My Dad Stole All The Money I Earned During The Summer


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    Hi. I’m Tessa and I'm in a total panic. I've never been in such a complicated situation in my life! I have literally no idea how to process this. I need somebody to help me out, but first I guess you’ll have to hear the whole story.
    Three months ago I realized that I badly needed a laptop. I live with my parents (I’m an only child) and we have an old desktop computer. It’s like… ancient. It takes me hours to do simple homework, and that’s just one of the problems. So I really needed my own computer. And I was determined to get it.
    I chose a relatively inexpensive model, and I didn't have any other expectations from the very start. I knew my family was going through hard times, my father was currently between jobs, and what my mom made was enough to just buy food and the necessities. My only option was getting a summer job and buying it myself.
    It turned out that it's not that easy for a fifteen-year-old to find a job in my hometown. From the very beginning I had a backup option. I have a friend named Laura. Her Mom works as a cleaning lady. She is self-employed: people hire her for a day or two and then come back to find that their place looks better than when it was brand new. During the summer she works together with Laura. And they told me I was welcome to join them.
    Until the beginning of June, I didn't give them my answer because I was hoping to find something easier and... cleaner. And after I was unsuccessful… I finally said yes.
    And then the summer that every high school girl dreams of started. There were four of us working: Laura, her mom, her mom’s assistant, and me. We walked into a house or an office in the morning and when we left late in the evening, everything was shining. I guess this was not the best choice for my first job ever: first of all, it was exhausting. All I could do afterward was go home and fall asleep, sometimes even before I reached the bed. But I was determined to achieve my goal. And after all, I learned A LOT. If someone at school asks me where I spent my summer, I might say that I spent it outside of my comfort zone.
    Laura’s mom would pay everyone at the end of the month, so the plan was to get the money (which was about half of the amount I needed) and estimate how much I had to work the next month to get what I wanted. And when I got the cash, which was even a little more than I expected, I was so happy and proud of myself. It turns out that it feels so good when your hard work pays off.
    So it was the end of June, and by that time my dad still had not found a job. He had spent these weeks at home, sometimes drinking, sometimes just watching TV and browsing through vacancies online, saying there were no decent jobs in our whole town. My mom was not happy with this, of course, so they would fight every other day. And that’s what was happening the day I got my first paycheck.
    I got home, so eager to share this feeling with someone. I saw my parents in the living room and, not even thinking about what was going on, I told them about the money I had earned. My dad was a little drunk and furious about their fight, which was obviously about him not making any money, so he argued with me in a pretty aggressive way, saying that for all these years they fed me and payed for me, and that it was probably time to get some of it back. I could not believe that he was saying that, neither could my mom, but... he was always able to be so convincing. He started talking to my mom about the things our family could buy with this money that we could not afford over the last few months, and he was not aggressive with me anymore, he just asked me to “help out the family” with tears in his eyes, and of course… I could not say no.
    Did I regret it? Yes, every single day of July. In June I only volunteered to work on the big gigs, but now I had to earn almost twice as much. So I started to work with Laura and her mom every time they went on a shift. And it was twice as exhausting. At night I would cry because I felt like I was betrayed. Dad tried to be nice to me, but he never said he was sorry.
    Just like everything else in life, that July was over too. My hard earned money still brought me satisfaction, but this time I tried to contain my emotions and… I did not tell my parents, well, just in case.
    The amount was just enough to buy the laptop I wanted, and I would even have some left over! I put the money into a drawer in my room and was finally ready to go buy my laptop the following day. Lying in bed, I was imagining how awesome my last month of summer would be.

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      We don’t think this is normal, and it exhausts her emotionally. But what can she do here? If you have any advice, please leave it in the comments!

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        Drop kick the father 🤫🤫🤕🤔

      2. Petra Kadasi

        ACTUALLY HAPPENED you should talk to your dad with your mum and help find your dad a job

      3. DatYoutuberWhatsHisName

        @Real Isabella It isnt even real

      4. Girlgamer Gaming21

        I would tell your mom and maybe ask for help from her too.

      5. denny da menny

        Stop acting like this is a real person we all know these are made up

    2. Mackenzie Ford

      Move out it is what is best for you do the right thing. Do you know what to do? Do it I am telling you girl

    3. The boi With speed

      Excuse me may i kick your. Father in the grion?

    4. Mistershieldpest Manangement

      Determanition wat a thing

    5. Taryn Vickers

      Bru that happens to him and I just reported it as theft to the police . He's in for 3 years rn. Seeya

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    7. donesiha allsbrook

      Call police

    8. Brandon Alloway

      He's just greedy and no effort


      Call the cops its classed as theft

    10. BlueHope242 #Elite

      we all know she aint black

    11. donna leon

      who wants to kick her dad in his balls,click the like button

    12. Valerie Phillips

      cps case? uhh yeah!

