Melbourne family business ISHKA the latest victim of Australia's retail crisis | 7NEWS

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7NEWS Australia

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    A major Melbourne family business has just revealed that it’s fallen victim to the retail crisis. In an exclusive interview, the owner of the retail chain ISHKA told 7NEWS a devastating summer has taken its toll, forcing it to close stores and put almost 500 jobs on the line.
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    1. Eliminate

      We need Universal Base income for everyone no matter you have job or not N tax the online giants to pay for it. Your data isn't for free..

    2. Mary Teece

      Ishka, asked me to make $1,500.00 in handmade greeting cards and after many repeated attempts at collecting the money they owed me I finally had to give up because I couldn’t afford to take them to court. They are not a nice company to deal with. They use spirituality as a gimmick and trade off the goodness of people but they are not good.

    3. VultureDroid

      Over priced crap haha

    4. Necrocosmopoliticon

      Yet another sign Australian recession is coming. The car sales figure has slumped to the lowest since GFC, and car sales figures is always the indicator of coming recission.

    5. KYLIE

      So sad..

    6. Low Yeeliang

      Okey time to buy online

    7. Chingy

      I been begging people to shop locally since I migrated here. Buy Australian and Im not even Australian by birth.

      1. Legionary Armada

        Ya name me a list of Australian made products like electronic gadgets, automobiles or furniture...... then you will understand why nobody shops local ..


      I buy everything online now it’s cheaper

    9. Amanda milson

      Many businesses are going bankrupt in Australia. Its all going to be sold to China.

    10. Time Bandit

      Care factor? ..... zip ... squat

    11. EE Brebz

      Ishka is a wonderful place they support, many charities like building schools in bali for kids etc, I'm proud to be a part of the ishka team sad its come to this

    12. Jason West

      cheaper on ebay.that business

    13. W M

      Good thing I started selling online in 2014 haha

    14. Citizen Tech Talk

      Well if your prices where actually affordable, people WOULD shop at your stores! Common sense!! Sorry no sympathy here.

      1. Citizen Tech Talk

        @Chuan Liang oh really? That truly is sad to hear then.They could have captured a brand new market and yeah really excelled in what they did. Sad to see such a niche business fall by the way said as well. Diversity in retail is one of the main things in retail that are going first. That's really sad.

      2. Chuan Liang

        @Citizen Tech Talk do you know the sad part about all this. If they hanged on for a bit more, till the legalisation of commercial weed products.And was able to facilitate weed or weed products. Their store would have blown up. Since it suit thier theme of the flower child, 60s. Also a unique range of products apart from weed, such as cannabis oil which relieve pain..

      3. Citizen Tech Talk

        @Chuan Liang maybe if they diversified their product range they could have kept a competitive edge against their rivals? Still it's the retail sector and no one is outside of the firing line now, even BigW and Kmart are suffering too, not to forget Myer and David Jones as well. The end of an era and the end of an industry. Changes weren't made early enough in industry and this is what has happened in today's digital world yes? Sad to see business owners still living in the 60's and not changing with modern times. This has been coming for about 10yrs in the process. So it's not a surprise but an inevitability with the path retail has taken in Australia and overseas. America has tones of empty mega malls already as well. Retail is ending for good sadly. A sign of the times ahead of us. You can thank the Government for a lot of that. Wages as one simple example. Thanks for the correction, I really appreciate it. Kind regards, CTT

      4. Chuan Liang

        That isn't true sadly. They had a theme of the hippy, tree of life kind of vibe. But other stores started to sell thier best products such as salt lamps and they cant compete with other stores eating thier profit margin.

    15. SomeBodyIUsedToKnow

      It’s called too bad. Happens to every industry. Change with the times or you die.

    16. Alex 180SX

      Never heard of them... Maybe explore the option of advertising champ. 🤦‍♂️

    17. Wally Wally

      CHINESE made goods are having a impact to Australians, it's not at all quality standards it falls apart to often creating rubbish tips to rapidly rise my advice ignore made in china goods, and now this VIRUS in China the quality will be even worse.

      1. Legionary Armada

        Trust me ... it's because of chinese made products you are able to have a computer and internet to be a keyboard warrior/internet troll analyst anyway ... lol

      2. Chuan Liang

        Well, it is having a impact. Some for the better such as cheaper prices, standard of living. Negetives are dependency, trade in quality and productivity. Lets not simplify everything as good or bad. If you are not a fan of chinese products, well ok. Wouldnt affect me in the least. But I would challenge you to not use ANY Chinese involed products starting from yoir phone and computers for 1 week.

    18. Eric Tran

      Nothing to with bad economic conditions. Everybody just love to go online and shop and that is the future trend.

    19. me heretoday

      What a shame, they have lovely things in their stores.

    20. Marla Bellamy

      I don’t know them

    21. Tim Tam's

      can buy it cheaper on ebay anyway

    22. Rita Goldman

      DOMINO EFFECT has started in Australia

      1. Rita Goldman

        Great boast, small roast

      2. valcarni1

        Not really. Just the market was probably too saturated. When one leaves, it gives more to the rest who are left.

      3. Sam H


    23. Hunter

      Local isn't cheap. They import goods by the container from China and want us to support the marked up cost.

      1. JulianRoyale

        @Hunter I'm a smart shopper and I don't have a problem paying a little extra at the shop where i can see and test the product rather then waiting 2 weeks to come from China with the risk of not being what I thought it was..that's smart is not always smart my friend :) Problem is that this particular shop is selling stuff people don't need anymore. The demographic is quite different then 50 years ago....if you sell cow and all vegetarians start moving in your have to close shop. There is no close all the's just portrayed this way by the media. It's all about creating emotions in the viewers.

      2. Hunter

        @JulianRoyale rent/ mortgage has nothing to do with purchasing goods locally. Its called shopping smart, everyone wants a good deal and that's where they will go.

      3. JulianRoyale

        It's not the markup's the price of housing....everybody pumps money in either rent or mortgage. What this guys sell looks nice but it's not necessary, it's a luxury market.

      4. Chuan Liang

        This isnt fruit and veggies. There is no manufacturing factories in australia. What do you want them to do invent a industry? They are hiring local workers, pay taxes in australia and operated within Australia. They contribute to our economy, and should be missed. Buy something or don't. Dont fling mud when it isnt nessary.

      5. Clayton Coffey

        Local retail literally import from China anyway. Even in this video they said it’s stuck at the wharf.

    24. Elias Solomou

      the big internet stores like amazon do very well but they dont pay the taxes local businesses pay. the cost of living has increased courtesy of the governments tax greed. electricity up, water and gas up, land rates up, everything is up except wages and the standard of living. is there any real surprise?

      1. Moses89

        Well said Elias ! It's getting harder & harder .

      2. Graham De Lacey

        and on top of that, the pollies whom which are employed by us, give themselves a pay rise with out our consent....

    25. Karlos Khaos

      And another one bites the dust

    26. Judas-Priest

      Never heard of them

      1. Freelance opportunist

        I came to say the same thing