Dolan Twins

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    We show you guys a couple videos that we filmed and decided that we just couldn't post...
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    1. Terry Dog

      2:12 Bhwaaaaaaaaa

    2. Olivia [] Besson [] Dolan

      2:12 My mum: is the kettle on? 2:57 Me: I’ll turn it off

    3. Maia’s Life

      They even pick each other’s noses 😂 100 brother points gray.

    4. dangerous love

      unintentional asmr moments: 3:10 4:52 5:00 5:07 5:09 7:25 8:12 (lmao i just re-discovered this video from forever ago when i first started watching my babies 🥺)

    5. Mckinley Ray


    6. It’s Ashlynn


    7. It’s Ashlynn

      Wait this is fake right

    8. Mya Parson

      Why was the slime one banned they did nothing wrong

    9. Mia rose

      For some reason they looked exactly the same in this video

    10. eva diaz

      *I was trying to choose a time stamp but there's too many parts so just the whole video* Ugh can we just bring back 2017

    11. Delilah Campos

      At 3:56 it looks like Ethan Is about to make out with Grayson if you pause exactly at 3:56 ha comedy 😂😂😂😂😂

    12. bri Alvarado

      PLOT TWIST: This video gets banned for showing the banned videos 😱 Jk jk

    13. fastbreak383 !

      Tug of war was real

    14. abigail wynn

      0:54 hmmmm in 2019 they did a buy each other’s coachella outfit vid that caused arguments too. 😂😂

    15. Balaji Santhan

      wait no i want ethan talking about the first time he ate ass what

    16. Em ma

      2:12 you’re welcome

    17. Avery Crawford

      Pause at 1:00 They look so alike 😂 lmao 🤣

    18. Maddy Birchall

      Even though when Grayson picked Ethan’s outfits out, he was trying to make them bad, they still look better than the coachella outfit that Ethan got for Grayson

    19. Quenn Jay

      1:09 nolan got a new outfit i see you

    20. Ruby Nuno

      I think the last one was real and the one where they dress each other and Idk which one else

    21. GreysAnatomy4LIFE

      Ethan has a thigh gap, Wait what the f

    22. Rachel Edinger

      With the hot pink socks, i instantly thought of Yungblud lololololol

    23. Crazy kid 11

      3:48 has me dead 💀 😂

    24. Eman Zahra

      2:26 flash forward to 2019 😂

    25. Smriti Wagle

      1:33 why do I think Emma Chamberlain would legit wear that

    26. Degenerate Tets

      2:03 walmart version of graysons louis vitton fashion week outfit

    27. Lauren Daelke

      I love Ethans wheeze when Grayson put the umbrella up 😂😂

    28. Elisa C

      I actually liked the ' buying each other outfits' video, it was actully pretty funny 😂

    29. Alexis Sena

      You silly little meatballs🙂

    30. Gxxfydols Edits


    31. ASALA_ Asala_

      6:12 Ethan: I am like Spiderman Grandson:ahaha Ethan : I don't feel like Spiderman anymore 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    32. ryleigh norris

      there’s no such thing as a boring video from them . 🤠🥰

    33. Justice and Cheyenne's world

      0:06 Solids And stripes Comment which one you would take 2019

    34. Tessa Nicholson

      Why are you using your lacrosse sticks to mix the slime they coast like $300 dollars 🥍🥍🥍

    35. Cassandra Lee


    36. Amy

      2020 anyone???

    37. Emily 3

      Who’s binge watching in 2019?

    38. DaWoop Dawg

      Clothes, Ricotta, and Tug-o-war

    39. Kate Elizabeth

      They filmed them all the same day. Lol

    40. Trinity Vlogs

      6:02 I’m kinda nervous because Grayson has big muscles😂 Grayson:*laughs*

    41. Emerson Sprinkel

      Um okay- subtitles at 7:30 when he says “Grayson idk what to do Bro” translated to “wish the other hoes at the URL”

    42. Nina Thurnell

      2:12 **kettles have left the chat**

    43. K Wizzle

      Why was tug of war banned?

    44. lani

      anyone else just kinda binge watching the twins in 2019 just cause

    45. Brianna Juarez

      Maybe instead of just making slime how u guys do it maybe you should get a slime pro like elle to help you guys or watch a video on how to do it😂😕👍💁💁

    46. Loyalty Paagee

      Did any one else think the intro was cute .. anyone... no .. ok


      I love that outfit on Grayson hopefully they don’t actually mean “no screen shots”

    48. Kyra Belle Marquez

      4:39 *twins talk abt a diet *me looks at stomach me: i wanna go on a diet....😭💔😂❤ btw i love you guys 2019 anyone?

    49. Sidney Yant

      grayson put the bikini top on upside down lol

    50. Fluff Flaff

      OMG listen to Ethans laughs at 2:57 and then at 2:12 What the *FUUUUU-*