Nick Jonas Reacts to That Spinach in His Teeth During the Grammys

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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    Nick Jonas talks about the Jonas Brothers' Las Vegas residency and breaks down exactly how he ended up with food stuck in his teeth during their Grammy Awards performance.
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    Nick Jonas Reacts to That Spinach in His Teeth During the Grammys


    1. Isla Mabry

      Nick Jonas is adorable

    2. Nani R

      I’m biggest fan of this Nick Jonas

    3. Erica Stolte

      I mean literally watched it live and didn't notice it at all. I didn't even know until I saw comments and stuff on Twitter. It could've been WAYYY worse and been in like the front lol

    4. Preslee Carson

      Y’all are awesome keep being you and so handsome luv this show ever 🙂🙂🙂❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🖤🖤🖤🥰

    5. Haley Faragalli

      Poor Nick

    6. VigilFiend


    7. Martin Rosas

      Nick owned Jimmy

    8. Crystal Westman

      You mean to tell me, you didn't brush your teeth before heading out to the Grammy's?

    9. Sumanpreet Chahal

      Nick; What you think? Well! He looked at his phone 😂😂

    10. Man With A Plan

      "Caviar eatin' matha fucker".

    11. Diana Gonzalez


    12. angrymuffinsb

      Lord he’s so attractive

    13. Lindsey Sciabarrasi

      Humility in spinach form.

    14. Desiree H

      This reminds me of the time I went in the bathroom and walked out with toilet paper on my shoe AT THE CLUB lmao never not checking my shoes again 😂

    15. David Thomas

      So he didn't brush his teeth the whole day after 8 breakfast gross

    16. Michael Brooke

      He channeled Nic Cage at the end.

    17. DM

      This man is blossoming after marriage more and more!!

      1. Preslee Carson

        DM right

    18. Gene Vedge

      The spinach was from breakfast teeth brushing ‘til grammys evening ? Weird

    19. I. C.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="172">2:52</a> u welcome :)

    20. Ian Untalan Vlogs

      Hahaha well you're just human tooo

    21. Ellashae M

      Is it just me who we are and he said that they were coming out with a new album who closed out the video went to your Messages app texted your best friend to voice message is of you screaming to the point where she could not understand you about how the Jonas brothers are coming out with a new album you start crying and you cannot stop screaming and crying. Just me? oh OK

      1. Bubble Gum


    22. x-I-teDd jhklibu

      Brush after every meal?

    23. Lil_G Adwan

      nick was like "ahh shit, here we go again"

    24. Matilda Howell

      YES!!!!! new album

    25. starhit

      Poor guy makes me like him even more what a humble cool cat

    26. Archish Chugh


    27. A James

      I’m sorry but they’re all obnoxious.

    28. Olivia

      And this is why dentists say to brush ur teeth 3x a day😂

    29. be crafty with Mayank

      India s son in law😁😁😁😁😁

    30. Jaden Dunn

      Why does nick talk like a politician running for president? XD I love the Jonas brothers

      1. Erica Stolte

        I mean his nickname was "Mr. President" lol it's fitting. His guitar pics said "vote for Nick" on them so

      2. eleventy9x3

        Because he's awesome

    31. Elisa V

      Can you Invite Jeniffer Anniston to tell her ghost story - I would love to hear her

    32. Rachaels Way274


    33. Olivia Raymond

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="108">1:48</a> Haha jokes on you my dad is an Irish rugby fan and ever since I made him bring me to the Jonas Brothers Prudential Center concert he's been a fan

      1. Kate Kinder

        Olivia Raymond im an irish rugby supporter but tbh i just go to normal pubs to watch the games but id have known him

    34. sudhansu singh

      nick is a great guy.

    35. dan gill

      Looks like someone chewed on his left ear .

    36. Lauren

      Nick Jonas and DNCE have good music if they each do a collab album I would pass out.

    37. Mathew Leroy

      Even stars need to floss

    38. That one person with no subs

      This is why I don’t each spinach😂

    39. Lupita VM

      didn't he brushed his teeth in all day after breakfast????

    40. Marina Juraszek

      ok but did nick not brush his teeth all day ewwww lmao

    41. Meenu Love cupcake

      wow... ended up in an indian restaurant and he liked it...

    42. Stephen Fermoyle

      so sweet

    43. Jenna Rose


    44. Sofia Denli

      I was the 8k like

    45. D S

      Seriously, people are watching some goof talk about spinach in his teeth when the coronavirus is spreading everywhere.

