Dolan Twins

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    We tweeted and asked you guys to ask us some tea questions and then we answered them while hooked up to a lie detector... Here is the TRUTH to your questions.
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    1. leils

      If you stare at Ethan's necklace at 1:36, when it cuts to black and white, Greyson's crewneck should appear pink lol

    2. Zeina Iknainish

      Next time ask ethen if he likes Emma or dating emma

    3. Chelsie Webb

      The lie detector is Boring

    4. GioTheOne

      The guy laughed 16:14

    5. Esther

      grayson being cute and hot for 23:08 minutes ❤️🥺🤩

    6. K.M.F Khris

      I like how everybody is just quoting the video and having likes interesting

    7. ana morais

      Grayson 🤤🤤🤤

    8. Lyndall McKee

      For one of Graysons questions was have ethan and him ever kissed the same girl of course they have because there mum but if it is supposed to be like not family then ok

    9. eva diaz

      *A COUPLE YEARS AGO... THE TWINS UPLOADED A LIE DETECTOR VIDEO AND GRAY SAID **_"by the time I'm 18 i will be the best culinary artist in la"_* So have you achieved this?

    10. Daniela Gonzalez

      14:19 it’s Emma Like if u Stan ethma

    11. Agustina Bonnet

      By far the best video I’ve ever watched

    12. Jason Likes

      Ethma is REAL

    13. Christiyanah Palomares

      2019 anyone...

    14. Fernando Trejo

      Why did no one asked Ethan if he was dating Emma?

    15. Blake and Hunter

      can we just talk about the ethan: what do you think about grethan shippers grayson: cancelled, weird guy: his breathing stopped which is a fail

    16. Saffron Kimber

      love that it backfired on them: do you have a small d***? microscopic

    17. Mika Memes

      We found out who the dark twin is😂

    18. Victoria Duarte

      5:32 ethan: we'll start off simple... Have you ever taken a picture naked? Grayson: *eyes wide open, cheeks puffing out* nervously smiles...😬😶 Ethan: 😮 Grayson: ummmmm Ethan: this is lightweight Grayson...😬 Me: riiiiiggghhhhtt 5:58 *polygraph examiner stares into space* Me: mood sis 6:35 ethan: oh woah... *deep breath* im about to find out who the real grayson dolan is right now... Do you think your more relevant than your brother?? Grayson: yes PE: true Ethan:are you fucking kidding me?? Grayson: *smiles* 7:16 ethan: would you STILL date a FAN?? Grayson: mm not RIGHT now.... Me: 😞💔😷 its okay he doesnt even know i exist.... *cry* 7:54 ethan: have you ever gone on your brothers phone and done something that you werent supposed to?? Grayson: *cheeks puff out, eyes wide, straight smile* uh yeah i have PE: true Ethan: are you-Grayson! Grayson: dude im just telling the truth... Ethan: your gonna have to explain yourself on that one!! Grayson: no if its true then move on. Ethan: who made the rules to this?? Grayson: you did..... Me: 😐😐😐 Ethan: this is backfiring on me a little bit...😬😬😫 8:25 PE: this one is making is body fall apart in explosions... Me: 😂😂 hahah- stoppp!! I can't bre-😂😂😂 bahhahah 9:04 ethan: okay im honestly just curious here.. Do you think your the more attractive twin?? Grayson: yeah Ethan: that was quick!😐 PE: and true.. Me: arrrghhhhhh please hahahahahaha just hahahaha stop it!!! Get some help!!! Why is this Polygraph examiner such a damn mood!?!?!?😂😂😂😂 9:18 E:alright this is from James Charles.. He says will you marry me? G: *looks at camera* no... PE: he's having a problem with that one.. G: *eyes wider than a tuna fish* 🐟 E: *busts out laughing* G: i guess he is rich... 💰 Me: falls in love with ethan even more from his beautiful laugh..😂😍 E: should we just say grayson and james are obviously NOT dating.. BUT they might get married!! G: true............cause he's rich 😂😂😂😂 My favorite parts!!! 10:25 e: Grayson..... Do you still search boobies on the internet?? G:*eyebrows raise high* sometimes...... Me: *face bright as a god damn tomato 🍅 and wheezing and dying of laughter😂✌* Ethan: grayson..... Are you an ExTrA vIrGiN??? Grayson: *guilty ass smile* yeah!!!!😄 PE: hit the top of the screen... Ethan: *burst out laughing* Me: stopppp it Ethan! The more hear your laugh the more i fall in love😍😍😍😞then my heart is gonna break knowing you dont even know i exist..... 11:01 E: what do you think about Grethan shippers???? G: cancel, its just weird PE: his breathing stopped which is a fail. E: you like it???😦 G: *laughs* E: ewwww dont look at me!!!! G: there cool i guess E: shut the fuck up😂😂😂 15:47 G: is your pee pee small? E: yes MiCrOsCoPiC PE: true Me: R.I.P victoria died from laughing too hard... Note: tell ethan and grayson how much i love them😂😍😍 E: come on that backfired!!!! 17:00 G: do you really like the tattoos that (grayson) I have given you???? E: they grew on me grayson, i do. PE: shows as a major lie.. E: oh it actually does.....😬 PE: breathing completely stopped and your sweat went up a little bit. G: *stares into ethans soul* you dont like them?!? E: Grayson... G: bro. E: i like them. G: *flips hair* E: everybody thinks i was mean- G:no, no Me: poor gray... 18:23 G: okay this one is gonna either make me either really happy or salty... Is grayson honestly your favorite person? E: yes G: *stares into soul again* PE: true E and G: *smiles* love you bro E: jinx! That one was adorable!!😍😍 Hope u enjoyed this whatever this is duces ✌✌

