Lopetegui Fired After The Clasico ... Tactical Analysis

Piotr Foot

Piotr Foot

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    Hi everyone! Welcome, today we focus on Lopetegui's last game at RMA and how his tactical approach can be evaluated on this game.
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    1. Piotr Foot

      Hi guys! Here is my tactical analysis of the Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Lopetegui made a weird move and it backfired, Madrid was never in a position to win this game against a Messi-less Barcelona. Like and sub if you enjoyed it really helps. You can support me on PATREON: www.patreon.com/PiotrFoot (fair way to support content creators) TWITTER: twitter.com/PiotrFoot

      1. vybhav badri

        @near really??? Tactical analysis hub is nothing compared to Piotr foot. He half the time makes observations of the most blatantly obvious things

      2. near

        Piotr Foot if you confuse with nacho weird move you can check out tactical analysis hub bro it was a brief and has deeper tactical explanation of what is going on on the picth, maybe you can learn something there. thank you

    2. Danu Dwi

      What is this joke? Real looks like have no clue how to play

    3. TheNizoubizou

      i like the music choice. it's a bit sarcastic especially in first half

    4. Mr Yikes

      I feel sorry for us madrid fans. Lopetegui is not the one to blame. Its the president. He destroyed the team by selling his top players and making the team a spanish nursery. Pepe,james,danilo,morata, and the legend Cristiano. I agree some playets went out because they wanted game time and i dont blame at all . Varane the french garbage cant compete with a 35yo pepe. Then you have sergio ramos who is just a big as douch bag . He is a defender but pops up in the box. I hope it gets better from now on.

      1. Horyal Jet

        @Aircraft Luvers ANOTHER DOUBLE..LOLOLO

      2. Aircraft Luvers

        Fault wasn't Lopetegui's. He's not playing on he pitch, it's the players who had terrible efforts...

    5. Etienne421

      very good video, but you could have talk about the positioning ouf Coutinho that forces Bales inside. It allows Alba to be unmarked. Continue your great work !

      1. Piotr Foot

        Coutinho's position forced Nacho on the inside, Bale was out of position by himself And I did talk about that and the 2v1 situations against Nacho ;)

    6. Etienne421

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a> "c'est nul" mdrr

    7. Nicolás Estigarribia

      Hi Piotr Foot ! I'm just wondering if there's any chance to analyse the next two Superclásicos between River and Boca in the Copa Libertadores final? Yeah, I know that probably our football lacks of technique and quality respect yours, but I'm confident that we have some great managers like Marcelo Gallardo and Guillermo Barros Schelotto. May you can be surprise of some talented players like Gonzalo Martínez, Exequiel Palacios, Wilmar Barrios or Darío Benedetto. Sorry for my english, I hope you can do this. Bye!

    8. Oisin Sheedy

      Gutted Liverpool seemed to never noticed Arthur , when I used to watch him he could of easily been bought for 10 million. Would of suited Liverpool very well.

      1. Piotr Foot

        Klopp loves runners, Arthur only strokes the ball

    9. Lucca Noacco

      what are the songs played in the background?

      1. Sonny


    10. Peter Lech

      C'est très bien fait, comme d'habitude, mais j'ai une suggestion: pouvez-vous résumer les points principaux au fin? Merci!

      1. Piotr Foot

        Ouais c'est vrai, j'oublie tout le temps

    11. qualquer um

      Lol, Julen left Spain before the World Cup to join Madrid FOR THIS!? Hahahaha

      1. qualquer um

        Yeah, but joining Madrid before the WC was almost a guarantee of that, Rubiales is a tough man.

      2. Piotr Foot

        He actually got sacked from Spain

    12. qualquer um

      0 intensity + pressing the miedfield instead of pressing the defense + high defensive line = space behind. Jordi Alba + space behind = danger

    13. Shubhendra Nath Singh

      I feel like Lopetegui deserved to be fired. He broke all time non-goalscoring record. Nothing was left for him.

    14. Martín Damasseno

      I really enjoy your tactical analysis. Would you do this with the upcoming copa libertadores final between nothing more and nothing less than river and boca? It would be nice to include some top notch southamerican football, isn't it?

