Our New House Is HAUNTED!

Dolan Twins

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    1. lauren gracce singings

      4:45-5-13 is like a dream

    2. lauren gracce singings

      are the ghosts in your house single by any chance

    3. lauren gracce singings

      IM DEAD OMFG🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. Jeannie Yokitis

      how have I not seen this video till now?😂😂😭😂

    5. Ruthie Randolph

      That handles 😕😕 I don't know how to spell it looked so wrong 😅😅😅😅😅😅😕😕😕😕

    6. milagros carpio

      4:50 pls someone tell me i'm not the only one blushing to this

    7. Katie M

      “Now we’re gonna go swimming in the pool” I’m dead🤣

    8. Rachel Palafox

      At 5:16 Gray’s voice got wayyy deeper than usual 🤔

    9. Samantha Medina

      I liked their outro music so much I learned how to play it on piano 😝

    10. Samantha Medina

      Grayson playing piano had me dead he's so cute❤️❤️😍

    11. Sahar Luna

      grayson girls: we need more hot clips of Grayaon!!! 😩 Grayson:

    12. Jamie _Gil


    13. heyyitshayleyy

      dude the heimlich part omfg

    14. MacyKath 01

      *With Our Own 4..6 Eyes, Thanks ass hole* That had me dead hahaha 2019 anyone??

    15. Amy Grace

      the amount of sexual things in this I -

    16. GrayCay Comedy


    17. Elianna Huerta

      *I'm literally living for Grayson playing the piano*

    18. Kassidy Weller

      yall wtf bro lmaooo yall on drugs

    19. Courtney Reed

      when Ethan grabbed the lotion my innocent mind gasped and the non innocent side laughed.

    20. Elizabeth McQuade

      I love the twist lol.....wait its Ethan and Grayson of course there is a twist!!!!!!

    21. Gacha Fam

      I prayed to be that pillow ;-;

    22. R. Wright

      I think they made a dirty video on purpose

    23. Mia Buya

      Are Dennis and Lenny single?

    24. Bell bell B

      3:23. Ummm ethan what u doing there buddy 4:50. Ummm Grayson what are u going to do with that.

    25. Rachel Palafox

      What was he “practicing” for???? Damn this video is dirty

    26. Ninha Chloe

      This video is so underrated, I swear

    27. maiya say

      honestly, those ghosts are kinda lowkey cute

    28. Samantha Medina

      gray playing piano it the cutest thing I've ever seen and that little "flirting" clip got me dead 😂😂😂😂😉

    29. Samantha Medina

      I can't with grayson he's so freaking funny and cute 😘

    30. Samantha Medina

      omg I wish that I could play as good as Grayson on the piano Jk LOL he still good at it tho

    31. Savannah Chiniara

      Dude the ghosts have great style, with the Gucci belts and all

    32. AesthticAngelMsp

      6:05 and 6:08 Ethan: Are you seeing what i'm seeing Grayson:yeah Ethan: oh shit what is that thing Ethan and grayson: * doing pilates

    33. AesthticAngelMsp

      5:37 Ethan: Thanks asshole

    34. AesthticAngelMsp

      5:18 When puberty hits u in the face so then your voice change

    35. Nicole Skye

      Omg how could I have missed this vidddd lmao

    36. Aaida Sharif

      4:38 damn Grayson

    37. Trinity Delima

      why did their shadows actually scare me😂

    38. Brooklyn Kate


    39. F Sgr

      is Grayson really playing piano ?

    40. avibaby777

      Low key this made me scared kinda I’m a chicken

    41. Pien H

      lets hope they get old like that 😂😁

    42. waspoppinbiss

      this is the most sexual video they’ve ever made 😭😂

      1. Rahima

        tbh yes

    43. Stacey Douglas

      this video is so inappropriate some parts make me cringe but y’all make me laugh 😂

    44. Isobel McKay

      4:58 me feeling fat


      4:48 Grayson : You have some really voluptuous lips Doll : *Literally doesn't have lips*

    46. ponthea

      if you listen carefully, you can actually hear fanfictions writing themselves

    47. Jade McRae

      4:15 when you the twins shirtless at the same time

    48. quetzalli zamudio gonzales

      we got a new house we got a new house we got a new house wE gOt A nEw HoUsE

    49. Queenie Halloweenie

      Spoopy 👻

    50. Uh Huh

      Okay but they both look so good with grey hair????? Why is no one talking about this???