Dolan Twins

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    Loser gets a piercing of the slime piece...
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    გამოქვეყნდა წლის წინ


    1. Liv Robinson

      when tf did ethan have his cartilage pierced

    2. laura durbin

      yall are wild

    3. Madison Howard

      So glad Grayson is not getting one

    4. School Blogs

      does he still have his tongue pierced..

    5. Aliyah Martin

      if u want Ethan's tongue give this a thumbs up *likes video the fastest I've ever liked a video*

    6. Brynlea Graziano

      i wish he kept it

    7. Madison Palmer

      Does Ethan have a cartilage piercing?

    8. Bella Sterling

      Grayson cheated on the envelope one you should redo that because Grayson is a dirty cheated how I fucking hate he can't do anything right

    9. Madyson Plummer

      Is anyone Watching this in 2019.. no just me ok

    10. Kate Dmuchowski

      This is one of the videos everyone forgets about. But it’s so good 😊

    11. Balaji Santhan

      omg ethan was lowkey soo nervous baby 😭😭

    12. Mya Parson

      And people say not to draw on yourself with ink he literally put ink on this man's tongue

    13. Kaitlin Turner

      They are true to their word! No frickin clickbait here.

    14. Callie Gentile

      why do i low key wish he kept it 😂😭

    15. Breezy Glover


    16. reese taylor

      i guess this means that gray is the better kisser 😂😉 1:45

    17. Jalyn Mosso

      2019 anyone? And did you see gizmo from the gremlins at 4:06? Like if you did

    18. Abby Burke

      "Everything is legal in New Jersey." If you know this then youre legally allowed to storm area 51

    19. brooklynns summer vlogs

      this is definitely one of the weirdest videos they’ve done

    20. m a d y h o l t

      i wonder if ethan still keeps it in

    21. Awesome Edits

      I forgot yall used to do short ass videos

    22. Shewall Arslan

      its suits him actually:))))))))))

    23. Adanna Eze

      I want his tongue :(


    25. 3:53 *why'd they block put Ethan's hand? are we not allowed to see it or something?*

      1. Hopefully Sunshine

        I believe it was some sort of contract that he had to sign before getting the piercing done, so they had to blur it for safety reasons.

    26. Riley Moreno Hillman

      Lol I got mine pierced right at the beginning of this year

    27. Teagan Johnson

      2019 anyone?

    28. Ryan Gump

      i miss ethan's cartilage piercing

    29. Ea Hansen

      Pause at 3:30 Gray??? You good there?

    30. Ruthiel Roño


    31. Patricia Arroyo Estevez

      Like :Dolan twins Comment:Stokes twin

    32. butter_ baeee


    33. Madeleine Cosgrove

      This just proves that Grayson is better with his tongue😉

    34. LeiPlays

      357 thousand people want Ethan’s tongue... anni oop 😂

    35. aesthetic mess

      If you want ethans tongue thumbs up Me: *Likes the video with every account i have*

    36. Brittany Welch

      Anyone else think it looks kinda off center? Or is it just me?

    37. Rashamba Daniel

      Ethan is so fine🤦🏾‍♀️

    38. niyah arrington

      you can tell thats ethan in the thumbnail. 🤣 no hate tho love you guys soooo muchhh

    39. Ebony

      Ethan knew from the jump he was gonna get his tongue pierced lol

    40. T Jenkins

      I have one too bro... it’s cool

    41. Chawanna Grant

      He shoukd had kept it

    42. cool life416

      5:40 No one: Literally no one: Not one soul: Ethan: NO DONT TOUCH IT UR DIRTY ASS HANDS ARE GONNA MAKE MY TONGUE FALL OFF Me: ON THE FLOOR LITERALLY DYING My mom: honey r u having an orgasm! Also me: No mom ur dirty ass mouth is gonna make my brain lose more brain cells 😭💀💀💀🤣

    43. eva diaz

      Does he still have it?

    44. Mya Parson

      How did he take it off

    45. Bubble Duh

      OMG !!🥳

    46. Queenie Halloweenie

      I got my tongue pierced ain't that bad. I'm offended lol jk

    47. drita _

      One of their most underrated videos and it never gets recommended

    48. Keelie Hopkins

      He should have kept the tongue piercing

    49. *i want ethan's tongue*

    50. Shelby Joiner

      on the thumbnail they make it obvious who gets their tongue Pierced