McCarthy: Dems fixated on tearing down Trump, not fixing country’s problems

Fox News

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    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy holds his weekly press conference. This takes place amid the House Democrats' impeachment push. #FoxNews
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    გამოქვეყნდა თვის წინ



      Republicans will lose WH and Senate if you don't stop acting like trump isn't guilty. Even if he has only done a few of the things, we have watched him turn over key territory to Russia, with nothing in it for us. The problem is the group committing the crimes, not those holding them responsible. None of these men who are selling out America will win reelection. If you can't see it, o am sorry for you!

    2. Stephen Kanu

      I love this guy A patriot and man of principle

    3. Paul Isham

      Cummings was a thug...just ask his constituents!

    4. Ryan Barker

      Adam Schiff is a bumb.

    5. Ben Jordon

      How did the GOP wind up with this slimy lying sleaze ball?

    6. Susan Byers

      Zuckerberg is still a schmuck, owned by the CIA. Dorsey killed the POTUS fan account of 3K+. Like the Dems, they will lie, and go ahead and do whatever they want.

    7. krelfurnace

      Trump and the GOP are the ultimate Commie-lovers. They worship Putin's KGB-Stalinist Revival regime and will do absolutely anything to serve it --- including betraying America. Trump bleats out his love for the murderous dictator of Communist North Korea, and now he hands over the middle east to Putin, screwing over America's allies. EVERY Republican in office is a traitor, plain and simple. Anyone who votes for them is renouncing America, and deserves nothing but hatred and contempt from patriots.

    8. sam sanity

      Believe it or not: The sitting president is in fact americas biggest problem. You got to be blind and deaf not to realize that. So that's the best fixation dems can have. The party in office should be taking care of the US problems wich they can't cause they're way too busy cleaning up after that sixth-grader they nominated, who is nothing but rampaging against reality and progress. The people behind this guy never intended to solve problems, they wanted to „create chaos“ (Steve Bannons exact words - that’s no conspiracy - read for yourself, if you can) Thats what you voted for, and that’s what you got. Chaos. Fox viewers just can't see it cause they're sitting in a fox hole of denial and misinformation.

    9. Rikki Hoffecker

      We'll get to the problems after we remove the MISTAKE. Our Representatives are doing EXACTLY what we sent them to do. More to come in 2020. See you Fucks in the polling stations.

    10. Jamin Walker

      The Democratic Party is leading us into a Banana Republic.

    11. Mike Ryman

      So, did Elijah change the rat infestation?

    12. 151Tommy

      You people are stupid. This guys EVIL.

    13. April s

      Absolutely amazing how grown adults try to deflect corruption by saying the ones who are pointing it out are the corrupt ones, the level of insanity is stunning

    14. Wolfgang Kruss

      Not just dems everyone outside Cult Trump wants him gone so we can fix the mess he made...can we start with rescuing our allies? Or are you with trump in deciding that the Kurds are just brown people, and would rather join the Turks in genocide?

    15. April s

      We are all fixated on impeaching one of the dumbest people on the planet, incompetent, full of hate, no good for anyone, yes you're right, we want to get rid of the most corrupt administration and the biggest embarrassment of all time, Republicans have really proved to be gutless wonders

    16. gareth jordan

      Whistleblower Exposes Rudy Giuliani's Ukraine Payday, Rudy Giuliani had a nice payday for his efforts in selling out democracy.

    17. Peaches Williams

      The entire Republican party is an embarrassment. It makes me sick to be a part of it anymore.

    18. kaylo9600

      Zuckerberg didn't mean one word of what he said & Cummings was soooo corrupt

    19. Harry Faircloth

      When Adam Schiff goes I want Congress to ask questions of witnesses he also needs to be under oath

    20. WildwoodClaire1

      It is obvious at this point that Kevin McCarthy simply has no gag-threshold when it comes to Donald Trump.

    21. Dillon Palmer

      Mulvany must be fixated on tearing down Trump too 😂🤣

    22. dee jay

      Pelosi should be in prison for treason Trump will find evidence that Nancy was a check writer for the dirty dossier on the server that's missing

    23. dee jay

      Cummings was a thief Baltimore residents deserve better then his wife

    24. M L.

      Well, he literally is the country's biggest problem to many people.

      1. M L.

        @ApeMan 102557 Such a patriot. I love that part of America where people celebrate their differences, suppreses each other's ambition, cling to their own ignorance, selfishness and greed all in the name of progress and a more perfect union. We should all aspire to such levels of enlightenment. It is refreshing.

      2. ApeMan 102557

        @M L. Spare me the feigned sanctimony. You socialist DemocRATs have been conducting a full-on assault on the Constitution for decades. You're the LAST ones to be giving lectures on freedom. You have your way, there will BE no freedom. The sooner this Country is rid of you vermin, the better.

      3. M L.

        @ApeMan 102557 Making America Great Again one intolerant act a time. Who needs freedom anyway?

      4. ApeMan 102557

        @M L. What do you NOT understand about the adjective, ACCURATE? Dumbshit.

      5. M L.

        @ApeMan 102557 They always say America was made great through division and partisan name calling. Glad you are doing your part.

    25. henry navarro

      Elijah Cummings was an idiot racist, will not be missed, and dont believe Zuckerberg is some intellectual giant, he was at the right place at the right time.

    26. External power

      Trump has been a raging bag of dicks to anyone who doesn't get on their knees. Is it that hard to understand why people don't like him? The country will never be whole while the tangerine tornado is president.

