Marcellus Wiley predicts Brady, Harbaugh, Rivera & Cam's future, talks Cowboys | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    Marcellus Wiley joins Colin Cowherd in studio today to discuss some football. Hear what Marcellus thinks the future hold for Tom Brady, Jim Harbaugh, Ron Rivera and Cam Newton, as well as his thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett.
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    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
    Marcellus Wiley predicts Brady, Harbaugh, Rivera & Cam's future, talks Cowboys | NFL | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

      Will Cam Newton play for the Panthers next season?

      1. Ronny Keosouriya

        Tom Brady to Carolina

      2. Oscar Barbeito

        Brady to the Vikings would make sense to me.

      3. Anthony Mcken


      4. Clancy Waldron

        Nope. Probably going to go out and draft a qb that can start day 1 next season.

    2. Larry Seta Jr

      Jim will work in dallas i know jerry wants to win more than he wants credit he would get the credit if hes the one to hire the couch

    3. Paul Corcoran

      Tom Brady to Colts

    4. James Botsch

      The Patriots season starts in the playoffs. Everything else is preparation for the postseason.

    5. Toni Paradise

      Man I wish Marcellus had his own radio show he is on point

    6. Chris Corbin

      I think we have reached the point where the magician (Belichick) reaches into the hat for the rabbit and the only thing in it are turds.

    7. samson gersing

      WRONG CHIEFS Kingdom--> Defense looks like it is the Trump Russian Collision, media b.s. Sea of Red coming to You sack Nation

    8. Luke Connors

      The patriots aren’t beating the chiefs

    9. Luke Connors

      Wow the patriots really sucked the money out of Brady

    10. oldatarigamer

      NE at home...they don't lose much there, and especially when they are up at the half.

    11. MikekiM

      If the Pat's were 2-10 , all the convos being had would make sense. They're 10 and 2. 2 losses! The season isn't over. Everyone forgot they won the Superbowl last year!

    12. castricv

      After all these years, herd isnt unpleasant but he is the quintessential bubble liberal. He sees only through tinted glass of gated communities and white mocha drinking progressive friends with money. And not any money, mostly daddy money. His groveling to certain people and issues on his shoes is offputting but utterly predictable

    13. Just my BS

      Love you Tom, but Bill does not have your best interest at heart. There are teams that would build there team around you. Bill would be a has been in this league if it were not for you. I’m old school Patriots, worked with George and Donny, old school when the equipment room was like 12x12 lol, I was there when my Ron brought in Dante, and as fans we thought was it great, but not until you showed up Tom that it became great. They should rename the the place “ Brady Stadium “ your talent sold the tickets to build it. Remember the dump you first played in New England? Thank you Tom , as a fan I love and respect you and I can completely stand behind you .

    14. Shwaaayze Waters

      My guy Marcellus! Hope to see him on here more often

    15. Peter Karel Kraus

      Brady will be there no less than 2 more years. Stidham isn't much. Brady has a lot of deferred $ coming later. It wasn't a total pay cut.

    16. jim wurtsmith

      God, Wiley sucks.

    17. Chase The Wind

      Marcellus knows his stuff ..

    18. Kyle Grimard

      Colin said earlier once the Pats got Sanu, "It's over in the AFC" and now they're not a super bowl team... cool

      1. Kyle Grimard

        @Giants/Mets/Blazers Trust me I know and am well aware, all I'm saying is that when the trade was made, Colin said the AFC was over for everybody else, and now has flopped without admitting how wrong he was

      2. Giants/Mets/Blazers

        Kyle Grimard Sanu is a 3rd option slot receiver lol. That’s why Atlanta didn’t have a problem letting him go. Now the Pats are stuck with 2 slot receivers in Edelman and Sanu and no top receiver like Mike Evans or Landry. Brady is in a tough place right now lol.

    19. Thomas Quick

      Wiley is a racist POS

    20. John Adams

      They didn't stay on Topic about Tom Brady. He has been a Team first guy, took pay cuts, only to see the team cheap-out on money for key players. Brady can't do it all himself. He needs people to throw the ball too, that can catch it, and score. Colin said Brady is worth 250 million. It wouldn't surprise me if Brady retires. His wife has been after him to hang up the cleats. Their children are growing up. Time for Tom to tell Kraft and Bellichick goodbye. Walk away while he can still walk.

    21. Anthony Mcken

      This will be Brad's last season. He will not get to the Superbowl this season.


      Smiling Wiley soft shoeing for Belichick again

    23. Nick Vandal

      " TO GIVE WELKER THE MONEY." What ACTUALLY HAPPENED was the Patriots offered MORE MONEY and WELKER LEFT. Nice try. Oh yeah hey, Amendola was already signed for CHEAPER on Monday of that 2013 Free Agency season

    24. Bubbs Pelch #thecigarbum

      Hes going to the Chargers after he wins this superbowl

    25. stevOkanevil TM

      Lmao!! He said chiefs are better! Colin you're such a fool, just stop!

