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    Minecraft Survival LP - Could this be the luckiest diamond caving episode ever? Maybe! Be sure to drop a LIKE if you enjoyed this Minecraft video! Cheers!
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    Welcome to my new Minecraft Survival Let's Play! In this Minecraft Let's Play, we're playing Minecraft for what it is - FUN! We're building, exploring, adventuring and more in this Minecraft Let's Play! I hope you enjoy this Minecraft LP series, SUBSCRIBE do you don't miss out on future Minecraft episodes and I hope you enjoy your stay!
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    ● Outro - "Solar Wind" (by Approaching Nirvana)
    #Minecraft #MinecraftSurvival #Minecraft52
    This is Let's Play Minecraft Survival Episode 52!

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    1. Tenoch Saldana

      The skeleton is a jerk.

    2. LightnindDude3763 _yt

      The skeleton is a jerk

    3. KingLegend76

      3:30 U missed redstone

    4. OMAR DIMO

      you skeley dummy dumb how dare you kill a cute little bat you jurk

    5. Creature Mystical

      Intro: Sees diamond but likes coal better Me:This is just stupid After intro: Mines diamond BUT STILL MINES COAL

    6. Mal Farquharson

      The skeleton is a jerk

    7. Demant Plays

      Rip bat

    8. Classy

      Get the vein miner mod

    9. lightning's Clash

      I eat golden apples for breakfast That's why I have no teeth

    10. Deon Kriel

      That skeleton is a jerk

    11. mary enos

      The skeleton is a jerk😣😥

    12. Better and Better

      The skeleton is a jerk

    13. Kaiden Boller

      The skeleton is a jerk

    14. Korban Beazley

      The bat saved u from the arrow 1 like=1 R.I.P for bat

    15. Craig Yates

      The skeleton is a jerk.

    16. Fallingfurther Games

      At the beginning on the video he admires coal when he mines ignores coal

    17. Fallingfurther Games

      The skeleton is a BIG Jerk

    18. Logan Stalker

      Skeleton is a jerk

    19. Crafting-Mind 190

      Phyton hatin on minecraft because having a bad luck.. *Mimecraft : Alrigth gave this man a whole 12 minutes having a goodluck and finding huge amount of diamonds i want it to be done*

    20. A k Fun

      What level were you mining at when you found the mineshaft

    21. Fairy Fall

      There was diamonds on the roof but he didnt notice😂

      1. Fallingfurther Games


    22. Jacob Fontenot

      The skeleton is a jerk

    23. Ezekiel Bello

      make an under ground railroad connected to the castle area off camera

    24. Marine Machine

      You could put honey blocks around the edges to stop them from jumping out and then cover it with green carpet?

    25. Gašper Kovačič

      Skeleton is a jerk

    26. shooter luke

      The skeleten is a jerk😢😭

    27. One BIG Brick Brick

      Hey python I’m just here to say I’ve been a fan from the beginning of python’s world and when do you think you will complete the 1000 diamond challenge.Also do you think of a a season 2 or is it going to be one season? And the skeleton is a jerk.😂 Bye

    28. christopher fraser

      Always love te mining episodes.just had to go out of necessity caving in my world and it was a fun break. Watching someone else do it better is always good

    29. The Freeway Octopus

      Python: oh no! I ran out of torches! Also python: leaves torches in minecart chest.

    30. Alicia Loudermilk

      Lol 342 shout out to my robotics team The Burning Magnetos!

    31. Catherine Oatley

      I've been waiting for this!!!!!

    32. Dylan Armstrong

      You should make a throne room intirely out of gold in the castle. Ps it won't be a problem as you have a masssiiiiiivvvvveeeee gold farm!

    33. ElliceDFx

      I love caving and mining episodes 🥰

    34. BrawlWithDespaa!

      Can you give the seed of world?

    35. LKPIXELS Minecraft

      Jerk skeleton

    36. Daniel Berkes

      I like how you made the woodland mansion into a base I’ve always wanted to do that

    37. Cole Buller

      Skeleton is horrible but on the positive side the bat decided that you are worth saving

    38. Mini Bryan

      This is my early birthday gift because November 12 is my birthday!

    39. Goodey Games

      Hi i'm a very small You Tuber and i work so hard on making my videos but no one seems to watch them. It would mean so much to me if you gave me tips on my videos i'm not asking to to subscribe i just really want to know how to improve thanks.

    40. Robbie Tucker

      What’s a sh edule