Neymar: A New Number 10 Revolution? | Player Analysis

Piotr Foot

Piotr Foot

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    Hi everyone! Welcome to this new analysis, can NeymarJr be the next best number 10 around the globe?
    This was originally edited for my show Le Labo on the French website Ultimo Diez, here is the link to the video:
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    1. Piotr Foot

      Hi guys! Here is my Neymar #10 analysis, it was a enormous job, so I would really appreciate a thumbs up for this one :D Originally edited for my French show on Ultimo Diez => As usual, you can support me on PATREON: (fair way to support content creators) TWITTER:

      1. Diana Oeri

        Hey,please do an analysis of his penalties

      2. Horyal Jet

        @Nick Arnaud Ntore MARQUINHOS

      3. hl kp

        Hi, good job on this great video. Just a small remark: at 7:46, you forgot to translate from French to English.

      4. Aymeric Gammalame

        I got a question, are you French?

      5. Abdurrahman Naufal

        This is very thoughtful, no words can praise. Might I request you to make tactical comparison between Zidane and Julen, also why Real are struggling to create danger? I guess your tactical analysis on this would enlighten people, no exception to Julen.

    2. Miguel Pereira

      Neymar could have been a GOAT if only he had more focus on the game. His talent is imense

    3. Grzegorz Kiełtyka

      Great analysis 😃

    4. PacinoXTC

      Honestly Neymar is a natural LW. He is at his best using his speed, dribbling past defense and scoring goals. Watching him play CAM is kind of like watching a CDM play CB. I don’t think Neymar looks comfortable trying to be a creative magician ex De Bruyne, Eriksen, James etc... At the end of the day he is very selfish.

    5. Jacob Jackson

      People really think mpbappe is better than Neymar

      1. Piotr Foot


    6. David Branco

      Neymar es muy bueno en el campo Aun no ha conseguido el balon de oro pero para mi es el mejor pq el puede jugar donde sea el lugar ,se puede en el médio tambien. 💪

    7. Brian Kupera

      Rare talent

      1. Piotr Foot

        Incredible player

    8. YoungVenchy

      Dumb EPL fans say he's not a team player

    9. Bruno

      Many times Neymer played in that same role as #10 for the national team, in the same 4-2-3-1 system, and here in Brazil we see his biggest flaw in trasitions as being precisely what happens in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="579">9:39</a> : the extra dribbling! See how after he turns around and clears his 1st opponent he has the easiest option to pass forward to Rabiot, but he chooses the more difficult - albeit more stylish - play that is to turn around again in between the 2 opponents to get into the free space. In Ligue 1 he gets away with it on account of the poor level, but in the world stage that poor decision making takes its toll.

    10. Antonio

      Great to see people sayng things about me!

    11. Martin Hasson

      OVERDRAWN COACHING! what happened???

    12. arkan satria hardiputra

      Neymar is a great player but PSG isn't a great platform to showcase his ability

    13. Mohammad bashir

      Surely if he is playing at number 10 he doesnt need to drop back and play in centre midfield

    14. Catbread

      Truth is, if Neymar had someone like him he wouldnt miss all these assists Mbappe and Cavani miss, the lack of a midfielder is holding Neymar back

    15. Alberto Antonelli

      Neymar has always had a great vision but this is not the correct use of him! This is the best “ replacement “ for verratti! He is a forward and has to stay in his position! Great video by the way!

    16. Faraj Nass

      Where did u learn these things and how ?

    17. AceKinq Jæ

      Can you do an analysis of Oscar and how he could fit in at Manchester United... I believe he would be an amazing addition to bolster the attack and midfield

    18. Master Bation

      i think tuchel tried o made him a better player, to train him to pass not just play alone and do tricks he tried to make him like "messi" of psg or "iniesta" of psg. like irreplacable player in psg or something like that. Ronaldo phenomeno also always drop deep into the midfield even tough he is a fuccin forward. let him train neymar to be like dat kind of player

    19. Andreas Seibel

      He only want to be like Messi. But he is not and he will never be.

    20. A Stars

      Great vid, maybe hazard next?

