Panthers signing Bridgewater would make sense, bad O-line is an epidemic- Schlereth | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    Mark Schlereth joins Colin Cowherd and talks about whether the Carolina Panthers should sign New Orleans Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater next season or stick with Cam Newton. Schlereth also talks about the Los Angeles Chargers and if the Oakland Raiders will win the AFC West division over the Kansas City Chiefs.
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    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
    Panthers signing Bridgewater would make sense, bad O-line is an epidemic- Schlereth | NFL | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

      Is Teddy Bridgewater a good fit for the Panthers?

      1. Angel Cadena

        @trill 1 lmao and?? I play basketball not football so ofc I would be no gud. What a stupid kid u are lol

      2. trill 1

        @Angel Cadena not as much as you

      3. Angel Cadena

        @trill 1 cam sucks

      4. Geoffrey White

        Unless Carolina can fix their line issues, No! Cam is an athletic QB and He's hurt because of O-line issues. Which is what Schlereth is saying. You have to address the issues by Knowing what they are. They can say what they want about a Qb driven league but it's Always been a QB driven league. They game can't start until a qb touches the ball. Real offenses move because of a run game. Even a mediocre run game gives a defense pause sometimes so imagine what a good or great run game can do. Plus, the run game helps to protect the QB in the scheme of things.

    2. Chris Nyholm

      Colin listing teams like “New England, Baltimore, pats, saints, the patriots.” Like what? 😂

    3. Angel Cadena

      Teddy is better off with bears or bucs or maybe even dolphins.

    4. Sam Lorenzo

      “It’s like security at the airport” what?

    5. michael Castle

      I love watching Mark talk and that's because the man speaks facts and not nonsense!

    6. Feminism Destroys Men

      Chicago drafted Trubisky but wouldn't sign Bridgewater? LOL...

    7. Wayne A. W.

      Lol Bridgewater is not a QB1 lol. I would say however that HC Ron Rivera/Panthers will likely get tossed in favor of OC Norv Turner.

    8. Austin

      Only problem is Bridgewater will be signing with the Saints...

    9. Warren Mazengwe

      Teddy Bridgewater is a game manager. He doesn't produce touchdowns enough. He is a good backup but not a starter. Besides, Panther's O-Line is not the Saints O-Line and Bridgewater will get eaten alive.

    10. MiketheYung God

      Noooooooo! Teddy is going to the Bears. The Panthers can have Dalton.

    11. Carlos Gomez

      I am a College student creating a website for sports fans to discuss and debate all sports topics!! Please take my 15-second survey!! all responses are greatly appreciated. @t

    12. chefboyarleezy

      Shannon sharpe needs to take some lessons from Mark and admit that the raiders are good

    13. brandon sanders

      the best running teams in the nfl, new England, san fransisco, the patriots..... lol whjat the heck

    14. Leo Dunson

      That's a shame that Dallas has that many good players verse the patriots and we will probably get blown out

    15. K Pax

      Tua is an injury risk at this point. Plus pressure around him or in his face scares him. Teddy is athletic enough, he doesn't have to show it for the saints, the north teams dont want him? He played in Minnesota which is cold most of the time didn't the dome break while he was there? Or before so you cant say that. Offensive line is bad now cause its not a glamorous position plus the league isnt tough anymore so toughness isnt taught or bred into new players

    16. Mark Houseknecht

      Used to be that the game was won up front on both sides of the ball. But today's NFL is made for entertainment, not for football purists, or for those that truly appreciate the game. Rule changes, players' reluctance to practice blocking, tackling, and physicality, and babying millionaire players... I've watched the game for 45+ years and, for the most part, the NFL is turning into the Arena League.

      1. 21 is the day

        They still hit but the steel curtain era and Lawrence Taylor, reggie white etc....would not allow all of this scoring today. Agree 100%

    17. Ninjachickenfingers

      Apparently Colin forgot that Mahomes destroyed the raiders... in 1 quarter. 4 touchdowns.

    18. René Linsenmeyer

      The puking sound about liking the Raiders 🤣

    19. paul fruge

      The way they played this year under him a full off season to plan and prepare a offensive plan for him makes sense

    20. paul fruge

      Why wouldn’t it make sense if he resigns with the saints? If brees wins this year he’s gonna retire that money can be signed into other people (the corners and Kamara) and sign teddy

    21. TheWalrusIsRagu Goo Goo g'marinara

      Chargers should wait for Trevor lawrence. The dude will be Andrew Luck. You will have the same stock next year. Slide a little and then trade to one to get him. Worse case scenario you trade up to get fields out of Ohio state who has similar potential. That way you get more distance from paying you long term players as well, from paying your qb. You have more time to develop your holes on offense and keep the dominant pieces on defense. The chargers would be smart, imo, to keep rivers one more year cheap, and then get a decent long term backup who can potentially start some of next year, like Cj Beathard.

    22. whaddup5

      Lmao saying Seattle never totally relies on Wilson. You forgot like 2 seasons ago. -A Seattle fan

    23. Daniel Castro

      Love what he saying about the way the RAIDERRRRRRRRRRRS! been grinding! Putting some respect on our name! Shoutout to Mark!

    24. Selph

      Mark is awesome man. Love his takes.