      1. Piotr Foot


    15. Landen

      because of how arsenal has changed under emery

    16. Landen

      keep the hard work up, you should the upcoming arsenal liverpool game

    17. LuckyVanst

      D’accord avec toi, les longs ballons du réal, c’est nul. Mais tu parles français, tu supportes le PSG, c’est parce que tu es d’origine française ou parce que tu aimes la France ? Great analysis as usual btw

      1. LuckyVanst

        ataladin 87 it is a french football club called Lille Olympique Sporting Club (LOSC) they currently are second behind PSG in ligue 1 and since the beginning of the season they have really well played, that why I’d like Piotr to make a video on them ;)

      2. ataladin 87

        C'est quoi "losc

      3. LuckyVanst

        Piotr Foot okay pas de problème ! Je ne te dis pas bonne chance pour le match de demain j’espère que Paris ne sera pas en forme pour qu’on ait une chance de gagner ;) Et encore bravo pour toutes tes superbes analyses je te suis depuis près de 2 ans tes vidéos sont toujours super intéressantes !

      4. Piotr Foot

        Je regarde d'assez près ce que fais le Losc mais actuellement j'aurais pas le temps d'en faire une vraie analyse, peut-être plus tard ;)@LuckyVanst

      5. LuckyVanst

        Piotr Foot d’accord je comprends ! D’ailleurs est ce que tu penses faire une vidéo sur l’attaque du losc qui leur permet d’être très bons cette année ? Étant supp lillois ça me plairait bien ;)

    18. Matteen Al-absi

      Madrid's biggest problem is with discipline, on and off the pitch. The players did not respect Lopetegui's tactics and wanted to play like they did under Zidane, which created an awkward hybrid of play.

    19. pltd sarmi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="526">8:46</a> marcello injured reminds me of dembele injured last season. big loss for madrid if that happen. hope hes okay

    20. Dylan Cope

      I think it would be more accurate to describe Madrid's formation as more of a 4-1-4-1 than a 4-5-1

    21. lalala like this

      Madrid needs faster players if they want to do 4 3 3 and iso should replace modric

    22. Nguyễn Văn Vượng

      Hi, what is the tool you use to make video?

    23. chat tv

      Good i really love your chanel can you make a face revelation

    24. benji qin

      You could provide some analysis or insight of Dembele's contribution, after all, he contributed the 3rd and 5th goal.

    25. Christopher Arevalo

      Love your videos. 🙏🏼❤️

    26. Harshvardhan Singh

      And Ramos is the best defender 🤣🤣😂

    27. Don Balon

      Patrons = mom and dad ?

      1. Ashish Kadikar


    28. Arnaud M

      I really enjoy your video, keep it up !

    29. Tirthankar Ghosh

      Thank you for adding the goals since I could not watch the match. Also, why do you say that it wasn't Lopetegui's fault alone?

      1. Сергей Яковлев

        Tirthankar Ghosh Because Real needs to change their squad. Look at Varane. He is 25, has 4 CL and a World Cup. With those trophies you can just retire at 25. And almost all of Real players also have so much accolades, Real needs to build new team and not one coach can help them, if they won't buy new players.

    30. Adrian O4

      Good Video, piotr foot

      1. Piotr Foot

        Thanks ;)

    31. Angel Perez

      just an embarrassment to be a real madrid fan.

    32. Sumit Kumar

      I don't understand why the heck was Lopetegui's tactics so bad in probably the biggest game of the season? The players lacked any sort of intensity in the first half, made errors and made no real effort to do anything.

      1. alan duncan

        This guy is a GEselsr, not a football person! A GEsels person. He's just pandering to an audience that already exists because he lacks any talent of his own and has to cash in on the popularity of football to get views on his GEsels channel. Do you understand?

    33. NeoSpartanHesperos9

      Lopetegui left the Spanish National team for Real Madrid. Spain loses to Russia in round of 16, who knows if his being there would've kept them going. Then at Real Madrid, he tries to implement a new play style that sinks Real Madrid. Such a tragic fuck up. Quel dommage...

      1. NeoSpartanHesperos9

        and I don't think Real Madrid's bad streak has been entirely his fault, but when you join a club that just lost a huge player, the players are just coming back from a 3rd consecutive champions league and are possibly mentally fatigue and not as hungry to win, and you didn't make many transfers over the summer, and you try to change the playstyle on top of that- it's too many issues, and you cause a problem.

