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    Relive Manchester United's shootout triumph over fellow countrymen Chelsea in the 2008 UEFA Champions League final in Moscow.
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    1. Emmanuel Asare

      Fan of lfc


      Man United: We could’ve never went on penalties but Mr.Tevez ruin so many chances to score goals.

    3. Lukas Henckaerts

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="422">7:02</a> cech is not standing on his line and ronaldo didnt kick the ball yet so it shouldhave been retaken

    4. Aguilar Gaming

      John Terry and CRISTIANO ronaldo missed penalty

    5. Marcelo Silva Salazar

      Claudio Pizarro metia el 5to penal!!

    6. Adit RX


    7. Adit RX


    8. Christian Panisales

      Ngl Chelsea had better chances

    9. Strato Grunge

      Man united and chealsea best era !!!

    10. Lémonade

      Today, 12 years ago.

    11. Tutwuri Handayani


    12. Tutwuri Handayani


    13. houssam dz

      بعد مرور 12 سنة على اللقاء 21/5/2020

    14. Levi Gittke

      My birthday was on the 2nd may

    15. mostafa elaridy

      That was an epic moment I wish I was there for Man Utd Glory glory Man Utd

    16. David Martin


    17. suu na

      I remember this game like it was just yesterday, I was in my first of high school in a boarding school and we were not allowed to watch, listened to it on radio, undoubtedly the best game for me...And the greatest moment as a united fan

    18. TheAdamBlox Boy

      Who is here after lampard is the manager of Chelsea

    19. The Maverick


    20. Sang Np

      Terry (short name) ➡️ Terrible (full name) 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♀️

    21. Jerko Bilosnić

      Man united wwwwwwiiiiiiiinnnneeeeerrrrr

    22. Kennedy Mathenge

      after this final, it's safe to say CR7 decided never to miss another penalty

    23. wellington Paurosi

      Still can't believe Chelsea were denied a penalty for Rio Ferdinand's karate kick on Joe Cole

    24. Seno Ajie

      Full match please

    25. Karan Cr7

      Terry’s missed was very bad

    26. Karan Cr7

      United won I am happy

    27. Juan Antonio Navarrete

      who was Chelsea´s manager in 2008?

      1. Juan Antonio Navarrete

        Rinaldi Hardjanto thanks man 🤩👍🙌

      2. Rinaldi Hardjanto

        Avram Grant

    28. Santhosh K


    29. Jonathan Damanik


    30. Stephen Buffery

      This lot luckiest team ever to win cl not once but twice crossbar post twice

    31. R Chan

      I love Premier.I love United

    32. yasep andriyantono

      The best final ever, i am lucky watching live on tv with my father.

    33. Ikhsan Hafizi

      Eventho ronaldo miss the penalty. He's still played a big part of the game. Ngl, i admire his skill the most at united beside Ronaldinho

    34. kev in

      The 2009 final should of had the same team but the ...

    35. kev in

      I can't believe we went from Ferdinand lifting the champions league to phil jones conceding a penalty at the fa cup

    36. kev in

      One of the greatest moments of my life

    37. Frost Tube

      Another dramatic Finals , Like if U R Football Lovers.

    38. khang pham

      Cr7 áp lực khủng khiếp

    39. rohan nabar

      Chelsea came back and we know what's happening in Manchester United now. Universe brings justice .

    40. Avinash Bolaram

      Man utd fan! But lampard terry drogba cech deserves a champions league and they got it..

    41. Gillar Muhammad Ramdhan


    42. Ardian

      MU on this match are bunch of lucky bastards

    43. Adams Omede

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="405">6:45</a> shot was so Badass!

    44. Benjamin Tanuwira

      How I wish I could go back to May 21 08

    45. n s

      man utd fan. But i miss lampard

    46. Nixer Doyle

      I don't believe in karma, although John Lennon's notion of instant karma, which most people mistake for the 'real' thing, is quite appealing. In this case, I especially enjoyed the fact that Chelsea's captain, who surreptitiously spat at Carlos Tevez, slipped over in the spitting rain and fucked his penalty attempt. Yay! Glory Glory!

