Marvel Studios' Black Widow - Official Teaser Trailer

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Marvel Entertainment

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    Marvel Studios' Black Widow is in theaters May 1, 2020.
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    1. johnny cesareo


    2. ERROR 69

      Me in 2016 I want a black widow movie Marvel: u r 4 years earlier

    3. ERROR 69

      Me in 2016 I want a black widow movie Marvel: u r 4 years earlier

    4. Muslim Bale

      Task master = power ranger

    5. Harivansh Rao

      sometimes I think I am the only one who is making pressure on marvel to bring Tony back😐😐

    6. Carlos Felipe

      Look very very well 😄!

    7. GlideyBoi

      Imagine at the end of the movie, there is a post credit scene where they show black widow's body in volmir, then she opens her eyes and then the credits roll. Kind of like Avatar.

    8. Ash Pokemaster

      Who thinks that this movie is going to be better than captain marvel?

    9. rockstar sackboy


    10. Anthony Mackie

      I’m Anthony Mackie

    11. Arsen khusnitdinov

      It's so cooooooool!!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing this greatness

    12. Blue _Spartan

      Hey look It’s captain S O V I E T U N I O N

    13. spooderman vs Batman!!!


    14. Aices Hernandez

      is Hawkeye going to be in the movie

    15. Emily Forbrigger

      Did anyone notice(I'm sure many people have) that they named David Harbour's character Alexi? I miss Alexi...

    16. M.A M

      Just waiting to mourn the end of Netflix after the rise of Disney +

    17. Jerelle Mullins

      You just saw the whole movie!! Gonna suck

    18. Xerxes 666

      Heeeeheh!!! It STILL Fits !. 🤪😁💗💕☀️☀️💕♥️💕🧡💕🍒💗🤪😁💎🌈🌹🌹🌹😁😁😁🌈🔥💕🌈😁💗💗🌹🌹😁😅😂

    19. Gage Crooks

      I will see this just for David Harbour as Red Guardian

    20. Gift to humanity

      If I'm gonna watch this film then just for Florence Pugh

    21. Kali Marie


    22. TheInternetIsConfusing

      Can’t wait to see her wrap her legs around guys and spin/throw them to the ground

    23. RICHARDO O.o

      Dikk Budapest😂 Varga és Társa

    24. vizthex

      Looks cool

    25. Mr.universe

      In soviet Russia hugs mean fight

    26. TreNdZ tIme


    27. Alex Browne

      Black Widow was always my favourite avenger! ☺️

    28. Bernard Biotech

      This lady is teased for her role but she is the best

    29. Pooja Sehgal

      Wow!! amazing trailer of 'Black Widow'. I feel very happy when these kind of actresses do action in movies and it feels very proud.

    30. Cartoon Universe

      people makes jokes about that black widow will not die in this movie is a spoiler. BUT WHAT IF SHE DIES IN THIS MOVIE AND THE BLACK WIDOW IN ADVENGER ENDGAME IS A CLONE... like in the comics

    31. indiansaudi93


    32. GoldenHashbrow

      So is characters getting fat a gag now or what?

    33. Lynnetje.x

      So when Hopper got kidnapped the Russians brought hin to Russia, he fell in love started an family and turned into a hero

    34. Chim Ying Jing

      This will be the wokest marvel ever, maybe worse than Captain Marvel

    35. Li Lu Khoo

      1:27 its ghost with sparrow from COD

    36. Megan Sampson

      Remember the Black Widow meets 27 Dresses on SNL

    37. IcyPolarGirl 78

      Endgame got nothing on this Marvel just decides to rip my heart out again

    38. Teh Flying Broom

      0:20 even cold November rain

    39. T Slap

      What? 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I wonder what the end credits will be

    40. Indonesia gaming


    41. Kun Drad

      Family of 4 Russians, talks in english.

    42. s66shi

      Am i the only one that thought the scene looked kinda bad?? 1:51 ... its almost like they blended the hell out of black widow

    43. John Smith

      YO JOE!

    44. Matthew Hall Fitzsimons

      Taskmaster is going to be the best part of this movie

    45. Satou Kazuma

      those Russian accents feel so fake.... and as a Russian i can notice very easily! but one thing i don't understand, where is the pet bear and their stands? we all know Russians are stand users!

    46. RCYBER_X04

      Ghost in the shell and Lucy vibes anyone

      1. John Smith

        GI Joe

    47. gridsleep

      Which came first? Black Widow or La Femme Nikita? In other words, which is original?

    48. Harry Callahan

      Are white men invited to watch this one?

    49. Enrique Jara

      She Is Very Gorgeous 😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️💋💋💋💋🌹🌹🌹🌹

    50. Shawna Graham

      I’ve waited for this!! About dam time!!

    51. jared pope

      You know what I don’t get in movies where there are people of a certain race seating at a table and instead of speaking their collective native tongue they choose English with an accent. I get it easier for the audience but still wtf

    52. dream dream

      Where i can watch the full movie?

    53. Vinod Singh

      Nice Black widow iam # Marvel fan

    54. AJFes12


    55. LAZARUS

      this 43K dislikes are from *HYDRA*

    56. Andreas Lindgren

      1:16 I hope that's not the final vfx 😂

    57. IBadGrammar

      captain karen 2.0 great 90% look hot 10% action

    58. Baby Yoda

      I think we will see Nat wake up seeing Cap shrink on Vormir for the credit scene

    59. Shahriar Tahmeed

      Not better than ww84

    60. The Skywalker

      Black Widow die Marvel: It's rewind time!!