Mikheil Saakashvili: 'Russia is after the whole of Ukraine'

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FRANCE 24 English

22 ათ. ნახვები70

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    THE INTERVIEW : As President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili was lauded in the West for transforming Georgia from near failed state to a model in the fight against corruption and for reform. But he led his country into a disastrous war with Russia in 2008 and was defeated in national parliamentary elections in 2012. Now he’s back - not in his native Georgia but as Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's top foreign policy advisor and head of Ukraine's Advisory International Council on Reforms.
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    გამოქვეყნდა 4 წლის წინ


    1. hoaivu2010

      What is this war criminal doing in ukraine? Isnt georgia his country? Georgia jail is where he belongs....he will destroy ukraine, just like he did to Georgia...

    2. Chief M'Baku

      corrupt war criminal and puppet of the US.

    3. Vlasta Enatass

      Suck ash willy...peregruziya...

    4. Kate A.

      Reading the comments of Georgians makes me angry and I am ashamed to else be Georgian. Disregarding what this man did for Georgia and calling him corrupt is an unspeakable moral crime.

    5. Jon Roehrig

      sack of weenies is an idiot he is a wanted criminal in his own country and now he is in ukraine as part of a corruption ring

    6. SUKHOI 35

      I see a tie on him. Why is he not eating it?

    7. Shar areh

      opportunist and loser he is criminal in run and now governor of Ukraine!!! ? if i was from Ukraine i was very angry !!!! LIKE no one in Ukraine is not coalfield to govern in his region poshinko gave him nationality and his Owen city to govern ?

    8. hpho100



      this prick stole 8 billions from people of georgia and dontknow what is he taking about. He is very sick need to see a good doctor.

    10. baggabliss

      If Russia is a great place to live and Putins government is good for for the country , why is it that after Syrians , Russians are the second largest group who applies for asylum in the EU, do we have a group of people here who are blind to facts and are obsessed nationalist? Putin has moulded his people into believing that NATO is a threat and wants to destroy Russia, yet it was NATO who gave Russia billions of dollars to help it secure it's nuclear stockpile after the break up of the USSR. It was the US who employed many of the USSRs scientists as they did not want them to be bought by Iran, North Korea and more for their extensive knowledge on nuclear fission, it was the US who signed a deal with Russia to take spent nuclear fuel, ship it to the US and recycle it so that Russia will not be polluted and it can also make money in the process, it was the US who also proposed to have Russian cosmonauts on their space programme to keep them in a job as Russia was bankrupt, It was NATO countries who allowed Russia to be elected to the G7 making it the G8, it was the US who allowed Russia to become part of the WTO so that Russia can prosper in the global trading market, the US made an announcement in 2013 to reduce troops in Germany as they thought Russia was a growing democracy and is no longer aggressive, the UK had initiated closure of its base also in Germany as it no longer sees Russia as a threat but more as a partner. Of the 28 NATO members, only 4 spent the required 2% of GDP on their military as none saw Russia as a threat. On the other hand, Russia has been spending more than 4% of its entire GDP on its military for the past 4 years, after Saudi Arabia Russia spends more than any other nation in terms of GDP proportion, why is Russia arming itself when it's neighbours are disarming, who are they preparing to go to war with, who do they want to subjugate does their actions seems peaceful, does their actions reflects one of an aggressor? Putin has successfully gotten ordinary Russians and many more into a state of hate and paranoia, as he is trying to secure his future by creating an atmosphere of fear then market himself as a saviour who Russia needs, he is doing this because he has no answer for the stagnant economy, nor does he want people to see that democracy is dead in Russia and he had become a TV dictator. All Putin lovers must ask themselves this. If NATO is so bad, why is it that none NATO countries like Finland, Sweden and Swizerland have never had any fear of a NATO invasion, but are very fearful of a Russian one, yet these countries are surrounded by NATO members? Putin is a dangerous man who is cultivating hate and division so that he can extend his rule in order to rape Russia more of its wealth for himself and his henchmen who are all billionaires.

    11. Alexander Moko

      Saakashvili himself a criminal and a murderer!

    12. Sun Rain

      France 24 should be ashamed to present a cheap criminal like saakashvili. he is a wanted criminal in his native country. france has become headless and lost all direction.

    13. fryair4free

      russian fascist trolls, from doctor Goebbels propaganda,as a pigeons, shitting Everywhere by Lie & Hatred. World, must remember Adolph Hitler and his Propaganda. The same a new one, and the same policy.

    14. Paata Adamia

      stop russia !

    15. ayan sengupta

      He will die as an Idiot

    16. Kakto Tak

      So, this guy will teach Poroshenko how to -eat neckties- I mean, deal with Russia? Brilliant. The situation in Ukraine is turning into a farce.