    34. Marcos Altalef

      It was mainly the player’s foult

    35. Ignacy Ciechanowski

      Still waiting for BVB - Atletico analysis

      1. Ibrahim Mubarak

        me too ,that game was so interesting .

    36. Nameless !

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="547">09:07</a> - Vidal to Busquets: You just don't move buddy, you're the mothafuckin' man in your position. You just watch me (over)killing this game. So happy that Lopetegui failed so hard. You fucked up at the world cup buddy when you forced Spain to kick you out for treason. Sorry Real Madrid, "c'est nul".

    37. MAD LAD

      Piotr Foot have u ever watched any fanTV channels on GEsels like Aftv or your not interested in content like that?

      1. Vedhanth Rathore

        @Piotr Foot Hey I am Arsenal fan it's especially made for Arsenal fans

      2. MAD LAD

        Piotr Foot Oh never mind

      3. Piotr Foot

        I don't know what Aftv is

    38. aslan23ful

      not barca but Barça. barÇa ççççççççççç

      1. Piotr Foot

        hum yeah, never mind

    39. vrieslend banyunegoro

      Perez should be more patient

    40. Hasif Muhammad

      This match taught us a manager's job is more than tactical approach. This madrid team won 3 times CL back to back. You cant demotivate this group of players by asking them not to believe in themselves by sitting back. SHould be positive from the start. A manager cant blame their players if the players cant or dont want to play his style of football, that shows how limited a manager is. A manager must coop and know whats best for the players because at the end of the day its them on the pitch not the managers reputation or ego will win the game. This goes to united as well. should have sacked mou last season because its obviously a mistake hiring him in the 1st place. Managers like mou only can be great at a club if the club doest have history, because theres no pressure on how they should become. when theres history, and expectation of some style or level, he cant deliver because he only want to know his style. thats call ignorant. Be nice to the players, behind the scene, not showing it at the cameras and behind the scene there no existence of relationship what so ever and believe in them, thats all they are asking. Because every footballer is good enough to do great things if theres right approach. Thats what a manager's job is. Not only tactics, here in youtube even we can set up tsctics. Its how you deliver them to 23-25 group of players that matters.

      1. Hasif Muhammad

        @Erick Covarrubias Lopez thats the whole point of my rant, its the managers job to motivate. They did bought, questionable transfers. Mariano? and giving him no.7? and i dont buy players are not motivated to success again and again, maybe some few but it cant be this low.

      2. olasunkanmi jojolola

        Yes real Madrid also need fresh meat .. for desire and motivation

      3. olasunkanmi jojolola

        Beautiful write up

      4. Erick Covarrubias Lopez

        How would you motivate players who have won ucl 3 times in a row? What's left to win or to do anymore? RM need hungry fresh meat.

    41. Rafli Indrawan

      that header by benzema should in and change the game

      1. M’Baku

        rafli macho maybe if modric would have scored that one

    42. Nguyen Nguyen Khoi

      Love your channel !! I'm a Madrid supporter so this 9 minutes video is hurt to watch though :D

      1. Mashood Samir

        Nguyen Nguyen Khoi yes quite akin in my case too

      2. Piotr Foot

        You just won 3 UCL in a row, I guess you can handle one bad season haha

    43. Allen Chung

      Make another video analyzing and explaining the reason behind the crisis in madrid!

      1. MAD LAD

        Piotr Foot would u take a couple of Real Madrid players to PSG player if they are looking forward to renewing their squad? For example players like Modric, Benzema, Navas, or even Kroos who are aging? Or do u think they would slack off since players like these won pretty much everything? But then again they could take PSG as a new challenge and actually be motivated.

      2. Piotr Foot

        I do tactical analysis, and Madrid's troubles are not tactical This being said, I can answer, Real Madrid need to renew their squad, they play with way too many players there since the last 5/6 years or more, and younger players are gone, Morata, Kovacic, etc; How do you motivate 3 time UCL champions without fresher players? And of course not replacing your best player Ronaldo with a world class forward was a mistake, with heavy consequences

    44. TheLibero

      best formation for real madrid right now is a classic flat 442 as zidane used to play in big matches it will add players in the wings to protect marcelo and carvajal against 2v1 .. and you'll still have bale and benzema upfront to use them in attack not in tracking back and defense !

