Dolan Twins

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    Here's what our family thinks of our GEsels videos...
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    1. Caitlan Shannon

      Grandma: I don't like when you swear in your videos * picks figure skating video * * 5 minutes into video * Ethan: [email protected]& [email protected]$& f$&@*^# sh&@*# cr+^# f&@$#% 😂😂😂

    2. Natalie Gutierrez

      Rest In Peace papa Dolan 😩🥺 fly high 🕊😢

    3. Chanel Bogaert

      Grandma Bernadette: Throwup milk challenge No one: Ethan: I'm dairy free

    4. Chelsie Webb

      Throw up milk is the best to me 😂😂

    5. Hope Powers

      Its sooo cute that they all have the same bracelet💙💙💜

    6. Delia Enya

      this videos is so adorableeee reminds me of every time we do family get togethers and my grandparents tell everyone what i used to do as a kid. they keep going till people are uninterested anymore and then some lol :))

    7. hff fhh

      Why all the family members has that blue "thing" on their wrist

      1. Bethany Grace

        It's the band (blue colour) for cancer, their dad had cancer and died recently because of it.

    8. Brogan Kay


    9. Josephine Cecil

      R.I.P Sean you raised such amazing boys though I haven't met them or you but you have blessed so many people💕

    10. GachaLife He3rt

      I have a fear of being boring - quote by Ethan XD

    11. Eran Barton

      when Lisa said she just wants to support them from behind 😂

    12. Rachel Brisbane

      Grayson looks so hot in this!! 😫😩

    13. Julia Castillo

      So Ethan what about that Nolan Merch?🙃

    14. Roses Are Red

      14:19 Eeteweetee's laugh uwu so precious, also RIP Sean (aka Dad, aka SeanNation), fly high angel. My heart goes out to you and your family. I love you ❤

    15. Payton Mckay

      Your grandma and I have the same favorite video! Yes, i love your grandma!

    16. Angie Nicole

      ethan: well im sorry I threw my bottle at you lmaoooooo im dead

    17. Angie Nicole

      when gray started throwing up I DIED ! lmaooooo

    18. M&M Make-up

      who is watching this in 2019 while drinking milk?

    19. Craig McAllister

      Dude, Ethan is so pimply, its time for some Proactive Ok!

    20. Craig McAllister

      All of your grand parents are so wrinkled !

    21. Craig McAllister

      Grandma Laverne and Shirley

    22. Bella Cooper

      No one: Grayson: GRANDMA Also RIP Sean

    23. Frankie Bowie


    24. Reese and Riley

      RIP Sean Dolan

    25. alexandra donnelly

      i loved when their uncle tony goes “it might make me famous”

    26. alexandra donnelly


    27. Martha Dunne

      Omg grays glasses were soo cute ❤️😍🥰🥰

    28. Arianna Lango

      8:54 Whoa. They sound the same😂 They have the same laugh💀💀

    29. Joanna Binti

      I love new jersey accents and there attitudes👌

    30. Jenna Collins

      Honestly, I never knew how much Grayson looked like his dad until now. (I’m sorry if that reminded you❤️)

    31. Karli! T

      R.I.P Sean! Sean’s raised such nice, beautiful and kind boys that love their fans and never judge anyone!♥️♥️

    32. ʟᴀᴜɢʜ Aʙʟᴇ

      Rip Sean♥️🧡❤️🧡♥️💛🧡♥️🧡❤️ thank you for raising these boys to be the best.

    33. Melissa Ashley

      Dear Ethan & Grayson I'm a fan of your channel and I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my anxiety and depression you mean everything to me and I will always be here for you I know that losing a family member hurts so badly. I lost my great grandma when I was 10 and it hurts still and I'm 11 so sorry for your lost Love, addy RIP Sean💐💐🥀

    34. katerina karras

      Did anyone realize that Grayson switched pants from jeans to sweatpants?

    35. AMY MILLER

      your mom is beautiful!!

    36. Abigail Higbee

      cursin up a storm

    37. Warlock Legacy

      6:05 Did anyone else expect Ian Mcshane to walk in that room... No... Just me... Ok... I-Il go home now ...🙁

    38. Warlock Legacy

      Awe there grandmothers PRECIOUS she makes me smile😊

    39. CJ Williams

      Oh I love the family 😭❤ God bless 'em all and R.I.P Sean🙏

    40. Shailyn Moncrief

      grandmom Bernadette is a stan

    41. DeJah Davis

      aw :( their dad was so funny and nice 😔 rip

    42. Megan Brand

      The world greatest & funniest idiots. What's not to love?💞😁😆🤣💞

    43. raheen asad

      is it a twin thing or what? Merrell twins- Post every Tuesday Dolan twins- Post every tuesday

    44. Reese Wisdom

      Their Grandma is a whole as mood.

    45. Abigail Campos

      2:24 GRANdMa 🤤🤤😂😂🤰❤️❤️

    46. ava bruce

      “my baaaaaaalls hurt” -poppy john 😂

    47. Elizabete

      Poppy John *IS A MOOD*

    48. Jasmine George

      Oh my goodness !! Their grandma is so sweet 💗

    49. Ana Lulić

      5:13 just one thing? Me: starts singing Ethan's song* 😂

    50. Lauryn Lizarraga

      17:59 I kinda miss Gray's old done up hair😔