    17. GuitarJaF

      Isn't Interpole after him?

    18. Summerashe Xxx

      Crimea saved itself from america and the west. The Ukraine in limbo with its american made government. Putin put in the spotlight again, because Ukraine failed the agreement of the cease fire. Go Putin. FCK the west, distroying the world .

    19. evisovi

      Support Saakashvili!

    20. leon cooper

      why this criminal speak?

      1. majorkron

        everyone in government is criminal. thats how you get the job.

    21. Truth and Only Truth

      When he speaks of corruption he is really only talking about money. Geez, Louise, I wonder who writes his check??? LOL And speak of corruption, why doesn't he visit the US & talk to people here if he wants to see real corruption. He's right, though, about the Ukrainian people - for the most part. They are a peaceful people. They are concerned about the utter moral decay (shall I say "corruption"?) of Europe & the US. In time they will become equally concerned about the horrific demographic decline also.

      1. Truth and Only Truth

        Were you looking at a mirror when you wrote that comment? You missed the entire point I was making - that "money" and the aspects of life that are connected to money are not the only things in life that people are concerned about. Moral corruption in the west is infinitely worse. He showed no concern for any thing except for things that affect money.

    22. BigChiefWiggles V

      He is wearing a tie? And not eating it? Strange...

    23. fight me gook yecciiss

      Shakasvili orderd an attack on Ossetia that killed 3000 people in one day. This tyrant should be in The Hague. But his not because America ordered the attack. I love America but they do some really crazy things sometimes

      1. akaki202

        @CloneD Anon Bro I hope one day Russia decides to protect its citizens wherever the fuck you live.

      2. fight me gook yecciiss

        It's easy saying you don't no. Did you not see the news. If you watched the same news as me then your either pretending or you are mentally handicapped. I don't have anything against spastics. I think we can all live in peace. Some people say you should kill them at birth but I think they should be helped as much as we can. I hope I've helped. That's why I'm here to help

      3. Paata Adamia

        You do not know, really :)

      4. fight me gook yecciiss

        Georgia started bombing South Ossetia. Then russia sent in the army. Russia didn't start bombing Georgia. Russia could have taken all of Georgia but they didn't. They pulled back.

      5. Paata Adamia

        Russia is bombing Georgian territory

    24. Caridad Bernardino


      1. Dato Khizanishvili

        putins da putinis momxreebs shegcat suyvelas misham

      2. fryair4free

        сука гэбэшная, на русском объясню тебе гниде. вас натянут как порванный гандон на американский чёрный хуй и на нём же и высушат. Еблан, рашка это не Советский Союз. Если Америка захочет вас выебать, она это сделает тихо и спокойно, как она это сделала с Японией.

      3. majorkron

        Ya everyone gets nuked what are you retarded.

    25. Unorthodox Behaviour

      I do not care anymore as long a Russia stays out of Western Europe!!!!

    26. akaki202

      Russian trolls be trollin.

    27. Ilham H

      Russians say: We need more of loser advisors like Sorokashvili:) for Ukrainian thug government so we win faster:)))

      1. Ilham H

        Это доберман? Тебя ещё не поймали? Чеченцы тебя ишут.

      2. fryair4free

        @Ilham H сука гэбэшная, на русском объясню тебе гниде. вас натянут как порванный гандон на американский чёрный хуй и на нём же и высушат. Еблан, рашка это не Советский Союз. Если Америка захочет вас выебать, она это сделает тихо и спокойно, как она это сделала с Японией.

      3. Ilham H

        Uktainian people don't know what they are dieing for, thats why they are demoralized and lost

      4. Ilham H

        Europe won't allow the world war 3 after getting butt kicked by Russia 2 times.

      5. Ja Roamer

        @***** WW2 started with civil war as well... Just saying

    28. Command_Unit

      he is wanted by his own country for curroption churges..

      1. გიორგი

        @*****​ you know nothing about Georgia and Saakashvili. P.S. Your Country is about 10 times younger than mine ;)

      2. გიორგი

        Not only for that, many innocent people were killed during his dictatorship, Buta Robakidze, Sandro Girgvliani, Zurab Vazagashvili and etc. Also police used to rape prisoners (approximately 30% of Georgian males were prisoners). Now he is going to do the same in Ukraine.

      3. Mariam Shotadze

        Hm, how pathetic and hilarious. Misha is wanted by the Putin's puppet, the most corrupted government of "Georgian Dream" for the "corruption" that he has definitely fought well and made Georgia as one of the least corrupted countries worldwide!!!!!!!