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    Watch the goals from an incredible night at Anfield as Liverpool came back to seal an unlikely place in the UEFA Champions League final.
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    1. Habiburrahman Rambe

      Barca never beat real madrid ucl trophies😭

    2. Yahya Bey

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a> is what you came for

    3. Isaac Ramirez Morales

      Esa orejona era nuestra si no hubiésemos jugado mal ese día hubiéramos ganado la Champions y no solo eso el tercer triplete

    4. Nathan

      The 2018/19 CL is my favorite CL of all time.

    5. Văn An Đào

      Liverpool 4 vs 0 Barcelona Origi 7' Wijnaldum 54' Wijnaldum 56' Origi 79' (4-3) Liverpool win

    6. Fusion Golf


    7. KHARE

      Shot taken quickly... LLORENTEEEEEEEEEEE

    8. Real Madrid

      Only madrid teams can make liverpool their bitch and thats a fact

    9. Stingray

      im a barca fan and i have the balls to be here and tbh liverpool deserved 4-0 but it still hurts 💔

    10. hm 10

      ORIIIGGGGIIIIIIII Who in 2020 still watching this game with pride

    11. Mangesh Shinde

      This is Anfield ❤️

    12. Ankur Ghosh


    13. M L

      Here after ATL knocked out LIVERPOOL??


      Llorente Taken quickly 🤣🤣

    15. NINJAO Plays

      Where was the GOAT ?

    16. Mittzz 2002

      Don't forget anfield you were in a low position of epl table u shined under klopp , barca had a bad coach but at enriques time they destroyed bayern , psg , man city u never had a place in ucl earlier , the sun will shine on us again .....vivabarca ❤ ❤

    17. Christian Farizan

      they won it tactically, they won it mentally

    18. Coco Bonnie

      Ter Stegen Was so stupid in this Match

    19. Muhammad Zharfan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a>

    20. Kelvin Gershon

      Corner quickly taken😂😂😂

    21. Саша Мамр

      Zõr liverpool

    22. Саша Мамр


    23. 겨울진달래

      1st : INFINITY WAR 2nd : END GAME

    24. Muhammad Asyfa

      Wait a second guys, did you see where Ole is?

    25. Turey Binatama


    26. Yash Bhushan

      Other Than The Doggish Approach That Klondike Took . Home Ground Really Did Make This Match EPIC. Sad to see Robertson Shove on Messi’s Head

    27. Yudi Doy

      tragedi please 1 goal aja 🤣🤣

    28. Elya Indah

      Tim kaleng mental kerupuk

    29. Aani Gussain

      Corner taken quickly Origii!!!

    30. Rachman Iqbal

      Woy munyuk! -anonim 1.03

    31. Ash Greninja

      Barca is still waiting for that corner

    32. Edin Fazlić

      As Barça fan i say it's well deserved.It's not Valverde it's players mistake.We see ourselves in final and They scored 4 and eliminate us.But this year would be our MÉS QUE UN CLUB

    33. Parviz Dzhalolov

      This can watch forever;)

    34. Muhammad Ihsan Pane

      Corner taken quickly origiiii

    35. Ahmed Hossam

      that last goal was sneaky

    36. Adhetia Angga

      Amazing The Kop... wow 😂

    37. Ananda Rio

      Gol sundulan Wijnaldum mirip Gol Gerrard ke gawang ac Milan di Final ucl

    38. Bryan Hardy92

      Worst Nightmare never forgetted by Barcelona fans until 40 years.

    39. Ary Apriland


    40. Alain Lucien

      This is the exact reason why Messi shouldn't win the ballon d'or.

    41. dicky mulyadi

      Gw demen neh

    42. Mar'i Muhammad Sitorus

      Wijnaldum pahlawan di liga champian th 2019

    43. Clement Oghosa

      This one of the most satisfying victory in my life time am a Man United fan I hate Barcelona

    44. rakesh chandrasekaran

      Happy New year reds..