      1. Piotr Foot

        Thanks I made Hazard already

    21. Serge Nban

      The biggest mistake of Neymar’s career was leaving Fcb

    22. Michael Shannon

      Good analysis but in fairness Veratti is one of the best midfielders in the world.

    23. Josh Casillas

      How is this a new number 10?

    24. Fabio Santos

      Neymar is the clear demonstration of the brazilian player who starts his career in futsal, that is where the fast thinking, with disconcerting dribbles, is added. Another example is the Marcelo, left side of the Real Madrid

    25. tarek Henchiri

      good music

    26. Zuhair Yassin

      excellent video by the way keep it up

    27. Zuhair Yassin

      for god's sake bring tuchelto barcelona he is a genius

    28. Dante Bonfim

      It would be a dream to see him and Messi again, even though their styles of play are very similar now.

    29. Aacs Sunny

      which app do you used to know "130 ball touches"

    30. Potshangbam Shantikumar

      Neymar can able to play in any position becz he is perfect and world no. 1

    31. hl kp

      This video shows well how good he is in counter-attacks situations (probably the best in this game play?): where he can use to his best his speed, vision, passes and dribbles to break through the disorganized opponent. This makes me think that, although he was a very good Barcelona player, he would have been an amazing Real Madrid player - back when they were focusing a lot on very fast counter-attacks. Don't you think? I would have been curious to see him do fast counters with CR7.

    32. Pyae Phyo Aung

      Great analysis!

    33. Azhar Ali

      I think he is better than KDB at passing. But he always try to dribble instead of passing

    34. Favour Justice

      childish football, Eden Hazard is better than u

      1. Piotr Foot


    35. Gregory Ho

      Rooney used to play this deep for Man United whenever he could not get enough involvement in the game

    36. Ngunngennu 7

      He’s changed so much since Barca

    37. Aru Bucar

      FM players out there, do you guys agree that is like the trequartista role?

      1. Piotr Foot

        I don't play FM unfortunately

    38. timothy rk

      Maybe Neymar plays better as a number 10 . But i have and will always prefer the old Neymar back in Barcelona . Its kinda sad when he is lost and has no one to look up to as he did in Barcelona . He has lost the bad boy look in his eyes , who dribbles crazy and score amazing goals with confidence , who knows he can have his pride as he had the best teamates of that time . Now he might be able to say that he is playing with the brightest teamates . But he can no longer say he is playing with the best players , that is now long gone

      1. timothy rk

        @Shamsul Arafin Mahtab but he's not as thrilling and not at Messi's and Ronaldo's level anymore . Just saying .

      2. Shamsul Arafin Mahtab

        Neymar convinced himself to play in these poor league and with club PSG and mates for the bigger gain. A CL cup for PSG will be 10 times valuable than a cup for Barca.

    39. Salim Huerta

      Name of the song ?

    40. Salim Huerta

      Neymar has ridiculous ligaments, super fast twitch musculature, and Brazilian Ginga...what else do you need ? Haha

    41. DD Kay

      Neymar is the nearest player from Messi's level. All he needs is being a great player in Europe with insane stats and going to PL or Laliga. Plus he has the chance of having a great international team (WC?, Copa America?)..He could be better than Messi one day..From a Barça/Messi fan.

    42. Javier Ramirez

      Stop with the analysis every season is different. Young people consider themselves the experts on this matter. Please just stop. Just like vincius Jr. Good in brazil league not so in Spain.😧😧

      1. Piotr Foot

        Your comment makes no sense

    43. Dimog Ibrahim

      Becoming more like a dinho eh?

    44. Piotr Foot

      So many comments about Messi, who's played most of his life as winger or striker/false 9, some people need to think twice before writing such nonsense

      1. Iury

        @Piotr Foot Messi is playing as striker?

      2. Gamecrab101

        DD Kay ye that’s not true because he played as a centre forward

      3. Shamsul Arafin Mahtab

        I am tired of watching and comparing Neymar with Messi everywhere in Neymar's videos

      4. Piotr Foot

        That's not true

      5. DD Kay

        Piotr Foot Messi plays as a 10 since 2014-2015 because of the retirement of Xavi and the arrival of Rakitic in the line up.