    27. Martin Kay

      Comrade Trump will go down in history as America’s biggest traitor.....

    28. boh7em

      LOL,...Trump is the problem they are trying to fix. Republicans won't do it and somebody has to for the sake of the country.

    29. Martin Kay

      Trump is a RUSSIAN PUPPET 🖕

    30. Joel Sattler

      Someday, Trump will tell one lie too many, and the camel's back will be broken.

    31. nicklenose01

      It's a trick headline: Donald Trump IS the country's problem.

    32. Joel Sattler

      The Republicans, Moscow Mitch in particular, but McCarthy too, know what he is saying isn't true. Everything the Democrats try to do is blocked by the Senate regardless if it is a good idea or not. They just don't want to give the Dems a win for anythin'

    33. icemule

      Sorry McCarthy, Republicans despise the race hustler, the good things he did in the 60's were wiped out by his actions and comments, good riddance.

    34. Albert perez

      He had that with 10 people in the room hahahahahhaah fk losers trump is not a very good man from all hes fk past everyone knows that common sense people dont be fooled.

    35. riddle rox

      Republican voters voting for representatives to work for us in honest manner and tell the truth. Instead republicans rep. in the House and Senate think it is Okay for them to lie to us, hooking up and covering up for all kind of criminal activities by Trump and his gang using the excuse that their voters are republicans. Do they believe their constituents are all criminal minded and absolutely have no sense of right and wrong?

    36. Daniel Bools

      Banana republic America. The bad eating habits are eating away their brains.

    37. Gordon Cavanaugh

      It has to be so embarrassing to come out one day with these kind of statements and then the next day the Executive Branch says the reverse. How is that credibility thing working for you McCarthy? Most people with integrity would say it isn't worth the pay check by now.

    38. Roland Moreno

      ISIS flag flying in Syria country side. Thanks Trump.

    39. Jeffrey Hill


    40. Jeffrey Hill

      He left a mark alright, like skidmarks in an old pair of underwear

    41. smokeythehobo

      America will be "FIXED" when we GET RID OF COMRADE trump!!!! This LYING, LUNATIC NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED!!!! McCarthy is a full of SH!T as trump is!!!!!

    42. codeMonkey

      Schiff and Pelosi wastes so much time and money doing this, and since the USMCA still has not passed and no pharma reforms etc... they are now holding back the country.

      1. codeMonkey

        @George M Chilcott No, not like that at all. things were progressing still. Reforms were being passed, deals were being made.

      2. George M Chilcott

        Kinda like Whitewater, Benghazi, Emails and many more.

    43. craig nourie

      republicans will be known for cowardly running away from allies and supporting isis ?

      1. Martin Kay

        The Fascist States of AmeriKKKa is NOTHING but a vassal state of Russia 🖕

    44. Brian Harvill

      Getting rid of the orange child molester FIXES THE LARGEST PROBLEM AMERICA HAS RIGHT NOW. Trump is himself the largest threat to America's survival...

    45. jarchitect

      Let's's the Middle East going these days? The Turks got everything they wanted. "Easiest negotiation I ever made" (Erdogan's quote while throwing Trump's embarrassing letter in the trashcan) The Russians are now in control of the region and Syria is firmly under their protective wing. The Kurds...not so good...hundreds of thousands displaced. The U.S Nice going Trump! Putin is very proud of you.

    46. Joel Sattler

      The blatant hypocrisy of the Republicans is appalling. They don't really care about America , they only care about money and power.

    47. Luis Sang

      Getting trump impeach that would qualified for fixing our country.

    48. Keith Brown


    49. Tiarka

      Officials who uphold open law breaking by other public officials are corrupt and abuse their power too. They are just as guilty. I really hope the SDNY keeps their eye on this guy.

    50. nosuchthing8

      Good thing Mulvaney didn't admit to out right bribery and extortion in his Ukraine press conference.

    51. other mirth

      Trump IS the biggest problem. Mulvaney was clear, he confessed under oath to quid pro quo, and no, we’re not going to “get over it”. Trump must, and will, RESIGN

    52. Timothy Hart

      This piece of 💩here... 🖕🏿u mf!!!!!!

    53. nosuchthing8

      Good thing trump isn't corrupt by breaking the emoluments clause of the constitution when he holds g7 meeting at his own hotel.

    54. Jen Robbie

      No McCarthy, YOU and YOUR ilk are selling out our country for YOUR own political usual. YOU are not a patriot. YOU'RE just another slime ball in an expensive suit placing party above the country. YOUR party is full of them.

    55. Kevin Garrett


    56. Irish Knight 1942

      Trump is the countries problem. How many of Trumps associates have to go to prison for crimes commited against the American public before the Republicans admit that Trump is a crime boss and as guilty as all his associates.

    57. Daryl Harden

      trump does not need help, his STUPIDITY is doing just fine. old+orange+coward+racist+super liar+criminal= 1 term president

    58. Murray Allinger

      Did you hear the reporter (on the live mic) who asked the question about Adam Schiff???? "I'm sorry I asked." I bet she is! "Shifty" Schiff is done like a goose.

    59. monkey's dad

      Come on! Let's give a big round of applause to Liar Schift and Medusa Pelosi. They have made Trump look even better then in 2016. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    60. Lynn Lehr

      Shifty shaft should be fired for violating his oath of office. Then he should be arrested for the lies perpetrated upon the people of this country. He should be thrown out of his elected office and prosecuted for his lies under oath of office. We don't tolerate that from anyone, now why should we tolerate it constantly from the left starting from Hillary all the way down!