Mahalia - What You Did (feat. Ella Mai)



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    1. Bubdiddly

      Ella May looks like Rihanna meets Bhad bhabie

    2. Emily Thomas

      This song makes me strong and good

    3. Andrea Hagins

      I want that jogging suit

    4. Sharonda Jones

      Yas yas yas 💯 my song as I blow this too much lord

    5. Baby Girl

      It's make so Happy

    6. Karlene Troxler

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 two of my favssssssss

    7. Desirree Jackson


    8. Anjola Xo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">1:31</a> Ella sounds so angelic omfg!!!

    9. Destiny Obuobisa

      Love the vibe💙💙🥴🥴😅🔥👌😉

    10. Marjorie Dillard

      Y'all like look sister I love this song and video

    11. john kimber


    12. Tationna Mckenzie

      I love her and all her song ❤😍

    13. Tony D The Original inda mix

      EffortLesS Voices with comfort GirL uP! So Much Choices. 👄

    14. Bénédicte VI

      RnB is not dead ! Thanks girls !!

    15. A Ross

      what you did!! yeah you know I love you but I can't forgive. you can tell me stay but I have to go. I would not expect someone to stay around if I let them down #reallife

    16. JuJu

      Them baby hairs laid out on Ella Mai is GIVING ME FUCKING LIFE‼️🥰

    17. Sanai Sanai

      Love this so much it gives me like me and my bestfriend are chillin and just singing together

    18. Connie Harris

      As a woman, to all woman all around the world (LISTEN)


      Intro song is called oh boy

    20. Eric C.

      Our group just debut our first song pls share and support 🙏🏽

    21. Kala Ward

      This song is good

    22. Kiki Lashay


    23. Laura Clunie

      good job mahalia

    24. Dj Brl

      Man I love it ....con't for give it🔥

    25. Deshawn Griffin

      Is they sisters tho bc whaaaaa they go together to hard

    26. D Mc

      We buy cars and trucks and house 🤔

    27. •Im_sorry_mate •

      Bruh can we have a moment of silence and really just acknowledge this masterpiece 💙💜💙

    28. Kiara Crockett

      She is so 🔥🔥🔥

    29. Jay Barnes

      I am in love with this song. Honestly i feel like Ella could have did this by herself and it still be a smash hit

    30. Diego trindade

      Melhor som que eu ouço em tempos! LOKOOOO

    31. Kylie Reed

      hits home... awesome track cant stop listening to it xx mahalia woop woop beautiful girl...ya own this love from australia

    32. Richelle Noble-Taitua

      Is there a version without Ella???

      1. DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus

        @Richelle Noble-Taitua Your welcome

      2. Richelle Noble-Taitua

        @DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus Thank you so much!!!!!!

      3. DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus

        @Richelle Noble-Taitua

      4. Richelle Noble-Taitua

        @DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus Can you please direct me to the right place!!

      5. DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus


    33. Henri Afari

      Had to type the lyrics after hearing the Camron Juelz "Oh Boy" sample at the beginning and throughout

    34. DreamKayyy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="162">2:42</a>

    35. Paulette and Ava HQ

      Im glad these girls arent doing sexuall things and dressing sexually like RiHaNa the others .. im 10 and i love this song beacause there not showinf if like rihana and the others :)

      1. Brittni Jenkins


    36. Jlynn Hoganbronner

      Why do they look so much alike they voice inspires me I love this song😭🥰🥺

    37. Crusader Gaming

      Sound more hispanic than british

    38. Tayon Tannis

      I love dis song

    39. Alexsis Holley

      Love this

    40. Miz Salvador

      Love this!!

    41. Bri John

      Music that make your skin crawl... ❤️

    42. Eleanor Mitchell

      Beautiful collab 💕 and the song is 🔥

    43. purple sky

      This song is fire but still it needs a rap verse in there.Who agrees?

    44. Jacovb Tarver

      Ella Mae did that!



    46. Smanga One


    47. Erika Loney

      OMG! "The British are Coming!!" NOOO... They are HERE! Ella Mai, Mahalia, Sinead Harnett... Wow!

    48. Reddie Shipper

      I’ve loved Ella for a while but then I herd this song and love you both 💖🥰🥺❤️😘💕 you guys should do more together

    49. Anthony Jacobs

      One of the coolest Duets!!!!!

    50. sugarblunt

      If they cheat don’t stay!!! You’re wasting your time and the time of people who would really care about you.

    51. Corey Scott

      I’m feeling this song. Good callabo

    52. Denied Wesley

      Please pray for everyone.

    53. Chariya Clark

      Love 💗 this song

    54. Queen Mhiyaaa Terry

      90's All The Way Felt Dis One Fire

    55. drome1954

      Fully dressed, still beautiful and talented with homage paid to Aaliyah 💙

    56. CassyMonique

      Wow...bodies are fully covered. 90s vibes, loving these girls ❤️

    57. Tikiasha Boone

      Ella Mai is so Pretty 🖤

    58. Corey G

      Killt it 💯💯💯

    59. lxzer._t

      I MADE A DANCE TO THIS SONG ON TIKTOK! CAN YOU PLEASE DO IT MAHALIA AND ELLA MAI! IT WOULD BE A PLEASURE! My name on TikTok is @jahdreadz_daughter_ . Can you please do it. Just scroll down in my videos and then find this song

      1. lxzer._t


      2. lxzer._t


    60. Tara Cross-Guerra

      Literally feel every word in this song.😍💜

    61. John Manselle-Young

      I fuck with the 90’s vibe on dis

    62. Ashley Greene

      Ok Ella we hear you as soon as that base drops !!! Girl like it ain’t my song but imma kill it lol

    63. Felicia Snell

      Yeah, these men today need to grow up.STOP Playing games

      1. Erica Jones

        Felicia Snell yes I agree. Playing games and playing with our emotions. Not cool

    64. Jessica Adjemon

      Yo this beat used allllllllll my cuts from back in the day 🖤🥺

    65. Alandra WIll

      Ella mai 😍😍

    66. Mara Kimberly

      Vim pelo Duncan 💜

    67. Erica Rivera Martínez

      Don’t let the R&B die guuurrrlls!!🥰❤️

    68. Noddy Hopson

      Can be sisters

    69. __Jasmine 88

      This shit hits different when you going thru it.🙌🏽♥

    70. pzfulsoul

      Divine feminine come thru....💚💞🧘🏾‍♀️🎤🎼

    71. Jessica Medina

      They killed this 🔥❤️

    72. Haiti LeBlanc

      Man recent R&B has improved.

    73. Billie Begum

      Mya Craig - Umm Yeah, New visuals on Link Up TV

    74. aleah sellars

      I love this song, I have it on repeat

    75. michelle bolden

      Im so feelin this song. Im a 45 yr old mother of 5 with an amazing husband and can still relate. The sampling is dope. Lyrics on point! Played for my 19 and 21 daughters, and they loved it!

    76. Melinah Tomplait-Gomez

      its woah vicky

    77. Neariah Dua-Agyemang

      Guys If you like this song you should listen to "Happy" by Wretch 32 and "Heads up eyes open" by Talib Kweli.

    78. Ura García

    79. Jay Miller

      UK women are smashing the RB game right now

    80. Tracei Dixon

      this song a hit