    47. Pero Radova

      How much better any Final wuld be that after extra time still tied, they just went to sudden death, next goal wins.. shootouts are fooking stupid and always leave a bad impression

    48. Karan Sood

      heartbreak for Chelsea , terry abramovich o the fans. oh iam crying again remembering that

    49. irvan fazlyn

      Chelsea is great team at these era. 2008 finale, 2009 lose semifinal against barca with controversial refaree, and finally the got it in 2012. Respect for chelsea.

    50. yakubu Daniel

      Kudos to the other manutd players, they didn't give up despite United miss. But Chelsea lost it after Terry miss.

    51. Kamaliddin Sattorov

      I was 15, and a die hard United fan. I remember watching this match on an old TV in a room where nobody would distrupt me. Remember the penalty Ronaldo missed, and thought Untd lost and started crying... It was so hard and also so enjoying. Ever since I never felt that feeling, like never ever in any other situation. It was unbelievable! This is the match I always remember of, and whenever I see Ronaldo playing for other teams, I still feel hurt, and I know he lost his trueself after leaving United. He was never the Roony we knew, he is now just the Ronaldo that lives in the shadows of Messi. Back then, Messi was his shadow.

    52. haftom gebregergs

      This is the game that I didn't forget

    53. areif martoyo

      And next year (2009) .. what happen ???!! .. chelsea vs uefalona .. i never forget!!!

    54. Ekaaak Ekak

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="593">9:53</a> : Ronaldo crying <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="600">10:00</a> : john terry crying

    55. Văn Đào

      This is remarkable night. I always think about what happened in Moscow 2007-2008 final game

    56. ジ・エリート


    57. Itachi Genjutsu

      Manchester united was different back then. They were monsters that most of the teams fear them the way they fear Real madrid/Barcelona etc... During sir alex era.

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    59. Anthony Gervil

      Glad Chelsea had justice and revenge in 2012.

    60. Musiitwa Herman

      Thanks Fugerson we gonna miss u a lot in foot generation

    61. Santosh Jagga

      This is the best football tournament on earth

    62. 박시원

      It was the worst night for koreans

    63. Mr Kalubu

      I cannot blame Anelka. It was all Terry fault.

    64. Delle Windrush

      I'm a Manchester United fan but Lampard is one of the greatest footballers I respect in my life and I'm so happy that he is the manager of Chelsea, unfortunately he can't beat our baby face ole,🤣

    65. Babi Puta

      respect lampard as im united fans

    66. Naser Abbasi

      I can't forget this time of year 😭😭😭

    67. ผี ตองเหลือง


    68. T Sh

      A very balanced mini documentary! Massive Kudos to Lampard for doing this!

    69. Ricky Carter

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="544">9:04</a> The woman sitting next to Abramovich; “Uhhhhhh what’s happening now??!!??!!” Haha

    70. Foluke Akinbule

      Frank lampard is a nice guy good he won it

    71. Nur

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="485">8:05</a> what happen with nani's head?

    72. Trini Red Devil

      My stomach was turning watching this shoot out on TV

    73. Shirotera 1601

      Solskjaer would win his 2nd UCL Trophy if he didn't retire in the last year

    74. suartama sanjaya


    75. suartama sanjaya

      fgvgghjkhdeadxfgjjtrrffghhio Dr

    76. El Negro De WhatsApp

      John Terry changing the penalty taking order so he could be the winner 😂

    77. Kodok Terbang

      Moment gila inj 😍😍😍

    78. kopex gaming

      two team, 7 years domination in england between 2004 to 2011, always get in semifinal UCL

    79. Wa lntana

      If Drogba didn't send off, He might be the last penalty kicker for chelsea, and the story might be,, just might be similar to munich 2012

    80. Lê Thái Hiển

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="406">6:46</a>