advice to anyone is come to bikini bottoms in Dyersburg tn next year and show us or try your luck at this easy hill.

      1. Cody Dotson

        Charles Morris I went up that hill on my brute force 750. My and a buddy raced up it. He had a can am 1000 pay out was only 50 bucks when we done it

      2. BustedKnuckleVideo

        Exactly! I'll bring the camera.

    48. tec61

      Climbing a hill like that is quads & rider!

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        for sure

    49. Stuart sugden

      I notice some of these guys keep blipping the throttle ,don't .Just hold it all the way back and keep it there

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        yeah it's a little bumpy down there and hard to keep the nose down

    50. ColtsFan 1991

      Good video but the same clips played more than once lol better than what I could do lol

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        They might look the same but they are not, a few riders took multiple tries at the hill

    51. João Garcia

      2 strokes ain't climbing that hill

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        doesn't look like they have the torque for it

    52. Randy Ledford

      I got this...o crap

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo


    53. Joe Max Fpv

      Anyone else still root for two strokes? I just can’t let go.

      1. 4% Neanderthal

        2-Stroke fury gesels.info/video/video/opx1jMaYepaqo5U.html

      2. BustedKnuckleVideo

        they struggled on this hill

    54. Kristine Sixteen

      I so don’t wanna miss this

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        It's a good one

    55. Jose Gonzalez

      Raptor always the power

      1. Jose Gonzalez

        That’s a baby kit if he had the 900+cc ok that’s big but a 780 cmon bro 450 go all the way to 585 and it’s a big difference and they’re lighter remember raptors are a heavy quad

      2. BustedKnuckleVideo

        big bore FTW

    56. Johnny Drama

      Why don’t they put the bikes in neutral. Then pull them up the hill. Lolll

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        easier said than done

    57. Stacy P

      The banshee did terrible. At the sand dunes those kick A$$

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        needs torque

    58. Shawn Little

      It’s helps to be a big guy to weight the front down

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        does it though?

    59. CRbyM3

      Only fat dudes xD

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        they get more traction

    60. 1337

      this raptors must have 4x4 to climb this hill

      1. BustedKnuckleVideo

        just more power and torque