      1. qualquer um

        100% agree

      2. TheLibero

        the problem is that this formation has only 2 players in the center of the midfield .. while there're many midfielders who can play there like modric caemiro kroos ceballos llorente valverde all can play in the center !

      3. Erick Covarrubias Lopez

        you're damn right bro, and a whole new midfield too

    45. What ?

      I can’t help but feel bad for Lopetegui. Got sacked by Spain while going to Real, goes to Real for a couple months and gets sacked, I mean damn, that’s like being with a girl than cheating with another girl and than that girl cheats on you. Karma?

    46. SauronOfMordor

      Who do you think will replace Lopetgui?

      1. AymenOnTheBeat


      2. olasunkanmi jojolola

        @Piotr Foot 😂😂😂😂

      3. Erick Covarrubias Lopez

        @Piotr Foot Or who you think would fit at Real? :o

      4. Piotr Foot

        I'm waiting for a phone call

    47. XMedian003X

      Semedo and dembly and reberto saved the day for valverde but tbh valverde took a long time to see what real madrid has changed and that is a big fault like we have seen with roma

      1. ataladin 87


      2. ataladin 87

        @XMedian003X SAME that Roma match pissed me off

      3. Jaxposition Le

        @Nameless ! He had a masterclass this week as well :) Betis 4 - 3 Barca. Maybe its just my eyes. What a motherfucking pimp!

      4. edwin roussin

        @Nameless ! 3-0 v Roma....it wa awfull

      5. Nameless !

        @edwin roussin You guys underestimate a lot Valverde. Valverde is the mothafuckin' pimp, man. He knows exactly what he's doing at all times...

    48. johobi micksay


      1. Sonny


    49. MAD LAD

      Real Madrid sacked their manager right after they realized that things weren’t going their way. But then u have the Man utd who didn’t even sack Mourinho when things are beyond reparable.

      1. Sucio

        @MAD LAD "Sarri said" So what?

      2. GD SlyFox

        Red Devil : if you didn’t know, the board is the same person/family when Ferguson was around.

      3. Red Devil

        @MAD LAD Real madrid has just won 3 CL. And then suddenly they are going into losing streaks, non scoring streaks, and getting fucked hard by barca again even though having players like kroos, modric, isco....etc. Man utd have not won the CL or even the league for a while. No Balon D or worthy player, no fifa xi player BUT united has improved from the van gaal spell. See the difference?

      4. Rinalds Sprūžs

        You totally missed my point!

      5. MAD LAD

        @Rinalds Sprūžs he had 3 years to build a team. Plus Sarri himself said that Man utd has the second best team in the pl player by player. He also had 400 million to spend and he still fucked up.

    50. Galileo Galilei

      Tbh in todays football everyone is fired so quickly, literally there is no trust or loyalty left. There will never be players like Totti anymore

      1. Galileo Galilei

        Kibbit yea i guess you’re right but still the change over the past years in football is not healthy at all

      2. benji qin


      3. NeoSpartanHesperos9

        Allergri is still at Juve after 2 Champions League final losses.

      4. Jason Victor

        Kibbit true but Ramos snaked Sevilla so take him out of this

      5. Kibbit

        Manager example: Simeone - Atletico since 2011, probably staying there next couple of seasons. Player examples: Messi, Iniesta (even though he went to Japan), Busquets, Pique, Marco Reus, Thomas Muller, Chiellini, Ramos, Marcelo. You can name them. It’s easy. People like you simply don’t want to. They prefer to act like everything changes, most of the time to the worse.

    51. M’Baku

      Why do you keep getting copyrighted even though this is educational?

      1. Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy

        @alan duncan Yes, i do not know anything much about football, which is why these kind of video is so valuable. They teach tactically ignorant fans like me the depth and complexity of tactics of what went down in the field. So yes i find this very educational indeed. I would imagine this is educational too to people who want to have in-depth knowledge of how to move in the field, such as young players or first time coaches. Your limited view of education gives me a feeling you might be lacking some.

      2. Piotr Foot

        hi hater@alan duncan

      3. alan duncan

        If you know anything about football you'll realize that this is a fucking absurdity. Educational? yeah, right! Good one!

      4. roni star

        You are jalust Madrid love loser fan

      5. brokenHand


    52. J M

      Inb4 copyright Deletes this of the face of the earth

      1. J M

        Piotr Foot i love u

      2. Piotr Foot

        enjoy while you can