PERFORMING OUR DANCE ROUTINE! With Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler

Dolan Twins

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    Watch us come OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONES and learn how to dance from dancing professionals Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler. In this episode we practice until we're out of time. Now its time to perform our dance in front of qualified dance judges. INTENSITY WARNING!
    Thank you judges!!
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    1. Cami

      I was so nervous/proud of them 😂😂😂

    2. Sky Jacobs

      This is way creepy but they had bulges especially when they first met the girls Graysons pants were tighttt. But damn now I know they big and I kinda wish I didn’t bc I feel like an actual weirdo. That shit was wayyy noticeable though I’m not the only one right??

    3. Ashley Clanton

      I love when people give times with comments so that people can just click on wherever they wanna see🤣

    4. Ashley Clanton


    5. Ashley Clanton

      That was not the same routine that they taught them, it was so much better tho, outstanding how it was only 4 hours basically/ however extra they practiced out Home to learn it!

    6. Ashley Clanton

      Didn’t expect them to be able to do all of that stuff😱😻❤️

    7. Ashley Clanton

      The Judge bench looks so fake lmao

    8. Ashley Clanton

      That looked incredible

    9. Ashley Clanton

      That was incredible and I loved it. Those stunts looked hard asf

    10. Ashley Clanton

      I loved the slide to the mirror

    11. Ashley Clanton

      20:32 is when It pumped tf up!

    12. Ashley Clanton

      1 kinda amazing 2 really hard to do it looks like 3 those stunts😱 4 I loved this

    13. CURLY_head .harmonee


    14. Byrelle Brass

      Its so fu king funny

    15. Kjaelynn Khope

      advice, if you mess up just keep going. and wait until the next count/step n carry on. it does get frustrating if you make mistakes but when you brush it off n keep trying you’ll be more confident in the dance

    16. Rose ledezma

      Bro i had my ear buds volume on high when the outtro hit and i think my ear drums like ripped into pieces...

    17. Alex L

      What's the song in their dance routine tho?

    18. Alyssah Delgado

      3:20 big butt, bigger heart ☺️🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. Lana Alyousef

      The hand shake is from dance moms

    20. Meg R

      18:36 the look like there on a double date

    21. nana the robot

      are we just not gonna talk about my girl bethany?

    22. Wolf Moon

      Whats odd is lately youtubers I like I have been trying to put notifications on to "all" instead of "personalised" and it acts like it changes it to "all" at the time but if I go back on and check its not "all" anymore its "personalised" again...why the fuck is it doing this bullshit? Ohhh some it lets me have "all" on the ones I don't like as much but ohhh the ones I like and want to see pop up it doesn't do it....mmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm youtube is a shady arsehole

    23. Sarah Cardenas

      Y’all have been cursing a lot more

    24. Sarah Cardenas

      Y’all have been cursing a lot more

    25. Sadaf29kill

      That was fucking amazing

    26. Kiara Young

      Little hint it's a lot better learning it's with the song

    27. tatum buchen

      25:48 ethan: a whole new world me: the little mermaid

    28. Rashamba Daniel

      They kilt itttttt😂😂😂🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤!!!!!!

    29. Taofi Mose

      Anyone watching this in 2k19. Like if u are..... Kenzie has a massive crush on you know who.... GRAYSON.

    30. Cinkay Chiew

      Awee did anybody else notice that Grayson opened up the door for the girls at 19:26 Such a gent

    31. Dzs Besties

      The judge put 5 fingers up when he said 4😂😂

    32. Summer Henderson

      The girl judge is definitely flirting with the twins


      Is it ok that i ship grayson AND maddie 🤨❤️😂 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻

    34. eva scaffali

      Anyone wonderd that maybe 99% of the dolan twins subs are girls?? Or is it just me 😂😂

    35. Jessica Adame

      I felt nervous with them tbh😂😂

    36. Tionna Bontrager

      19:00 Noah schnapp does that too 😂

    37. kari_10 ybar_

      I’m a dancer, so to me that was so hot 😍

    38. LyFonda Morris

      Actually you don’t need a lot of pro tips you actually did really good trust me I wouldn’t even be able to do that at least you tried your best

    39. •Toxic- -Snake•

      Judge: today we’ll be judging on 4 different categories( puts 5 fingers up)

    40. Hayleigh Kilgore

      2:54 yea definitely stretching

    41. zullivel Cesar

      They rly have a d*ck pumpkin 🎃

    42. Ellianna Tavares


    43. TōAsTëR :3

      Why are they all in different rooms ;n;

    44. Erica Jackson

      Why were they actually so good?!

    45. Rahima

      awww I'm so proud ❤️

    46. Caitlynn Boze

      This kinda made me wanna watch dance moms

    47. Lesli Perez

      Is anybody gonna talk about how 4 is 5 fingers17:50

    48. Chicken tinders

      What’s the song they danced too?😂

    49. Lia P

      Everyone just jumped in to hug Grayson 😂

    50. Halogirl92 _

      I just got a Maddie Ziegler ad like wtf coincidence i think not even in workout clothe tf Edit: i feel like on the side Maddie and Kenzie probably talked about them