Minecraft, But The World Changes Every Time...


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    Minecraft, But The World Changes Every Time that a certain amount of time passes. It gets quicker every time it changes. The seed of the Minecraft world changes.We get stuck in lava. We fall. It's so hard to beat, but we're trying.
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    I want this to be a series, so, if this video gets 50,000 likes, we'll finish this series. This challenge is pretty fun though.

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    1. VanessaHBIC

      Dam you threw in some analytics.. respect. Subbed.


      I've only seen one of your videos and didn't know I was watching another video of yours till you said George. Immediately after it clicked and I said this is Dream. How I knew, I don't know but subscribed.

    3. Kolorless

      Your intro makes me not want to subscribe .-.

    4. BrightN'Night Woomy

      The music is making it even more intense

    5. This one has wares

      No one: Dream: *so we coded the world to do insert this* Also Dream: 77% oF pEople wHO waTch my VIds aren’t SubSCrIbed

    6. Mr.Krabz


    7. Mark Lewis

      If you make just one video not asking us to subscribe ill actually subscribe.

    8. willo Guns

      how DARE you have a 2080 Super and play in 1080p !!

    9. Zeno Sama

      Shulker box’s would be god

    10. Zeno Sama

      Off topic thing what if you spawned in the middle of an ocean monument and got jumpscared

    11. NotGoodGamer

      *sees two creepers “There’s so many mobs!”

    12. WonderManahil



      I tried to sub to george but it said george not found

    14. Black Dagger

      Yo the music being a banger tho

    15. Banana Boomer

      Every time what?

    16. Peafoot

      best clickbait of the year

    17. I love kitties

      I'm pretty sure it doesn't *switch worlds* it just teleports them a few hundred blocks away from where they were..

    18. Fancy Giraffe

      Why not just make it so every day/night cycle re-seeds the world? No decreasing timer necessary. Might be possible to finish, though killing the dragon quickly enough and surviving the nether would still be quite difficult.

    19. Knight Zanir

      minecraft but JoJo Spoilers You actually age and pucci just triggered made in heaven

    20. Sydney Mcgrath

      You should do this again but the world changes and random times like anywhere between 1 and 5 mins

    21. Izar Maulana

      Minecraft but you teleport randomly every time

    22. ItsThatHunter

      George sounds a bit like fits

    23. Totto Boi

      Minecraft but the world resets every 30 min but you keep the stuff in ur inventory like if you want this

    24. 1Euphoria3

      While in the car, young 6 year old me made a theory. What if our consciousness’ have just been rotating around every single person in the world, but we’ve adapted and learned all of their memories and feelings. This rotation happens every so often and it’s a constant cycle. I don’t know, I’ve never said it aloud but this video reminded me of it.

    25. Feature Me

      8:08 my anxiety holy shit

    26. TonyBƏØP

      Free replay button to rewatch george’s uncontrollable gasps 9:20 9:20 9:20

    27. dfpp113

      wow so many CM need adblock

    28. Knuttmaster Rocket League

      lol there are no diamonds.. go to 8:05 make 0,25 speed and look to the wall ...i cant see dias

    29. lhlungson

      minecraft, but there’s no caves

    30. Raven Night

      its a pre builded world, the world does not change they just teleport to another location

    31. cozyin

      stop with your "this much percent of viewers are subscribed" it's literally fucking annoying

    32. Jayden H.

      Dream sound identical to General Sam

    33. mexchapin

      creeper aww man

    34. Dopper goller

      i hate the music so much dude its scary af

    35. Claytoons Animations

      i cant tell whic voice is for who

    36. OnePigeonBoi

      "Every time a certain amount of time passes" *Every 60 seconds in Africa, A minute Passes*

      1. Why Tho

        *as a person living in Africa, it’s a real problem*

      2. •X Animations •

        *Together, we can stop this*

      3. Donggab Shin

        thats sad

    37. skog mose

      "only x amount of you actually subscrube" take the fucking hint man, you have neat ideas but you're not likable.

    38. Logican TBR

      Where’s the seed where you get like 3 ravines near spawn? I forgot the seed name

      1. Logican TBR

        Leef Loves Ya thanks

      2. Leef Loves Ya


    39. Jaood7246

      4:35 anyone knows whats the background music is?

    40. A Lich with An IPhone

      Alright let’s do a proper revenge chain: I’ll start and then just continue. NO unrelated or lyrically incorrect comments. Put a star “*” where your line starts and ends *Creeper, Aw man*

      1. ArtilleryFire


    41. Resetto


    42. Mamunur Rashid

      Everyone subscribe to him please

    43. Ruben Fabros

      Hello cool video

    44. Andrew Miller

      Dream: *goes through Nether Portal and goes to Overworld* Dream: "What the hell happened here?"

    45. Father MooShu

      Imagine u found diamonds and took u a long time and the world changes

    46. Bland

      Why is no one talking about beef turning into potatoes

    47. Shanks 98

      Dude your so close to 1 mil les go

    48. End Hezler

      Well, the best part for me is the song.

    49. Meeminator

      That’s a flint.

    50. Bruce Forte

      Buddy, you should put the music in the description, even if it's royalty free stuff you rented off some site! We all want to know what that banger near the end was.

    51. unknown2000

      Man that music made it sound so intense. I love it.

      1. End Hezler


    52. The_DeadCrafter - Roblox

      Is this even possible to beat? If they even manage to get to the end the seed will change and they will either be sent back to the overworld or the dragon’s health will be reset

    53. Lucky the Umbreon


      1. Lucky the Umbreon

        Heads up you hear a sound turn around and look up

      2. The_DeadCrafter - Roblox

        Hope to find some diamonds to night

      3. Lucky the Umbreon

        The_DeadCrafter - Roblox this task a grueling one

      4. The_DeadCrafter - Roblox

        Got our pickaxe swinging from side to side

      5. Lucky the Umbreon

        The_DeadCrafter - Roblox so we back in the mine

    54. Atroniac

      This would actually be an interesting mod or datapack to use in a regular survival scenario, like every (in game) day it switches you between a few worlds

    55. mcjouble

      I've seen a lot of people who show their subscriber view stats and honestly I don't subscribe to a channel unless I wanna see every video and especially for gaming, I don't. But I like this concept

    56. W4ff1e

      I don't know why but when i hear dream, he sounds like NBC (NintendoBlackCrisis)

    57. Blocker BOOM!

      They set the nether world to regenerate at the intervals as a oveeworld

    58. Reap3rOfD00m

      Every time I watch one of his videos, that unsubscribe stat is going up, well, probably because you keep advertising it. Just let people sub if they want to

    59. adonis parts

      What it's like being SCP 507.

    60. Anime freak

      Want the second part! ❤️😻