Living on my Own



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    Living on your own isnt as easy as it looks. Or uh… I’m just dumb. Eh
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    1. SomeThingElseYT

      I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something

      1. Liam Pullman

        These are amazing. The animations take so much work. And are always so detaild. Farm by frame. Takes a lot of effort to make.

      2. Millartiste

        I, huh... accidentally own a pin of yours?? CreatorInk messed up my order and now your pin is on my hoodie. And I subscribed. (They sent me what I paid for in the end. Customer service is very good.)

      3. Sofia Lara

        I like your dog ( * 3 * )

      4. Samuel Bucio

        Merch is dope

      5. ally f.

        Omg that’s the best puppy ever 😭

    2. Windstreak Wolf


    3. Luz


    4. Nogah

      11:57 OMG NO ¿that's your laptop? D:

    5. Zimmyshrooms

      Me: hears the realtor in the beginning Also me someone who watches Brandon Rogers constantly: the CEO?

    6. XxShadowTheWolfWeebxX

      2:59 Bakugo poster on the wall

    7. Caroline Harned

      ...I get my bills as phone calls. I’m a teenager, and I live at home. I don’t own a house, or a car, or anything I need to pay bills on. I hate robocallers

    8. Kayla Crotto

      First nught me and my ex haf our first apartment we didnt have a dining table and I caught him sitting on the kitchen floor eating soup

    9. The fox in the sky

      So lemme get this straight... Ur mom stole ur chockie milk AND prohibed u bananas?!?!? Man what a monster,probably Billy possesed her.

    10. Carsaadi

      Go to a hardware store and get wood glue. You'll have a table again in no time!... that is if you haven't already bought a new one

    11. Sandi Sales

      I saw a bnha/mha poster of Bakugou in the background

    12. Oly Magcalas

      2:59 Adam has a bnha poster

    13. Julian Perez


    14. Skylar Song

      "the apartment was fifteen hundred square feet, BUT, the website failed to mention the fifteen hundred square feet... ALL GOES UP" I AM DYING

    15. Kyara Hamiltrash

      People: I’m gonna be rich and famous!! And no ones gonna bring me down! Adam: Hold my chocky-milk

    16. chelle Ramrez

      yeah is hard life uwu

    17. Gwen Chapman

      i have a theory. he found a time machine in his apartment but when he went back in time to warn himself not to do eenie meeny miny mo but it went wrong messing him up and causing him to go back too far to that time he was on the beach and instead of warning him not to do eenie meeny miny mo all he could say is "dont eat the sand" thank and good night

    18. kevin alias kovi

      Soy mexicano yeyyyyh

    19. Jane and jeff creepy pasta

      1:41 #Icanrelate XD

      1. Jane and jeff creepy pasta


    20. lino vasquez

      Why your brother appear with a bag in his face

    21. RalphaTron Gaming

      That's a load of s**t

    22. Crimsonavocado984


    23. Crimsonavocado984


    24. Crafting table

      Your dog has a nice butt

    25. the epic gamer

      hey do you play roblox becouse his name in roblox was magezord is that treu and i added you

    26. Gᄒ


    27. Courtney Brown

      the giant responsibilities busting through the door literally jump scared me lMAO jesus lawd

    28. sp4row

      rip table

    29. kyle crossling

      You should make a summary of star wars movies before The rise of skywalker

    30. Gian Carlo

      Steal some furniture from your parents

    31. PhantomMDM

      yeah... this is why i don't use adblock when i watch your videos

    32. Dj The fox


    33. Fake Pewdiepie

      Wade pants

    34. Ez 3

      I like this is in my recommended

    35. Rori •

      :0 Was that a Bakugou poster?????

    36. coffeemug190 98

      This must be the most terrifying thing ever to experience

    37. KRISTIAN Pierson

      Eh I knew no one was gonna responed.😧😧😢😢😢

    38. XxFreexRiidERxX

      Worst part of living on your own? Ain't nobody taking care of you when you get a cold.

    39. Jake noob

      2:58 DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THE BAKUGO POSTER? I almost yeeted my tablet I love bnha

    40. derick chaverri

      I bet when the bagel man card disappeared, he took the last chockymilk with him😋😋😏