Lilly Singh has just been cancelled...

James Marriott

James Marriott

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    Today we talk about how Lilly Singh has just been cancelled, regarding her SHOW and some jokes she made during the NBA All-Star Roast. As a massive fan of A Little Late With Lilly Singh, I kindly ask for your patience during this difficult time. I remain in shock and cannot begin to understand why this god-tier show may be getting cancelled.
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    1. James Marriott

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      1. Extra Spicey

        Just twerk

      2. Extreangel -

        James please pit the diss track you made about kidz only with Allexx on Spotify because it's the best thing in the world


        Fuck the Dems. Nwo. D. O. G. E. Coinsssss.

      4. C Dalit

        James Marriott don’t hate on shaq. Dude has a Doctorate in education. Not dumb at all

      5. Linden Place

        @bleh bleh no more

    2. Just a kpop-lover floating in the comments

      I’m a bisexual woman of colour and it’s annoying how she pushes this onto everyone

    3. teamreckdjipod

      she's always putting white people down.. she hates white people I guess!

    4. Lisa Mcevoy

      She’s just embarrassingly cringeworthy,

    5. ippos_khloros

      I actually think most of her material at the roast was good. The delivery unfunnied it.

    6. dread fairy

      You kept saying how annoying she was speaking at the basket ball roast, I guess you thought she was speaking like that just cuz she was around an african american audience.... Nope. She speaks like that when she is being herself. I like her videos where she acts like other ppl or makes fun of life as an indian/Canadian. But when she is in an interview or just a question/answer video as herself, she is AWFUL to listen to. I can not stand her as a person. I have no idea how she even got a show...

    7. R&J Gaming

      Want a sprite cranberry

    8. Stephen Combs

      Her staff writers were hired based on gender and I believe sexual preference rather than who has the most talent and experience. Big mistake. Beyond that, she just doesn’t have the chops to be naturally endearing in front of a live audience. Even if she had great writers and material I can’t see her pulling it off.

    9. Anna koshy

      She's going back to her old style that was liked by many young people. I think she finally realised that she can do fine on GEsels and is liked when she doesn't constantly bring up her race, sexuality and white men.

    10. Jennifer Holloway

      I've never found her funny. And when she does her monologue for her show she does it in this voice like she's really pleased with herself in a "wait for it guys this is really funny" way but then the joke is corny. I hope her show is cancelled so they can replace her with something entertaining

    11. Chinyere Mclarty

      As a bisexual woman of colour I’m not offended...I’m offended because she genuinely thinks she’s really funny 🙄

    12. shinku

      Im Indian, and im sorry but no. Being Indian, and hosting a show doesn't make you great or better than others. stop 👏using👏it👏to👏cover👏up👏your👏lack 👏of👏humour👏

    13. Bob Charlie

      What do you expect from her? She made jokes for kids, who are a great group of talent evaluators BTW. My kids were laughing at a video of a kid screaming, just screaming. Hilarious!

    14. Ego the living planet

      What makes these roasts good is the subtlety and the chill but savage bars that are birthed from respect, but you can tell lily tried so hard to roast them and share her stupid opinions. Amy Schumer did the same think

    15. starbucksbooklover

      She's not funny

    16. No shanpanti

      You sound jealous dude

    17. NotRosalie

      Lily...nobody cares if you're a bisexual woman of color. You're not the only one.

    18. Anthanese Boissiere

      Lilly who?

    19. Greenflowers 22

      Awe I missed you replying to comments :(!

    20. J. Martine

      Yet another MAN/GEselsr shakened by and jealous of Lilly's success.

      1. NotRosalie

        Jealous of what her constant criticism to different races?

    21. Crazy Gamer

      You look like you've been crying for hours get some sleep

    22. Yee-Haw Time

      As an American I don't know what jet blue is

    23. Clarence G Boddicker

      Who's the most hated? Lilly Singh or Amy Schumer? Question of the Decade

    24. FPSGamer48

      The most offensive thing about her comedy is that it’s not funny....

    25. Moise IT

      This youtuber has one of the most sexiest voices of all time.

    26. Liv Lucie

      She's having fun insulting them now but just wait until she's walking by herself to her car at 2am and she just sees a 7 foot silhouette of Shaq

    27. Potato Luna

      As a Bisexual Woman of color I would prefer that she just..... stops. She makes us look like clowns.

    28. Drew and Charlie

      Ya the whole black appropriation thing is hella cringe. Colorful pant suits, braids or cornrows and obvious ebonix she has adopted. Lilly might as well be white. Shes second generation indian from the mean streets of the toronto suburbs of canada... Shes not black ya’ll. Lol 🤦‍♂️ but real talk what a joke fam.

    29. Ķxnģ Ťeò

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="349">5:49</a> just gonna time stamp this for your amusement.

    30. E Br

      She is straight unfunny. It gives me secondhand embarrassment lol

      1. laura campbell

        E Br she’s bisexual unfunny

    31. Yana

      The second hand embarrassment is to much. They all look so unentertained

    32. Spunttt S_S

      Just reach out to that doughnu - That is a potato

    33. Karlos DeBunk

      She thinks she can read people...big mistake🙏🏼

    34. Preston Jewell

      She’s so fucking cringy

    35. Måšøń Mâń

      He reminds me of lord Farquad🤮

    36. India Bliss

      I find her shouting unbearable

    37. Isaac Chay

      isn't she indian or something? why is she trying so hard to sound like some stereotypical sassy black woman? if a white person did that Lilly would call them a racist.

    38. elizabeth turner

      As a white person I normally find ‘making fun of white people jokes’ funny but her jokes are over used and have no good punchline. Not to mention EVERY joke has to be about men, race, or sexuality. Get. A. New. Joke.