    26. Daniel Pena

      Marcellus speaks wirh knowledge.

    27. Yinking Yonk

      Marcellus is one of my favorite people to listen to talk sports. He needs his own show. Maybe first things first?

    28. rafi sanders

      People forget how bad Alex Smith was before he got Harbough. He was a complete bust, had five coaches in six years. People compared him to Ryan leaf. Then Harbough came around, turned him into a decent QB. Maybe not elite, but very serviceable.

    29. wow

      ship marcellus up to NYC to be on first things first this man way too smart to be with whitlock

    30. Roman Yount

      KC is not better

    31. J Paulo

      Wiley went to an Ivy League school... just FYI.

    32. Kevin Armitage

      5 weeks ago, you were saying its over, pats in the superbowl!!!! How much you've changed in a few weeks!!!

    33. Robert

      It's hilarious to me that people try to minimize/simplify last years AFC CG. The Pats were dominating that game and KC came back...This idea that they were "1 position away" is so misrepresented. Not only were there other plays, but KC got ran over in OT...period!

    34. StanleyCoolbreeze

      More Wiley, less Gotleib. Please.

      1. daAnder71

        Doug Gottlieb*

    35. Always WINNING

      One can dream. .would love to see *Harbaugh in Indy with a Luck comeback. Capernick as Backup. *Lincoln Riley in Cleveland with Baker.

    36. Cody Zanini

      Everyone on here is afraid to say they love Wiley not only because of his amazing insight but also because he doesn’t talk with wannabe gangsta slang from da hood like collins worst guest Mike Vick

      1. contradrian


    37. Cody Zanini

      Collin I could easily pull up a clip of you last month saying the AFC should give up because the Patriots are guaranteed in the super bowl

    38. Christopher House

      Speak for Yourself was nearly unwatchable before Wiley joined. The guy is great at his job.

    39. Murray Roberts

      Please have Marcellus on more often!

    40. Damien Pettie

      Jerry Jones don't look healthy.

      1. daAnder71

        ... doesn't* ...

    41. John Lovelace

      I don’t care who your boss is, never take paycut. That boss will not remember it or value it

    42. Ezra Marty

      Get this man to talk about russ and the hawks

    43. Lincoln Causey

      Bout time they get dat dude on The Herd

      1. Lebron Carter


    44. yovel messer

      Bring this guy back colin

    45. Grigorio Fabrosi

      Hi. I'm coach Jarbaw

    46. Ike Love

      Cowherd does not respect Whitlock. He shoots at him every chance he gets lol

    47. John Fritzen jr.

      Great guest

    48. Rexy 1776

      Where can I watch Marcellus? He’s really smart, and articulate does he have a YT channel or a show?

      1. uclafan80

        His show starts right after Colin's on FS1

      2. Rexy 1776

        J Thanks

      3. J

        He's on "Speak For Yourself" with Jason Whitlock and co. daily.

    49. Lee Kautz

      Yep...huge homefield advantage in freezing cold....the reason they keep making the super bowl.....also with the help of a garbage division

    50. Isaiah 'Iyeazy' Hollis

      That screen of jerry jones looking at Garrett's soul is creepy af

    51. BucsBoi

      Wait Edelman has never been a pro bowler

    52. Bob Jones

      Marcellus should replace cris carter on first is first

      1. cole council

        would be a downward move.

      2. philly 1971


    53. Sean Mortenson

      Wiley was killing it!

    54. Swish Dipper

      Wiley sucks so badly. I can't listen to this clown

      1. chang chang

        He could split your wig and bust your cheeks

    55. caper087

      Should have Wiley on more often he’s an in-depth analyst

    56. MrOshea81

      He’s not going to read the story. Com’on

    57. Crysta1Pisto1

      If only the Jets could get Jim Harbaugh

    58. Matt Millie

      Marcellus Wiley is a VERY smart guy, he definitely knows what he's talkin' about! I absolutely agree with literally everything that he said!

      1. Robert Marley

        Rajah dat

      2. 12th Man Stand Up

        He’s an idiot lmao

      3. Cameron Lee

        Maybe you should suck him off?

    59. DyslexicPanda -

      Seahawks vs patriots Super Bowl

      1. DyslexicPanda -

        daAnder71 idk about you but I want that rematch.. nothing would be better than a super bowl win... other than a super bowl win against the pats

      2. daAnder71

        Can we once have a Pats-free SB, please?! Seahawks SB anytime!

    60. Arthur Fonzarelli

      "Harbaugh has burned out people" (WTF). He went from Stanford to the NFL and then left the Niners so basically one team maybe was a burned out, ONE TEAM! Basically left after his contract was up.