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    [MV] 마마무(MAMAMOO) - HIP
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    1. 1536 take


    2. Flor hg


    3. Shania


    4. kim Taiong Bts


    5. Tiffany Fu

      Wheein aah....♥♥♥♥

    6. KandyPoP

      Soo.. I'm new and I think I'm now gay for Wheein i love her okay bye-

    7. Yestin Bose


    8. Meri Terezinha Krein

      Vamos fazer ficar em alta???

    9. sphinx san

      I'm obsessed with hip

    10. nobody

      Can we just talk about how hard it is to pick a bias in mamamoo

      1. Snsd ngg


    11. Kim Jikook

      French , français ? Vive mamamoo :)

    12. Do Kyungsoo

      I start to fall in love with them can I join this fandom?

      1. Rawi Sanra

        Yes please

      2. Siti Syahirah


      3. sphinx san


    13. Do Kyungsoo

      I love the way Hwasa sing reflection she look just like the president

    14. Eve -L

      *stream moo moo* We have achieve 33M exactly a month since release 🔓 lets challenge 35M before byuls bday 🔒 🗝 40M before 2019 ends 🔒 🗝

    15. [ppulyul]쁄율


    16. rizzavilla ermita

      Talent is their concept

    17. Chayaporn Anna

      ไทย แฟนคลับนะคะ 👍

    18. kendiminjie

      Yesterday was 1.4M likes, but today has reached 1.5M, I'm so proud 😭👏👏

    19. Shortcake 4'11

      Hwasa vacuuming up toys is every pissed off mom 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    20. Thio Racer

      Moonbyul is lit in this song. I like her rap part. Go queens💕💕😄

    21. xDreamsx

      I LOVE THIS 😍❤❤❤❤

    22. Phoebe Yaw

      'Ka tuh' is so iconic , it's like Billie eilish's 'duh'

    23. Fanny Ramadhan

      13k dislike??? lol so many haters of our queen... are you jealous BITCH??? shit.. IN FACT MAMAMOO IS THE QUEEN IN THIS ERA, YOU KNOW!!!!!

    24. Ailis Finnegan

      Everyone: mamamoo couldn't possibly have a comeback better than gogobebe Mamamoo:

    25. Minny Nakae

      Don’t stop streaming moomoos We can go to 40 M before 2020 Really I hope 50 M😜😜😜

    26. Jagaa Byambadorj

      Blackpink 🖓 Mamamoo 🖒💋

    27. Solar Miu

      If 1thek did publish this on their channel, it was already 100m views

    28. SuperMovieXD

      After MAMA2019 I think RBW should give WheeIn a physical mini album like Solar's or a dance single (away from the ballads) like Hwasa's Twit, her popularity has grown since MAMA this year and I think it could be a good opportunity for her as a soloist🧡

      1. Barbara Nuñez

        She didn't need a full album neither a dance track to sell a lot of albums (for a soloist) and chart good. But I agree with you, she needs a comeback to boost even more her popularity

    29. Kyuttietae. exe

      Can I know why the hell this can be downloaded 😂

    30. Hercules Leonardo

      I feel like every time i watch K-pop girls i get under a genjutsu

    31. xMina

      I've fallen for Moonbyul

    32. زينب فؤاد


    33. milly silva

      Alguém do brazil

    34. Glarmy Yoon


    35. Matsumotoエリカ

      Toàn người Nước ngoài :). có ai người Việt không .🤣💜🙋💕🙆

    36. Carlo Jabla

      Women empowering women! No one can stop you, do what you want because you are what you wear. Let’s live with fashion! 👏🏼 Arianator here 🖤

    37. uma capopi iludida

      Solar bias,, MAMAMOO utt

    38. Keyko Studios

      Hip: 30m+ So much more views than mamamoos debut song:900k+ 😮😮

    39. FᗅKE FRiENDՏ

      انا لا أعجُبك ؟ اذا أنت مريض ..!!

    40. FᗅKE FRiENDՏ

      مدري شنو اقول. ؛)