    39. Tom Palmer

      One thing I will say for Lilly is that she is smart. But like a lot of female comedians, her humor is flamboyant. That is kind of like eating a bologna sandwich. Bologna is good. I'll eat it, in moderation. If you eat very much of it the bologna has a funny after taste. Maybe Lilly should try being understated. Comedy can work well being understated.

    40. Libby Molloy

      Her comedy: “White people am I right” “Because you know I’m bisexual....” “I’m Indian” “I’m a bisexual woman of color” “I’m a person of color so you know...” “I’m Canadian” ~imitates parents~ ~blatantly makes racist remarks and goes past it like it’s ok~ Etc. etc. etc.

    41. Nicky1026

      Her saying she’s bisexual just feels like she’s trying to stay relevant and doing it for the clout at this point.

    42. Gavin Henderson

      She hasn't been though.

    43. Ra, The Sun Of God

      But Shaq is from United States 🤷🏽‍♂️👀it doesnt really made sense unless she met to say hi need to get back to Africa but still wouldn't make no sense because she wouldn't say this to white men to go back to Europa you get it stole or not white people are native to that country so are black people but not your parents Lilly they Indians we know iy

    44. Blue Shirt Kid

      But you’re just ignorant, you forgot to mention the one important fact. *She’s a bisexual woman of colour.*

    45. ashes burning

      “This isn’t hate its criticism you idiot”.

    46. LNMBEATS

      her voice is painfull

    47. Mikl Fog

      she indian trying to be black which she aint lol

    48. queen

      I stopped watching her years ago because she honestly made me feel bad for being a white person I was in my pre/early teens feeling bad for something I cant control

    49. sohfi hamid

      Maybe Lilly Singh should try her luck in Bollywood!

    50. desiguy55

      the cringe is strong in that lady.

    51. heeyeolie

      I don't know about y'all but I think she wants to tell us that she's a bisexual woman of color

    52. Rose Weeks

      Okay I have stumbled across this nugget of humor and man does it make me want to kill myself slightly less, thank @James Marriott

    53. richa trivedi

      CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS A POSITIVE THING!! I don't think she understands it! I used to love Lilly. I do want her to succeed. Have a great day everyone! ❤🥰

    54. John Murray

      Singh clearly doesn't grasp the concept of a true joke. It's utterly cringe-worthy. In large part, it's because she's so misguidedly confident in herself as she crashes and burns in front of everybody

    55. Alpha Vader

      Imagine if a white guy talked about poc the way she talks white ppl

    56. Nafee Nur

      okay but why is no one talking about his voice

    57. Ishan Draws

      She's trying soooo hard to sound like Gina Rodriguez

    58. linux750

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> Watch it "Mr. Marriott" That joke was a WIDE SWIPE at her. No need to insult the work of Jerrod Carmichael, Loretta Divine, David Allen Greer just to get at Tiffany Haddish because she happened to be on that show as well. Keep your burns tight and focused on a single target. They work better that way.

    59. Tre B

      Yo tht shaq shit was mad she had some anger behind tht watch her eyes😴😂

    60. Adam Reaves

      I’m so sick of roasts their just uncomfortable to sit through and their not funny hardly at all, I just don’t get it.

    61. Jaymay

      Your voice doesn’t fit ur face

    62. T. WOLFY

      She's never told a joke I've laughed at. I've only ever laughed at her. Not with her.


      i dont think you get the concept of something running on a potato. like adding a battery defeats the concept. unless you are making 4d jokes. good video though. if 2 more videos like this pop in suggestion box i'll subscribe.

    64. Cheese on Toast

      Unpopular opinion: I like her.

    65. Zahra Ismail

      I couldn't watch it all. Not even halfway without skipping through the most cringy parts. I can't watch it. I was her fan and now I can't stand her. It's painful to see her embarrass herself this way.

    66. Erebma Dammahom

      With all the other late show hosts no longer having an audience due to the Coronavirus epidemic going on, I wonder how Lily's next episode will turn out.

    67. Houston2851

      Americans and Brits seem to believe their existence has some degree of credibility by discrediting people based on facts and delusion..... No personality whatsoever. Their only credibility is speaking English and being a dominant force in the media at the expense of the versatility of the English language..... Again no personality whatsoever.

    68. SuperLineman77

      Women aren’t funny.

    69. ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage

      _“You don’t need lube, you already have natural juices.”_

    70. Ram Sal

      Is there something wrong with the audio or this his real voice?

    71. Blue Shirt Kid

      Why do you keep roasting white people, it’s so rude. And you get away with it just because “they are the racist ones”. It’s meant for lily not you James

    72. Blue Shirt Kid

      Isn’t this the same guy that made a tik tok about Deji’s dog being put down

    73. Paola Dominguez


    74. The Guy

      Literally all of her jokes have race involved

    75. Ray Brice

      I dont know what she did but Im sure it waant funny.

    76. FM NRV

      I think you and other content creators are no different though. Hypocrites. What I have observed in some of the "Aspiring GEselsrs'" content is Lilly's show cancellation. What businesses do you have of her anyway? Oh wait, I have observed that Lilly-related videos reach million views. Amplifying a controversy and putting a woman as a bait to get more viewers is just savage and immature. No wonder your success is short lived. And, Shrek wasn't mean. He was just misunderstood.

    77. Zanda

      swell entertainment, credit someone if you use their content you dickhead

    78. Ari-Dynamic Archive

      I don't really have much to add other than every time Phil Defranco brings her up or any GEsels star who did something crazy, I'm still just, "...Who?"

    79. Cobra Kai Student

      That lilly girl needs a big fat salami put into her.

    80. DJ Ryde

      She is the cringe of the century, who gave a show lol 😂 that was a joke lily Singh style