Minecraft, but every block FIGHTS BACK


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    It's Minecraft, but this time instead of breaking the blocks... the blocks broke us.
    Friends in this video:
    Condi: gesels.info
    Grizz: gesels.info
    Schlatt: gesels.info/a/2mP7il3YV7TxM_3m6U0bwA
    Thank you guys for being cool and watching this video
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    ♩ Giorno's Theme (Kiraramagic Remix)
    ♩ Xenoblade Chronicles - Gaur Plains
    ♩ Sonic Mania - Chemical Plant Zone Act 2
    ♩ A Plague Tale Innocence - A Plague Tale
    ♩ Stardew Valley - Spring
    ♩ Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Counterattack
    ♩ Terraria Calamity OST
    ♩ Giga pudding
    Datapack creators:
    Ziplaw (gesels.info)
    Roarkcats ( Roark_Cats)
    Check out my friend trying to survive with this pack: gesels.info/video/video/mJlonM6yfGiGsWo.html&
    Minecraft, but the blocks fight back

    გამოქვეყნდა თვის წინ


    1. jschlattLIVE

      sorry about the whole pudding thing

      1. Jimmysmash123

        Don’t apologize tell Him you’re welcome

      2. Lo0ny T0ons

        A P P L E

      3. Hecking Alex

        Don’t be shlatt. Don’t be...

      4. PatrickMan Icecone


    2. Andrew Gold


    3. Oscar GT

      I like it that ur using the Ferrari a calamity mod boss music

    4. MrzKrys D

      Nobody: Me in class: PUDDI PUDDI!!

    5. Pc-98 Fan

      Me: Don't worry, I won't take drugs today Me after eating 22 puddings: 18:22

    6. Jimmysmash123

      *Pudding ٩( 'ω' )و Pudding*

    7. Filler _

      The music starts immediately after slime says “black lung” they knew the revolution was ahead of them. The black lung segment is now a joke upon the slimecicle community

    8. Giorno Giovanna

      Xenoblade music... Good choice

    9. Elda M. Díaz L.

      My brain just died

    10. Norahin

      25:58 I’m cuddling with them🥰

    11. Flopsymanga _


    12. Lo0ny T0ons

      Jschlatt: A P P L E Me: *PTSD*

    13. JJjacko

      I’ve been watching you since 2 days ago.....

    14. Nerdly Reviews

      Schlatt is litterally a parent running late and their kid saying "hold on, hold on just let me pick up this one last thing" Schlatt *UNHOLY DEMON SOUNDS*

    15. nhgfs Moreno

      Whats thr song in the itro

    16. olivia meh

      theres a lot to unpack here but i choose to focus on the stardew valley music when they plant crops

    17. Will teh Smol Boi

      pudding pudding pudding pudding pudding gudae gai giga pudding pudding pudding pudding pudding pudding yuku nextai giga pudding

    18. Dennis Hallam 1213

      17:41 oh no

    19. poiu09

      *slime getting high on giga pudding*

    20. theleftnut

      What would happen if you fill a chest with cobblestone and then break the chest?

    21. Bloodling

      29:36 love Crabulons theme

    22. First Mate Frankie

      7:16 awww he’s a-door-able

    23. RED X

      Is funny because if you put puding song in youtube the third video that appears is this video

    24. April McLean Moore

      Me: Trying to have a nice long nap My paralysis demon: 17:16

    25. The Socially Awkward Squirrel

      It was pickle rick

    26. M.

      holy shit your puns give me life

    27. Mitchell Houeix

      This would be better in vr

    28. Dylan Haire

      Black lung has an insane gravitational pull

    29. mW_Rulez

      Minecraft. Episode V: The Blocks Strike Back.

    30. GoldenGamer Studios

      jschlatts mic never returned to a normal state after that whole evil demon incident

    31. Slippity Slaps

      I want to see what happens when you break a scaffolding tower with this resource pack

    32. Fixy's Gaming world

      After watching this video I was scared of apples for a solid 2 days

    33. DiscountPikachu666

      5:36 Natural Spawn'd Cross 😂😂😂 XD!

    34. ·Kai· ·WildCraft·

      Grizzly is a small bean that needs to be protected xD

    35. EnderShots

      If you look up Giga Pudding then this video comes up 2nd or 3rd

    36. Impossible Inc.

      What shader pack is that?

    37. Specdrawl

      since anything you mine fights back wheres 'everything you craft fights back'

    38. Rehyr _

      “Maybe on of these will be on your grave”

    39. The duck lord

      this video drained my energy faster then a whore who got paid extra.

    40. Shy Pony

      this is why i have one brain cell