    13. Aracelis Rodriguez

      It is not normal is want thing to help a bit with bills at home is a something else the slack off all day and let your wife and teenage daughter pay the bills even more than take the money from your daughter without asking. you should give your father an ultimatum if he doesn't comply I'm sorry to say this sweetie but he must go.

    14. _its_me_alexa_ Yes


    15. Katye Wilson

      im sating it

    16. kaktaboy impem

      Dad: you need to help your familie Me: sey who buys alcahool

    17. Дарина Георгиева

      M8 go in Bulgaria or Macedonia there the family's don't have Wath to eat and wear only 30% if the people have moneys there

    18. Person HD

      Kill you’re dad

    19. Katherine Espinoza

      Intervention time. That doesn’t work y’all need to start thing about him leaving. He only hurting you and your mom.

    20. Tony Papa

      I jumped of Mount Everest and survived A C TU A L L Y H A P P E N E D

    21. Devin DDsT

      Ok Im triggered... someday ill buy u the best laptop out there... shows apple logo.. wait a minuteee

    22. Seth Crowley

      I think this might be normal because I would umpire little league games and at the end of the month I would get a paycheck and while I waited for my mom to bring me to the bank to cash the checks they would just sit in a drawer and everyone knew where the checks were. I was so proud of myself so I would take a second out of my day to look at the checks. One day around 7 in the morning I was going to look at the checks but they were gone the only thing left was the receipt that should be attached to the check. I went straight upstairs and told my mom about what I had discovered and she immediately knew what had happened so she went straight over to my dads room and started yelling at him say he shouldn’t have taken he’s sons money and he should be ashamed of himself and that he needs to pay me back. My dad just ignored me and pretended like nothing had happened. And after a couple of months without getting paid back I asked my mom if he would still pay me but she just got mad and snapped at me and said what can I do about it?!


      Poor people story - Your dad needs to get himself some self esteem

    24. Aaron YT

      What kind of dad is that

    25. Ella Roberts

      I feel like that's my story

    26. Warrior Queen

      Me & my brother use have the same problem with our dad

    27. Deveny Valencia

      Get a jod

    28. Moskau Melols

      Well sometimes dad stole ur money to buy things But me I will kill my dad if u stole my money Jk I love my dad XD

    29. King Ninja

      2:00 what was the point of doing that all your doing is cleaning

    30. kool guy26

      Simple, call the police and tell them that you have a drunk dad who is stealing all your money, or tie him up and lock him in a basement 👍

    31. Nicole Sjolie

      The animation quality gets worse and worse every video.

    32. Charlie Greene

      You need to stand ur ground

    33. god Steve

      Find job at McDonald's Jack in the Box DQ

    34. god Steve

      Tell your mom to get a divorce or tell your mom to tell him to get out the house go find a different place or go find a job

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    36. Taze Nightmarez

      dad looks like 21 savage

    37. Ulqcifer

      Dad: *steals money from the child* Child: *opens bank account so the dad can't steal the money any more*

    38. itsss.monaeee _

      That’s so wrong for him to do that I understand they family needed it but he’s not doing nun but sitting at home and drink not even looking for a job so you shouldn’t have gave it to him u worked to hard for that money💯❗️

    39. Anti Silver

      Well me personally I will just move with another family member like mu grandma, aunts and uncles, or my god parents. Though if you don't have any where else to go then my only advice is to stand your ground girl. Those who mainpulate others are too scare and are just like kings sitting in a chair doing nothing but move his pawns on his chest board.

    40. camila ramos

      You should report him for stealing ur money

    41. Tru_ElectroManiac

      Punch the man boom easy

    42. M4d KILLZ

      My mums a cleaner and self in ployed

    43. the amazing noob

      Your dad is just lazy

    44. Whiip Chu

      How can she be so calm I could have screamed and slap that dude 😤😤🤬

    45. Jaylen Brown

      You did the right thing❤️❤️❤️

    46. Dibhya KHAREL

      but look at how she be lying in the thumbnail tho 😂

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    48. Kidd_Dat_Did Greer-woodard

      If he know he can't take care of her so why he get in the bed and make her



    50. melissa moody

      Don't feel bad, how did you afford to go to the liquor store? Stop leaving cash around your room put the money onto a prepaid card and hide it in your shoes or a box of tampons or ask Laura's mum's not to pay you cash in hand