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Dolan Twins

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    We were fresh out of video ideas so this happened...
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    1. Abram Serva

      This is soo cringe sorry

    2. Lps zipper

      Lol give your mom a break 😂

    3. one and only rebecca 1

      Who else saw the person next to Grayson in the car 😂😂

    4. Dr. Lps

      Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Me: oMG gRAYsOn hAS tHe saME sweAtshirT aS beNjI aND jeY jEY

    5. Ashley Andrade

      Mom:and your stupid ass mouth grayson:you just called your baby a stupid ass mouth

    6. Kelly Stephens

      Love your mom ❤️ you should have her on more often. Loved all the ideas she came out with, and the recreating the baby photos was priceless!!

    7. Grace Perry

      I’m actually sweating -Ethan Dolan 2019

    8. ladybug72607

      Omg their mom is so pretty hi Dolan mom

    9. Jaila Weeks

      I'm actually crying 😭😂

    10. Dontchatshit1 ORDINARY GIRL

      im not even gonna ask but what made u write that song

    11. Duhitz _Lucy44


    12. toti asem

      They have the same chin

    13. savannah davis

      The carpool karaoke had me dead

    14. Iris McIntee

      ok umm who is in the back seat at 16:00 ?????

    15. Abbie Rose

      They legit look so CUTE in there duNgAReeS😍

    16. ellemao

      i just got 2nd hand embarrassment from an ad cause it was tana and her new mtv reality show did anybody get the same ad as me

    17. Elin Walters

      Lisa- based on the songs today TOTALLY Lisa throwing shade 😂

    18. Brylee Powell

      They r such mamas bois When they kept saying ur not to old MA!!!

    19. Melissa coviello

      Too cute. I love that she was embarrassed to get all those expensive things. Can relate.

    20. Emerson Rowe

      21:43 I love her smile when she looks at both of them lol

    21. shamsa muya

      She is so pretty 💖😇👍🏽👩🏻

    22. iie iie

      Them with overalls reminds me of Graysons douchebag montage

    23. Kseniya Malitskaya

      your mom has such good ideas

    24. Briana Piccolino - Sir Winston Churchill PS (1555)

      Anyone noticed at 17:13 there is a random girl in the back

    25. VERA SLEEM

      I love you dolan family so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    26. Infinity Bros

      did anyone in 17:05 see that weird dude in the backseat of there car

      1. Megan Smith

        That's the camera man

      2. Craftyfood_lover17

        Infinity Bros omg yess it scared me for a second 😆

    27. Kim Love

      I love Lisa so much.

    28. dream blue

      17:20 ???

      1. dream blue

        Who is that in the corner

    29. Shelsy Torres

      For some reason I got weird vibes off this video like I felt bad for the mom sometimes because they were like a little rude to her. Idk probably just me 🤦🏽‍♀️

    30. talent mnisi

      Dis was fun u all😂 My mom always says shes too old for things

    31. Tuqa ElDayash

      Ok i really like lisa's ideas😂

    32. Karmela

      were not gonna talk about how lisa looks like erika costell

    33. Ania Mason

      “ I don’t your crying , I don’t need your lying 🤥, just one thing you gotta Learn”- lyrics by Ethan Dolan

    34. Ania Mason

      Ethan can beat Beyoncé in a songwriting battle, that song needs to be on the radio 📻 😉🙃

    35. Sophia Luling Zhao

      they all got the same toes

    36. danielle fyhn

      This is so cute!!!

    37. Ezo Parlak

      Why is the dolan family sooooo beautifullllllllll 😩😩😩😩😍😍😍

    38. Ugnė Kuklevaitė

      Who tf is in the backseat of the car

    39. Wiktoria Knowles

      I love this so much XD

    40. Alana Deckov

      She’s so cute🥺

    41. Adna Ahmed

      i feel like ethan is momys boy

    42. Amari Robinson

      They don’t realize that they actually look good in overalls😄

    43. R. Wright

      them and their mom are live me and my mom, they can tell her to shut up amd she just laughs love that

    44. singerdoodle 10

      How is their mom such a QUEEEN!!

    45. Jacey Griffith

      LiSa 😂

    46. Reese and Riley

      Does anybody recognize Ethan’s song from the embarrass each other video?

    47. Kate

      22:02- 22:14 Lisa is struggling. Guess it's the struggles of having twins lmao!! love u E and Gray

    48. Emma Tamez

      I was literally laughing so hard during the pictures that they were remaking

    49. Ella

      4:08 Graysons smile lol

    50. Rachel Barnhouse

      Your mom is adorable