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Dolan Twins

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    We wanted to show you guys some of the stuff we do to entertain ourselves back home. maybe this vid will inspire someone to get out have fun and adventure idk hahahah.
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    Ethan’s Stuff
    SNAPCHAT - EthanDolan
    Grayson’s Things
    SNAPCHAT - GraysonDolan
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    1. Mason Mejia

      I would love to live there

    2. Breonna Amerson

      I want them to make more videos like this

    3. ADCK DAVE

      Can we just be bff with each other

    4. Axela

      I used to live in New Jersey and I low key miss it:( I not live in hot af Arizona😂😭

    5. N U G G E T N O O B

      UwU u guys are so cuuute AAAHHH I can't stop watching u guys

    6. leigha pollard

      what about nolan??

    7. eva diaz

      Dang they have so much land dude I wish my family had that much

    8. Dancing With maddie

      There so talented 🥰

    9. Lexi Griffin

      This video will be 2 years old in less than a month. Think about that guys (people that were here when the vid came out) it's been a while

    10. Lexi Griffin

      0:00 I miss when they used to say "what's up guys, we're back! " In sync. I really miss it

    11. Amazing CPF


    12. Alyssah Delgado

      I should know by now that you guys don’t have a real video until Ethan is gagging and/or vomiting at some point 😂😂😂

    13. Karli! T

      Poor Ethan, he broke his toe...😪

    14. Maya Ashem21

      0:01-0:03 Edit: Gray's hair sweep moment👩

    15. pipermayy

      I used to watch this video when I was depressed and not in a good place and now watching this video now gives me a feeling I can't explain

    16. Isabella Baranko

      I love how realistic they made it, love u guys!!!!!!!!! Please notice me 🤪❤️❤️

    17. Natalia Nortz

      5:50 i call it a gladiator tapping shoe

    18. Madeleine Cosgrove

      How is that so perfect????? I want that

    19. Allie Cowart

      So I know this is 2019 but on the 4th of July my grandfather put the firework sideways and it almost hit us because it went everywhere’s day every direction

    20. Nyayiem Ruach

      2019 anyone? And OMFG i was going back just watching a couple videos again and I realized THIS IS THE ONLY ONE I HAVEN’T WATCHED I cant believe I missed it

    21. lina

      5:26 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    22. —cool beans —

      When Ethan did that drop roll thing at 1:06 I swear I went 🤰

    23. Ariyanna Archuleta

      2:08 realize how Ethan almost died on the 4 wheeler🤣

    24. Parking Lot

      Great song choice!

    25. Ivelisse Vega

      Jersey is just great

    26. Samantha Jane

      This has to be one of my top favorite videos of all time.

    27. Rainee Hewett

      1:48 OMG DOLAN TWIN FANS! btw I'm the gray horse for grayson.

    28. vv sol

      2:58 the way gray looks up at the fire works got me like 😍

    29. Claire Brooks

      What I’m wondering is how they grew up in NJ and didn’t know what black berries were

    30. soleil strand

      imagine having a twin and being able to grow up with them, adventure and do absolutely everything together knowing that nothing can break you apart ):

    31. Sarah T

      Don't question me, just go to 5:21 lmaoo

    32. Sarah T

      Why are they jumping in the water with shoes on tho-

    33. Ana Sanchez

      I love how they show us the reality after

    34. 4lex 4lex

      They are so incredibly athletic and fearless

    35. Aris Trevino


    36. Andriana michael

      WTF, why DID THIS MAKE ME TEAR UP LOL. THEY ARE SOSOSOSSOSS CUTE, AND NOT TOO MENTION, THEY ARE SUCH SAGGITARIUNS ITS CRAZY. ok bye. Love you both. If u ever see this I'm your future wife. Ok, bye 😍😍😍

    37. Krownkslimeatory productions

      This is literally me I would love to do all this with them in KY..

    38. CJ and Pickle


    39. Kylie Ann

      Why would anyone ever wanna leave a place like that.

    40. g.r it

      wait that wasn’t sand.. wtf was it-

    41. Skylyr Jonkey

      2:09 my heart stopped cause I've done that before and I broke my ankle and fractured my wrist

    42. Laney Sheehan

      the most UNDERRATED video

    43. Isabella Rocha

      This was the most incredible video ever, the edit was so awesome!

    44. Things By Sofia

      they can do anything : s,art, nice, backflips, football, soccer, wrestling, swimming, funny, driving, bike riding what else can they do?

    45. Caroline A

      This is honestly everything I ever want in a place to call *Home* :(

    46. Louise Halliburton

      This video looks shop aesthetic, even the thumbnail does

    47. DoubleB

      Why is this literally my summer 😂 I did all this today (except fireworks and that Yaht lol)

    48. The Galaxy Cats 2000

      June 2019? Lol still love them back then ❤️

    49. tasfia begum


    50. Dolan Tea

      2:58 aww look how happy grayson is :)