    46. erfan K.M

      I'm here because of Adam Levine 😍

    47. Marina Silveira Silveira

      So he doesn’t brush his teeth after he eats?!

    48. Priyanka Mudgal

      Fuck jimmy. Always talking in between. Nick was drawing comparison when he interrupted 😠😠

    49. Claudia Irigoyen

      🤣🤣 I love him u so real man yes

    50. jmatt4life

      The Park MGM is my favorite hotel in Vegas!!!

    51. Joshua Martinez

      Bro looks like he’s wearing my moms pajamas from Christmas morning.

      1. Jonathan Cineus

        Lol good one lol

      2. Elizabeth Hollingsworth

        You're mom sounds fly af tho

    52. Dave Fincher

      He looks like 18 years old

    53. Princess Joe

      Imagine being in a talk show talking about spinach in your teeth...That'd be weird lol

    54. rochie roch

      Ok Jimmy, you’re a big fan of everything and everyone 🙄

    55. 7.5M views

      He’s about to perform in front of millions on live TV and he didn’t think to brush or check his teeth?

      1. Maria Ponce

        His teeth look yellow.

      2. Gene Vedge

        Yes it’s weird teeth brushing til Grammys evening ...

    56. Spill The Know-How

      Hey guys!!! I've been working really hard for my channel. But, the response is kinda lukewarm. I've been seriously seeking for some feedback. Any feedback would be really appreciated.

    57. Sushma Naik

      The way he casually mentions going to the indian restaurant....nick indian food lover❣️

    58. Junriel Fortuito

      Nick enters as new coach... The Voice: I will miss Adam... Nick showing some humor and blocked Kelly before she's able to turn to an awesome auditionee singing her song... Also The Voice: Ohh wait I'm getting some chills now... Like! if you love Nick

    59. Spandan Misra

      Priyanka- Kya aapke toothpaste me namak hai?

    60. Nani R

      Nick Jonas spinach in his teeth

    61. Tina L

      Can anybody kindly tell me why this dude doesn't get his teeth's not like he doesn't have the money.🤔

      1. Tina L

        @Rebecca Morton his right lateral incisor needs to be shaved down b/c it is the same size as his front two incisors. His left canine needs to be dropped down. The remaining teeth need to be straightened. Plus his teeth are slightly yellow & need a bleaching treatment. He's wealthy & all of this can be done easily. Being a singer you should have perfect teeth b/c the focus is solely on your mouth.😏

      2. Rebecca Morton

        @Tina L do they though? They look just the same as my teeth?

      3. Tina L

        @Rebecca Morton B/c his teeth look fucked up that's why.😏

      4. Rebecca Morton

        Cos why should he?

    62. jaymee ningthemcha

      Nick 💜

    63. Love Yourself


    64. Nunhlui Chhangte

      I love himmmmm

    65. fo' shizzle

      This guy is transgender

    66. Iris Torres

      Your brothers knew but since u the cute one and always getting the attention they said fuck him but alil did they know u became a meme more attention on u ....omg nick it's all about u lmfao yazzzzzz I would eat the spinach of your teeth lmfao 😘🍆💦😤😋🍃🤢🤮🤣😂😎

    67. Pauli

      FROM BREAKFAST?! doesn't he wash his teeth?!

      1. Jason Andolina

        Pauli haha I was thinking the same thing and it’s kind of weird eating spinach for breakfast but whatever.

    68. Mathew Garcia

      When is that song they sang at the Grammys gonna come out

    69. Steene

      He’s human. It happens.💕

    70. Miguel Martin

      Ok. He hade the spinach on his teeth since breakfasts ? That means he did not brush his teeth for the rest of the day.

      1. Jason Andolina

        Miguel Martin haha yeah I was thinking the same thing.

    71. Gail Deshawnda

      I bet he keeps a compact mirror with him now😂


      “What hotel u going to?” “Wh-What HOTEL?” “*TRIVAGO!!*” Lol 😆

    73. Love Thapa

      LOVE FROM INDIA ❤❤❤❤❤

    74. Chicken and Noodles

      Joe’s father in law? I thought they were brothers??

      1. Emma B

        That’s Sophie’s dad. Joes Father-In-Law is his wife’s father. :)

    75. Ananya Gupta

      He wearing same outfit as he did in voice ...just observing

    76. asda


    77. Kasey Belle

      Nick Irish goodbye’d at an Irish pub. 😂

    78. Hidden Kitten

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    79. Gracie Smith

      I LOVE Nick so much!

    80. vsboy 25

      Dude has huge ears