Minecraft Battle: NOOB vs PRO vs GOD: MODERN HOUSE in MINECRAFT / Animation


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    Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs GOD Animation
    Noob, Pro and God build a modern house in minecraft.
    Dirt house vs Diamond house vs Modern House
    Minecraft: How To Build A Modern House Tutorial
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    Modern villa:
    Inspired by UnspeakableGaming ( BUILDING THE BEST DIRT HOUSE IN MINECRAFT! )
    and Minecraft NOOB vs. PRO: MODERN HOUSE in Minecraft!
    ➜ Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs GOD Animation
    ➜ Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER Animation
    Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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    1. DanOMG

      *Will we get 7000 likes?👍* YES 😄 NO 🙁 Thanks for watching!

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        Good BRO

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        😀😀😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍👍GOOD BRO!!!!!!!!!

    2. jeronimo ospina enciso

      noob buena un like

    3. Arcel Navarez

      God Battle me

    4. DARIUS Nanu

      His pro house is the hottest house I have ever seen !!!!!!!!😎😎😎🏠🏠🏠

    5. FriesBlox

      The gods house looks awesome

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      Wha? Why does the

    9. Myrna Pila

      Maybe i like pro

    10. Myrna Pila

      My mom does not let me play minecraft but i have a game that looks like minecraft

    11. Myrna Pila

      Even he's a noob his modern house is nice

    12. Elatix_Dogex

      The noob builds better than I do...

    13. MegaNicklovin

      I don’t think Nubes should work more on the block city build his house with I don’t like that he just built out of dirt it’s not good for the interior I don’t really like it it’s got to be more modern material

    14. Martin Mills

      Noob gets 1 pro gets 100 god gets 10,000,000

    15. Diana Osorio

      I New to tel the true that the Noob house was a little of Good 👍🏻👌👏

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      Bagus sekali😀😀😀😀😄😄😃😃😎😅

    18. Самира Абдуллаева

      Неплохо получается у нубика.

    19. Оралхан Айназаров

      какой бересты славные каблуки каблуки баратан

    20. Mike Mendenhall

      The noob is good

    21. Beth Emrick

      I bet he's better than pro

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    23. Hannah Hopkins

      Noobs are trash pros are trash the god good

    24. Hannah Hopkins

      Hey your trash

    25. Antique girl

      Noob sucks so bad😣👎

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      you are gan omg

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      I cant even make that noob house l o l

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    34. Sniperelitenascar

      do fallout house

    35. Ian Rodriguez

      Son muy ingeniosos

    36. Shaunna Stone

      ya know that "noobs" don't just build with dirt they build with nice stuff too! Even know their new dosn't mean that their a NOOB so you are techneckly calling yourself a noob because you started out like a noob like everybody else!

      1. Hirumi

        Bruh noobs means starters but not looks and calling myself noob is fine, because many pros cheat and noob dont

      2. Beth Emrick

        Ya I know

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      Frather mother ı sevis çok iyi

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      Ada kah rumah seperti itu

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      Noob is Good!!!

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      Pemenangnya adalah pro

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      lak 700000 lak

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      Son lod peor

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      I like Pro

    48. LOL GAMER

      Noob%5 Pro%100 God%100

    49. Cristel Valdez

      Este video es increible me demuestran nuevas casas yo e hecho casa mas grandes pero estas casas son increiblas

    50. Mas Mido

      God bagus

    51. Itzanne Gaming

      can we get a tutorial for noobs house

    52. Jadiel Garcia

      Nice house god !

    53. Jadiel Garcia

      nice house pro !

    54. Yana Siswati

      Score Noob:70🤗 Pro:90😍 Good: 💯

      1. Velimir Varbanov

        Yana Siswati noob is 111%

    55. Yana Siswati

      That is SO GOOD and Awesome man..I think you building 2 yours😅

    56. Ethan Anderson

      The noob house isn’t even that bad

      1. Shaunna Stone

        Yeah thats what im saying!

    57. fishmjh

      I can do that but it will take me 2 hours😂😂

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      whether you can subscribe to my channel would mean a lot to me thank you!

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      Noob is better than pro and god

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      I love minecraft