    45. OttomanOsman

      Liverpool is damned legend

    46. Raffi Muhammad

      Corner taken quickly ORIGIIII

    47. Ahmed Mansury

      I can still hear the commentator's voice Conor taken quickly... Origiiiiiiiii

    48. Haziq

      Liverpool zero one jdt

    49. Milan Mitrovic


    50. TheJaviferrol

      Klopp: Activate Order 66 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a>

    51. Gal Sur

      legend say ter stegen is still clapping for origi's goal

    52. 70000d Malka

      All liverfools are happy because they won vs Barca and Messi even they are happy on that more than winning UCL and they are barking in comments all time like they are something while they are shitpool + Barca had 95 official trophies and Liverpool has less than 50 + Barca has more super cups and more cwc trophies and more league trophies and win treble 2 times and win 6 trophies in a year . Now after facts they are crying and shouting like kids( like they really are) 😂😂😂😂

      1. Eki Hariansyah

        wow Liverpool really did some damage in your life 🤣

      2. Vishal Bhat

        So much salt

      3. 70000d Malka

        To make sure that Liverpool kids will cry : remember that klopp said we kick Barca out but they are better than us . Facts . 😂😂😂🔥

    53. ऋषि ।

      I love this no commentary version

    54. Flubacus007

      Anybody else come on here to watch why messi shouldn’t have won the ballon d’or?

    55. Tamer B.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="63">1:03</a> hey uyuma😁

    56. dream league soccer gaming Aston lo

      The most worst game ever !!

    57. Tanishq Gedam

      A dent on my club’s history forever, I’ll never forgive you valverde.

    58. Shoaib Khan

      Where is GOAT ?

    59. Wilfredo Aviles

      Balon D'or Leo Messi always disappear in the most important matches.

    60. dionisis rom

      I think barca need n eymae

    61. JustAdreamer Forgood

      If only that joker Dembele converted those 2 glorious chances in the first leg Alba was bad, surprisingly even Get Stegen let in a goal. And Valverde 🤦🏻‍♂️

    62. Ren Tuk

      I hate this game I HATE

    63. André Jugador TV

      You think this is funny?? 😤😤😤😤

    64. YalnizSeyyah

      I think Barcelona played not so bad unlikely in the Rome match.

    65. aadithya c

      That roar at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="44">0:44</a>

    66. Ghorib Syeiba

      How are shaqiri...? 😭😭😭

    67. Krisz YT

      Now where are the barcelona fans? 😂

    68. Anthony Dao

      As late of a comment this is, I still watch this daily. Love hearing the raw energy from Anfield that night... can’t even begin to imagine the noise when Ginis second went in.

    69. sebastian alegria

      it was an incredible Liverpool comeback, I always knew they were going to overcome that hard result, and even more with Barcelona. For their fortune, Liverpool demonstrated to be better than Messi & company

    70. imothy 90


    71. Simo El

      Coutinho how are you ?

    72. Tá De Olho?!

      Coutinho is very dumb haha

    73. Kerim Kandeğer

      Ucl in king is Liverpool

    74. King F

      They look so helpless when messi isn't preforming it's so funny watching them get fucked

    75. Rahim

      the reason why all the players like when they are losing like 3-2 this is for example so they grab the ball and put it into the center point of the pitch so they cant waste time and make comeback

    76. JeBron Lames

      Who remembers when people said we were going out in the group stage 🤣🤣

    77. Stephen Philipps

      Who else watches this as a religious thing lol ahaha

    78. arham adyan

      Wijnaldum played good

    79. That Guy

      Well deserved Liverpool from Barca fan ... our incompetent manager lost us the game but let s also see how Messi created 3 big chances for Alba Suarez and Coutinho and guess what ? No one scored , in the first leg Dembele couldn t score a 1 v 1 against Alisson and finally Ter Stegen couldn t do nothing ... the defance had to stop them and they didn t . Let s also keep in mind that if Milik scored Liverpool wouldn t even got to the round of 16 Valverde out...

    80. Vusal Əmrahov

      Valverdeee Outtt