    45. ‎ ‎

      wtf is that vídeo, i like neymar but he is not even close to Ronaldinho or messi at all

      1. Piotr Foot

        Ronaldinho is a different generation player, why comparing? Messi doesn't play as a 10, why comparing? Again, why comparing?

    46. Acacio Lucio

      I love when a video deserves a like. Perfect analysis. It would be interesting to follow his evolution at this new position.

    47. theory over practice over theory

      if he keeps this maturity, he can play even on defense and would still be a level a player.

    48. theory over practice over theory


    49. theory over practice over theory

      his biggest change, though, looks to be on maturity

    50. hom3r

      they need james rodriguez for this no 10 role

    51. GDR

      whats the revolution? all south america 10s play like this... in europe messi, modric, ozil and others already do that

    52. Thyago Santos

      In 11 games kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    53. G mann

      Tuchel trying to turn him into messi but he is just a winger . He cant do playmaking without loosing ba

      1. Shamsul Arafin Mahtab

        It is two month later now. Watch the CL result of PSG.

    54. Riyan Khairul

      so neymar and hazard switched position's

    55. Saurav Niroula

      Make more videos on Neymar. I sub your channel 4times using 4 youtube accounts.

    56. Hello World

      So many Messi fan boy detected

    57. Ball is life

      He just needs to perform more consistantly vs big teams

    58. Lindokuhle Ngcamu

      If Mbappe didn't miss too many chances, I think he would have more goals. Don't know how many times Neymar has set him up on a 1v1 only for Mbappe to miss.

      1. Jeune Légende

        @Fortune Taleteller You're right and that's terrifying, Mbappé and Neymar are combining so well, Mbappé is too young to be a perfect killer in front of the goal but he's just creating so many occasions, if he were like 25yo he would probably have scored 6 or 7. I can't wait to see them playing together if PSG succeed to keep Neymar.

      2. Christian

        sandman1347 yea but mbappe lose a lot. He could be easily top scorer of everything if he make 50% of his lose chances

      3. sandman1347

        @Shamsul Arafin Mahtab Everyone misses some chances. Messi misses some, Ronaldo misses some. No one is 100%. LOOK AT HOW MANY HE SCORES!!!

      4. Shamsul Arafin Mahtab

        @sandman1347 But so many big chance missed from MBappe

      5. Matheus Moraes

        Cavani also

    59. daliso feint

      This isn’t Neymar’s strength and he still owns the #10 spot.

    60. zuqui

      whats up with the mexican music

    61. Mike Lara

      He learned a thing or two from Messi ;)

    62. Faisal Adel

      and he still scores quite ofter. I swear he's the best in the world right now. messi and ronaldo are greater of course but they're older now

      1. Leonardo Vera

        I agree,I think people have taken some of his credibility because he went to France and because he injury prone but he is,undoubtedly one of the best right now...considering Messi and cr7 are older

      2. Guilherme Barreto


      3. Shamsul Arafin Mahtab

        obviously agree

    63. Matt

      best for the team but not best for neymar. He is a player with lots of speed that isnt used well in that position

    64. Keitharo Lin

      Neymar is my favorite player 4everrrr and the best playerre

    65. Thiago Detoie

      Absolute genius

    66. Mario Mills

      Neymar's new role is perfectly suited with his ego of trying to be come the "man" that he thinks he deserved.

    67. Watchdog Man

      Very brilliant analysis. 10/10 🙌

      1. Piotr Foot

        Thanks bruv :)

    68. Nicolas Andersson

      tuchel is doing an amazing job at psg

    69. R Z

      Messi wannabe. Fails badly

      1. Piotr Foot

        We got the second star on the jersey, stop crying little baby

      2. R Z

        Since France lucked out vs argentina having an insane coach and got lucky avoiding Brazil. Never got tested and were one header away from argentina comeback and meltdown.