    19. Animal Person

      Grayson and Ethan “I love you bro” ‘Jix’

    20. Jadi Franco

      ethan: haha you know what you can eat grayson? mY asS

    21. Hanna__ Cuffe

      That guy did David dobrik and And a lot of other celebrities. 😎da da da da da.

    22. Lea


    23. Frankie Bowie

      20:05 when u diss logan paul

    24. Frankie Bowie

      21:41 im still wheezing to this very day

    25. Maria Natal

      Can you count how many times their tongue wiggles?

    26. Mia M

      Grayson: Have you recently been dating someone? Eathan: No. Guy: Problem with that one, his breathing shut down. Me: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Emma! Emma! Eathma is a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Mia M

      Is no one gonna address the fact the Eathma is a thing!!!!!!!!!! Eathan admitted it

    28. Tana Lei

      do you celebrity crush

    29. TheRealNick_10 PS4 username

      When Grayson asked Ethan if he had a thing for someone it could have been Emma chamberlin


      Gray: am I ur favorite person E: yeah Emma: *shook* 😂😂😂

    31. Alexis meyer

      Greyson is very much more attractive

    32. Queen Savage

      Ethan I don’t like being called daddy: Me:daddy

    33. Madelyn H

      This is ETHMA PROOF

    34. Debra Wilson

      12:14 MOOD

    35. Asa L.

      Awhhhh Grayson looked like he was going to cry 😢

    36. MJ Likes Pasta Salad

      *the dolan twins ignore one question for 23 minutes straight*

    37. Greg Barnes

      Ethan: Do you still search Boobies Grayson:sometimes 😂😂😂😂

    38. Abby Flaa

      its emma we all know.

    39. Samaya Cabral

      Any one else know he tested the Try Guys

    40. Ava Joyce


    41. Ava Joyce

      9:18 omg!

    42. Mariam

      That’s the same guy in Shane’s video lol

    43. Zoe Smith

      ETHMA CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!

    44. StePrA TM

      18:30 cutest moment e v e r

    45. eva diaz

      10:41 *the question a lot of us came for*

    46. Sara Pixley

      Who thinks Grayson looks so good in this video ❤️❤️💜💜

    47. Lauren Dolan

      we all know emma chamberin and ethan are dating

    48. Hannah Lanterman

      "Do you have a crush on someone?" YES. EMMA.

    49. Khari Kennedy

      Grayson looks like a fucking psycho when he was asked if he'd beat Ethan 🤣🤣

    50. Samarah

      0:00-0:11 was like off-camera footage of how the Dolan Twins treat each other in real life 😂 And Grayson is obviously the dad