MUKBANG ft. James Charles & Emma Chamberlain

Dolan Twins

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    Please, grab a seat at the family table :) Dads, a sister, and a mom are here already
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    1. Isabel Salas

      They are all wearing sister appeal

    2. Sam the Lazy gamer!

      Me:Eating with hella long nails

    3. Yen Nguyen

      Grayson:Wanna eat Ihop with us? James:I mean I am hungry, but can you like bang me? *Drives away*

    4. TheLifeOfZyia

      You should build a house and stay in for 24 hours Ethan and James build a house but share rooms and Emma and Grayson build a house and share room that would be great and funny

    5. Jaslene Fernandez


    6. Ana Sanchez

      Pause at 22:17

    7. M E I L A H F U R T A D O

      20:32 James:it gonna die bitch Burger:why u so mean

    8. M E I L A H F U R T A D O

      20:22 why is James poking a burger

    9. Sophie Murphy

      Is it just me who keeps replaying the part where Emma bangs her face on the mic. (26.44)😂

    10. Soccer Star Queen

      I am actually eating

    11. Addison Costello

      Look at Grayson at 19:19- 19:22😆😆

    12. Mysan Algstrom

      I still watch this every day lol. Sum1 else?

    13. Halogirl92 _

      Idk why but sometimes Grayson reminds me of Josh from drake and josh

    14. Zroom zroom Skrtt

      emma:go to bed me:clicks on another one of emma’s videos

    15. Josiah Rod

      emma: i’ve literally had nothing grayson: she never learned how to eat meat (looks at ethan) ~ 7:56 ~

    16. Andrea Serviento

      Who else is watching this while eating iHop?

    17. jami balicki

      ethan looks chopped

    18. Zroom zroom Skrtt

      them:eats the whole ihop menu also them:being skinny legends

    19. TheLuluShow


    20. TheLuluShow

      7:04 7:05

    21. Diana Pompova

      Ethan be like:bihc why am i here

    22. nouf alkhodari

      Ethan: I'm weird, I'm a weirdo, i don't FIT IN, and i don't WANNA fit in

    23. Rain Siravo

      Is it just me or does anyone else see the Dolan twins in James's merch but not Emma's

    24. Alexis Spencer

      Okay so no offense but Grayson sits here and talks ab how you shouldn’t show off or ‘flex’ to your viewers because the idolize you, but he sits and posts crap about him and his baby blue Porsche. I love you dude but like cmon. 🥺😐

      1. RanaSaysHey

        Alexis Spencer i mean if i had a porsche i would post about it a lot

    25. Robby Dawson

      I love how they were acting like James was flashback Mary In the beginning and Emma looks scared but she’s wearing a flashback Mary hoodie

    26. Novia Cyr

      James or Grayson won

    27. moira king

      i ship grayson and emma more than ethan and emma...don’t tell me i’m wrong

    28. Jamal Khan

      I like the way everyone is talking and Ethan is busy eating fries lol😂

    29. Alex lawrence

      At 15:55 Emma fake laughs so hard it’s hilarious and no one else laughs

    30. Alex lawrence

      No one: Literally no one: Emma: SaMe!!!!!!!

    31. Wendy Outside

      The Earth Is Not Flat!!!!

    32. AceFamiley MemberForLife

      It’s not iHob that was a joke it’s acctrully IHop

    33. Queen Boogy

      That intro though XD

    34. Jayna Schmohl

      After what James was saying around 19:00 , it’s so sad to realize that after Tati that’s EXACTLY what emma and the dolans did to him

    35. Living llama lover LOL

      My fav part 12:22 Ethan said to James “Don’t you have a beauty channel” Lol 😂

    36. Isabelle Kidd

      i miss james

    37. Madison Orozco

      Grayson and james were really good at the Asmr

    38. Karen Trelour

      *sees "flashback mary"* *gray, e & emma all get scared* while emma is literally wearing flashback mary merchandise lmao

    39. goth trash

      Ethan's food and drink sharing phobia is relatable I won't do the same unless I haven't eaten for a long time

    40. sarabiixo

      24:28 i should beat ALL y’all asses 😂😂

    41. Lilli Marcengill

      Me (after Emma joined): what are they waiting for just go to ihob My cousin: there going to get James Me: what My cousin: look at there hoddies Me: ooof

    42. Abby

      i forgot about the part where they screamed ASMR and it’s 5am and it woke up my mom and now i’m in trouble bc i didn’t sleep all night. edit: don’t even care tho bc i love them

    43. Abby

      low key had all those thoughts before.

    44. addison hinton

      Emma gave me tingles lmaoooo

    45. Gianna Alfano

      Why was every one waring James merch except james???

    46. Aaliyah Shroyer

      When you die you either go to heaven or hell. Why does no one understand this 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

      1. RanaSaysHey

        Aaliyah Shroyer right

    47. Aaliyah Shroyer

      8:56-9:00 that happens a to me with french fries too 😣

    48. Aaliyah Shroyer

      7:30 That’s so awkward

    49. Aaliyah Shroyer

      1:06 😂😂😂

    50. Jillian Boynton

      did anyone else rethink when Grayson said “14 years no meat” as in....