      3. Piotr Foot

        Hello hater, been a while

    70. #

      I like that hes playing more like messi not like ronaldo

    71. Matheus Fernandes

      Man great job

    72. Michael Tootalau

      It's funny reading some negative comments about naymer. People don't understand that he has his own potentiality in soccer. I think naymer is one of the best player in the world. Great work

      1. Hello World

        @Miguel Pereira it is corona virus 😷

      2. Miguel Pereira

        @Hello World what even is "potentiality"??

      3. KingLionel

        How do you misspell one of the most popular soccer names bro.

      4. Hello World

        These Barca Messi fan dont know that Neymar is talented football player. He has so much potentiality and skills .

    73. A. Muliawan

      Wow neymar play messi

    74. Khaled Rahman

      I think his main problem is he show off too much. Aside from that, I think he is a typical Brazilian wizard on the pitch...

    75. marvelous nwadike

      music sucks i cant whatch video cause of it and i hate to watch without music

      1. Piotr Foot

        You open Spotify, and you play music

    76. Haudy Luis

      This style of play remind me of Messi style of play. But i like it less dribble and more effective pass

    77. Ahmed Abdul Haadhy

      yeah he is good sure..but right now he is getting a fierce competition by Mbappe on his aim to become the best..a lot would say that Mbappe is just as deadly and talented as Neymar and more physical than a Number 10 i think that Neymar learned a lot from Messi and plays just like him at PSG, it is not Neymar's natural talent sure..his natural talent is his runs and skills and jinking dribbles from his time at Barca and Santos..but it brings the best out of PSG, with a star lineup of Di Maria, Cavani, Mbappe, Draxler and Neymar, all of whom want to play minutes and shine. Honestly i think Neymar would not get the ballon d or for the same reason as Messi, players with darting runs and fantastic skills (not Ronaldo), with lots of important goals (like Ronaldo) and mental and physical health (like Ronaldo) which i can see Mbappe becoming in the future, is more eye catching for the people (ahem idiots) at FIFA rather than the genius of players such as Messi, Modric, Iniesta, Xavi, Scholes, Busquets, Pirlo, KDB, D. Silva and now from this video, Neymar as well. Players like that who run the game and dictate everything and play the silent genius are overlooked by FIFA (idiots) officials, main reason why FIFA has lost the respect of football fans.

      1. Ahmed Abdul Haadhy

        @Vedhanth Rathore did your mom drop you on your head as a kid? thats like saying...India can beat America in a war..we all know they are good but that they cant, can MAYBE beat Pakistan but not America or Russia..

      2. Vedhanth Rathore

        @Ahmed Abdul Haadhy Neymar is better than Zidane and Kaka

      3. Hello World

        Barcelona Messi fan boy detected. Neymar is more talented than messi. So he was from his childhood. He didn't learn from Messi. He can play in both LM and Mid .

      4. Ahmed Abdul Haadhy

        please..hahaha Mbappe has had a bigger impact on world football at the age of 19 than Neymar and he is getting better, not saying he is on the same level but i can see him being the best in the future..look at his performances for Monaco and France in the WC as well as PSG. Mbappe is being compared to Messi and CR7 while they were young, sure he is not on the same level, no one can be to those two, but the fact is, Mbappe is shining brighter than Neymar (again not saying he is better, because i believe that is debatable and everyone has their own opinion) and he is still young, so watch out for the future. He is most certainly competition for Neymar as is Dybala and Asensio and Dembele, but since Neymar is older than these players, he is better right now, but in two, three or four years time? who knows, when Messi CR7 retire? they will be stiff competition for Neymar

      5. Junior Dexter

        sorry but Mbappe isn't s competition for Neymar

    78. Vi Vian

      Je trouve qu'en ce début de saison, Tuchel a changé tellement de choses, il a redonné de l'air à l'équipe. Tout le monde a envie de se dépasser, et même si on a des lacunes aux milieux, on arrive un sortir un 4-2-3-1 de l'espace qui va nous pemettre de gagner pas mal de matchs(ce que n'a pas fait Emery avec son 4-3-3 classique)

    79. thiago villa

      Make a player analysis video about David Silva 🔥

    80. Morley light

      All the players love tuchel, they hated so much emery