    25. SoDedicated6

      Did Colin really just say he's not sure if Kansas City is better than the Raiders

    26. Pablo Wilkano

      No way Dallas has 7 of the top 10 players in the NFL. Absolutely not.

    27. Corey Beauregard

      The Panthers would be IDIOTS if they went after Philip Rivers.

    28. Austin Wade

      Houston runs the ball a LOT. When they don’t run the ball much the o-line doesn’t do anything. That’s how you beat Houston, you force them to throw and get Deshaun Watson.

    29. IPlayVarsityGolf

      How do you not mention the ravens when talking about ravens ?

    30. Trev 916

      It’s funny how the best guys in tv are the guys without any biases

    31. Jossue Sandoval

      Teddy played in the north ... yeah he was in a dome but he still had to travel to lambo and Chicago .

    32. EthotDon

      And the disrespect to Julian Edelman as a football player continues... imagine not putting him on the list as one of 10 best players that's gonna on the field comes sunday

    33. C Millz

      Colin literally said Bridgewater is better than Brees

    34. OG LOC

      FACTS Panthers need TEDDY

    35. masmcg

      oh the colts cant run the ball? thats odd. they loved how well the colts ran the ball through week 7

    36. Paul Luevano

      I died at “thunder punched them in the lips” lmfao

    37. Felix Chavarria

      I hate the Pats but there's no way they lose at home to Dallas. Are you kidding me. I expect a slaughter to be honest. Unless Zeke goes for 150 yrds it won't be close.

    38. William K Savage

      the raiders just needed some strong white boys on the oline to fix. all black oline was a big mistake

    39. Barry McCockiner

      Schlereth has lost his damn mind .Why would Panthers sign Bridgewater ? They have plenty of Problems at QB with two quality QBs already . Besides , Bridgewater wants to be a starter , not a backup. Is he going to be Kyle Allen's backup in Carolina ? Cam Newton is as good as gone next season . I see Bridgewater going to Tennessee , Chargers , Colts , Jets , or Bucs next season to compete for the starter's role .

    40. djbigreign

      Getting rid of cam nonsense 😡

    41. Vbat 421

      Love the idea of Teddy on Carolina. Chargers? Teddy should be a starter on a team-he turned down Dolphins last year-Carolina is a good potential for his career. Mark is 1000% described the Cowboys "everything is sponsored. America's Team" Vomit! America's Team should be the one that won the most SB.

    42. thifty bill

      Great point on the Dallas/NE game. Dallas has the best players in that match up, but far worse coaching.

    43. Patient Panda

      “Thunder Punched em in the lips” Lol.

    44. Kristian Shynez

      Hunter renfrow was mentioned 15 times by colin, he has a fetish for him

    45. Jermaine Nowels

      “Thunder punched him in the lips” 😂

    46. Connavar Hawke

      if you really need help moving a person from point A to point B and can't teach it with the limited practice time. i would suggest you take aikido. nothing will teach you about a persons movement and how to use it better than that.

    47. Christine C

      Colts are the 4th best running team.

    48. VSauce 4

      Bridgewater is a mediocre qb that can win with a super good defense and great oline and star wr and a really good run game. If he’s on a team missing any real piece would be a mess. The Panthers oline and Bridgewater would be painful to watch.

    49. Jason Rodriguez

      That Raider offense is seriously underrated

    50. John Schmoe

      Don't rule out my Saints! We need to keep Teddy to take over for Drew when he's done!

    51. Kyle Smith

      This is just dumb. Allen has one bad game and now everyone wants to get rid of him

    52. Giants/Mets/Blazers

      Cam is going to go to a team that nobody expects, but the Bears would be sick!

    53. Tee Tee

      Why should Teddy B go to the Panthers Colin? Just a week or so ago you said Kyle Allen was so great. Love how the Media's narrative changed so quickly. During halftime in the Panthers- Falcons game, I heard Tony Gonzales say the Panthers should rethink about trading Cam. This was after months of him saying Kyle Allen is really good and they should trade Cam. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    54. Mark Krudy

      "Minnes..shoot me..."

      1. Marvin Flatt

        Have Kirk for 1 more yr. don't need cam he's old !

    55. Justin Lail

      Philip Rivers to Carolina makes sense. He went to NC State, he played under Norv in SD, he's still good enough to win it all. Cam to the Chargers sells tickets. Boom, both problems solved.

      1. Marvin Flatt

        EXCEPT, Rivers doesn't want to leave SD area because of his wife and 9 kids.. He has a no-trade clause in his contract. Yes know Chargers play in L.A. but Rivers drives to work there.

    56. Killin It

      Also the reason the cowboys are 7 point underdogs is because the patriots haven’t lost at home in TWO YEARS. Also, the cowboys have never beaten Brady.

      1. joe claridy

        It's ironic that the last home game the Pat's lost was to a quarterback that the media is trying to drive off from his team.

    57. G Rezz

      Might have to go buy Stinks Chili after this cause of his comments on the Raiders!

    58. Samuel Parker

      Cam is QB1 in CLT 😤

    59. SGT DOUG

      Mark Schlereth is the BEST. I hope someday he is a GM of a team or Commissioner of NFL.

    60. MunworthCrowell