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Be Inspired

Be Inspired

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    Before Turning Netflix On, WATCH THIS! You Will Never Be Lazy Again!
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    1. Anns Mahboob

      Greatness is not a gift, it is a choice that you make

    2. Rose T

      Such a great video! And I absolutely agree, although I think it's good to draw a distinction between lazy and burnt out. If you overwhelm your body, without rest, you'll become massively unproductive. Scheduled breaks are great for productivity! But if you're unproductive because you're just being lazy, then... yeah, push through it.

    3. MrGchiasson

      How badly do you want it? Or am I just dreaming a fantasy? That is the honest truth. Do it or don't ...period.

    4. Matthew Hanna

      Unless you are attention hungry, greedy or a control freak I don't think there is anything motivating in this world.

    5. napping_eric

      Who is the voiceover guy?

    6. alymig70


    7. Elodie K

      Sorry guys, usually I like those videos but this one is so stereotypical, so many dogms, so much self inflicted guilt... success does not have one definition, and one way to happen. It's really a mix of american and christian stereotypes like "you have to pay with your blood, you have to suffer etc..." bullshit, you don't have to and at some point if you keep suffering and bleeding you're probably not doing things the right way. And the worst part, they are recommending you to not listen to anyone or any sign that tells you differently, that "nothing changes your mind" so no more reassessment, no more self questioning, that looks like a road to failure to me, not success.

    8. Jakub Prachár

      I’m lazy even to finish this comme

    9. Tiago Estevão Guimarães

      "To become better means to break yorself into pieces So that you can reshape your system In a better form that is able to sustein That bigger and improved life That you want achieve."


      Pure Rocket fuel !!!!! Thanks and a big like for this channel !!!

    11. Academy

      action or thinking is more good ?

    12. amdxp12

      Best video!!!! Thank you

    13. Vidish Hole

      Just think that r u being fair with urself 🙏

    14. Vishwa Puranik


    15. Syed Hamed

      Be Inspired: " I'm here to destroy Netflix's whole career.

    16. Andy

      I think it is vitaly important to make the distinction between lazy days and ' my body is telling me something is wrong' days. First, of course the latter are rare, but ignoring your body's signals can spell disaster. Learning to listen to one's inner self is a crucial lesson that can avoid a lot of issues. Listen to yourself more, use motivational teachings of others sparsely and save your money by avoiding Netflix, prime, hulu and all the other things made to take you from yourself. Go for a walk in nature.

    17. can't bleed now

      Man the comment section is more ridiculous than the video. I watched the video and I am turning on my Netflix again

    18. happy Raj

      There are a lot of motivational videos and talks.. but in real life if someone to take care of us.. then that is the best option always

    19. Bharam Singh

      Till my last breath.

    20. Shankar B

      Fell free to live life like animals.. humans are just acting

    21. Masood Ahmad

      Who is the speaker? His voice is amazing. Are there other videos of this speaker?

    22. Calixto Saquic

      GEsels notified this. I love it thanks.

    23. Daniyal Munawar

      If your are constipated, try drinking warm milk with 1 or 2 spoons of honey in the morning.

    24. Vivek Singh

      Thank you

    25. Susil Gurung dfm

      Great words....well written and well said...voice 👏

    26. Nicolas_3012._

      KEEP going 💪💪💪

    27. Ankit Shende

      I love being lazy and even being lazy I'm happy I cannot and will not change in any case

    28. BITU PON

      love this voice

    29. Selena gomez

      You are what you do not what you'll do

    30. Lara King

      It’s not laziness. It’s procrastination. And procrastination is a form of stress relief. The only way to overcome it is to tackle the one thing that you really don’t want to do at all. The moment you do things will flow again and you will feel all that pent-up anxiety over the issue dissipate.

    31. Morlack

      Netflix should get you in the court

    32. UC University

      Because I'm strong enough, resilient enough, and dog-gone-it people like me.

    33. tony stark

      I watch this and then watched Netflix..will God forgive me???

    34. Anton Jirstrand Ribbenhed

      what if you are very sick?

    35. Renoma Cyber


    36. Harjeet Kaur

      I love your videos so so much🤩🤩🤩😄

    37. GodIsGreat

      you should first define what it success. its assumed in this video that siccess is to acquire more wealth or more materialistic things. but this seems empty to me. as it is extremely temporary and shallow

    38. Ordinary Person

    39. Ro Hit

      We have to work hard and smart to succeed. Luck is word for lazy People

    40. RE BORN

      N not one mention of The Most dont matter how successful you are,youll never know TRUE spiritual peace without him!!...and thats WORD!

    41. APlife

      #avinashism beliver

    42. George Gavan

      I will be one of the greatest Network Engineers in the world and I will make my family proud!

    43. ping pong

      Many people tried... i have tried too... n i m still trying... n u know yet i see no success...but still have hope... 💀

    44. beastbuilder

      thank you guys short and crispie but very powerful and inspirational

    45. Better Five

      Nice work. Check out ours.

    46. Your Best Self

      Always remember that ALL the successful people you see nowadays also started somewhere small. They have been in your shoes at some point and decided that if they want to live a life they never have been living before... They will need to be doing things they have never done before. Sometimes we can feel so down because we tend to see the GAP of where we are and where we want to get to. This leads to having this overwhelming feeling and thoughts of self doubt might arise. ("Am I good enough to get there?") In these moments, remember that everyone once started small and worked on improving daily. Have a strong reason why you must succeed, committ to becoming Your Best Self and then do whatever it takes to make it happen! Much love, Rob

    47. david Mwangi UDI

      Who else saw that shit advert at the beginning of the video?

    48. miko ethiofit

      Oo thats inspirational advice👏👏👍

    49. Prakash D Jr

      "No one cared about me unit I wore this mask", Bane

    50. Lavinia B

      Better not to have Netflix like me 🙄

    51. Matthew Steenbergen

      Ha You Go Work 12 hours at my job let me know how that goes for you!😬

    52. Jorge Martinez

      Epic title



    54. DBNROP

      No matter how many motivational videos or quotes you read... What ultimately shapes you is your environment. It's what dictates whether you live a successful or unsuccessful life. Change your environment, or the environment will change you.

    55. DBNROP

      No matter how many motivational videos or quotes you read... What ultimately shapes you is your environment. It's what dictates whether you live a successful or unsuccessful life. Change your environment, or the environment will change you.

    56. DBNROP

      No matter how many motivational videos or quotes you read... What ultimately shapes you is your environment. It's what dictates whether you live a successful or unsuccessful life. Change your environment, or the environment will change you.


      After long time,gr8 advice

    58. Mickey Mouse

      So are you lazy listening to these types of videos on GEsels?

    59. R.Javier Yepes De V.

      Excellent video thank you! Quito-Ecuador 2020

    60. Jarrold Bates

      Geezus! Really?