Leaving the YouTube Bubble

Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden

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    1. haris lesmana

      nah she just call you a haters thats it she dont care dude

    2. Don Juan

      Ok bloomer

    3. C C

      She's the female Situation. Reminds of when he was on the Donald Trump roast. #cringe

    4. EpicEternal

      I really thought it is just me for a long time. Thank you!!!

    5. Bad Word

      Nice taste in music my guy

    6. Dirty Sleazy


    7. Alboy stewart

      She’s a moron

    8. Penny Pillow

      ive been a big fan of lily singh since her superwoman days in 2010, shes just not talented or funny enough to carry a tv show like this. shes NOT that funny

    9. Dean Friedel

      Your god man wooooh you can do anything 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    10. huskytzu

      you know you have no talent when you have to rely on race, gender, sexuality for jokes

    11. Maya


    12. Nishant

      I don't think if you know this but Lilly is an Indian

      1. erin caffrey

        Nishant really??? she didn't mention it

    13. John Tynan

      Lily Singh is a stinker, garbage garbage garbage

    14. Luca Shapiro

      the ok tumor thing was kinda funny ngl

    15. Nu Journeys Counselling

      The extra laughing in the audience is ridiculous! You’re right, they’re laughing BEFORE the punchline 😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️

    16. Nu Journeys Counselling

      Great analysis! She’s just not funny...at all! 😐

    17. Hannah Shute

      Care by Dance Gavin Dance at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="561">9:21</a> I am screaminggggg

    18. Just another Human being

      Loved this video, you are smart

    19. Willy F

      Affirmative action. You don’t have to be good at anything, but you’ll get promoted for being a “minority “.

    20. TwoBrokeWolves *

      Tomatoes are....fruits???

    21. Jordan Peterson

      In the first clip Lily looks like a really tanned Rebecca Romney (book expert from pawn stars)

    22. adris432

      Honestly, I think her style of humour has changed. Starting maybe...two, three years ago? Her delivery too. You say her youtube content is for children...well, I'm still enjoying the content she used to put out six, seven years ago... I found it funny at 15, still find it funny at 22. Her humour used to feel much less forced, it felt much more natural. Then she invested into a better equipment, a new team to help her...but somehow, it kind of hurt her content rather than made it better. The comedy sketches suddenly felt overly produced and overly scripted. She even changed her delivery, meaning her voice to a more "scripted" one. I don't watch her late night show because I don't find it funny. Some of her old videos still make me laugh and feel happy, though.

    23. chille 3000

      these are fake laughs 100%

    24. Kaylee Bryant

      this is a great video, you give constructive criticism. not just criticism and that's awesome.

    25. FlowerRFabulous

      ur hot

    26. JessDoIt

      they should have made a little late with liza koshy. that would have totally popped off bc liza is actually funny.

      1. UwU Bite Me Bitch

        Liza isnt funny either tbh, she feels like lowcal Lilly Singh. Plus her GEsels Red show has the same energy as Lilly's show and its... not good. But who knows, maybe she'll be better than Lilly in a live setting.

    27. Grey Wolf

      She's really just trying to be Liza.

    28. noodleking 92

      She reminds me of your new girlfriend's "funny" friend that won't let you talk, speaks over you and says stuff like "if you ever hurt her, I'll kill you"

    29. Danille Piaf

      Never seen the show but The clips from the show are so.... wow this is bad. Like I almost clicked off the video cause the anxiousness in my stomach over her failing at delivering. I can’t

    30. Julia Dodson

      Conan is by far the funniest late night talk show host. When i watch other shows, its for the celebrities, but when i watch conan, its for conan

    31. True CL

      Omg great video! I’m so proud of you!

    32. iiiomq _roblox

      First woman of color? Excuse me Oprah Winfrey?

    33. ChipmunkAsylum

      GEsels humor often doesn’t translate to television. The format is different and your audience is more diverse, your jokes have to work on different levels for a lot of different people

    34. Kpop Fujoshi

      Love your content . . . Also you are cute

    35. ip2p p

      Literally Jews

    36. ip2p p

      I'm literally a white man, and I hate this brown broad

    37. Gunwanti Ramchandani

      Hey yo where my virgin squad at?

    38. enjoythesilence

      Thing is that she made it a whole thing in one of her videos that she was a virgin and it was personal and she just wasn't rushing or anything. AND THATS AMAZING. But now, here you see her using the "you are a virgin" card to make herself feel better about getting criticism. Idk, I used to love her content when I was younger, but now I remembered that I was just a kid.🤷‍♀️

    39. Sketch Reacts

      Her jokes are so Corny It’s cringe as hell

    40. Louis Oddie

      vegetarian = funny

    41. IsiahTomas

      Also, because she(her, the person of topic in this discussion, in case, any of us were confused) isn't funny. *roll credits! Yeah!!*

    42. IsiahTomas

      How about an ACTUAL school expression?

    43. Eliana Shaw

      wait guys it's taken me a solid 5 months but I'm pretty sure that she's not a white man... 😲

    44. Caroline Colbert

      My brain halfway through the video: wait...okay, I know I should know this by now... is this the Greg channel or is that the other one?

    45. Saurabh Sharma

      Girls aren’t funny

    46. Romy


    47. Andrew Ostermeier

      Hey guy

    48. Musical Theater

      I actually used to be obsessed with her and I’m embarrassed to say so

    49. RX 580

      I'm not a white guy but if i was one i'd be so bummed (with boredom) right now with White Man Bad Jokes

    50. chiyowee

      why does <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="810">13:30</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="822">13:42</a> remind me so much of will arnett ily drew

    51. Helen Li

      that part when he shows her vlog highkey makes me sad for all the work she does and that fact that she knows she's failing but doesn't know how to/won't fix anything. Lily really climbed the ranks of GEsels just to fall into late night networking and using her minority-ness as her only content

    52. House of Osborne

      As a straight white male, I don't need you to preach to me even if you are a bisexual "woman of color". Thanks

    53. Lonelylogic

      You can say wtf you want, regardless of your genitals or skin color.

    54. Marcus TheConcept

      The Hassin Minhaj bit looks like it’s ripped off from Eric Andre with the Paula D episode. He did the ‘dressing like the guest and repeating their words’ thing years ago, but he did got doubles for everyone on screen and he did it way better

    55. Go Cubs!

      This video alone might have more views than her entire show

    56. Eccentrix

      You are right about the audience being forced to laugh, there is actually a GEselsr who was there on set and made a video about it 😆

    57. Alice Tinari

      you work so hard on these videos. these are awesome

    58. Lion fish

      Shes not funny. Thats literally the main problem on why the show is failing. The talent isnt there

    59. Mohammad Jafar Mashhadi

      I don't know if you noticed it yourself but when you move your head in front of the neon thingy on the wall the camera readjusts the exposure and it gets a bit annoying. Maybe if you leave it on manual it'd be better

    60. Intenselly LIt

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> shame we in a world somebody's gotta make a disclaimer like this.

    61. ryan barker

      why is it good a woman of colour got a late night show, 'better late than never'? most of them fail, but most of them were greenlit because the idea had merit. were there some merit to giving one to a minority chick back in the day they would have if people would tune in. she got her show based on optics and the hope her fanbase would translate over to this format. on paper it doesn't look like the worst idea, but in practice... yikes. it doesn't take belonging to a certain group to be able to grasp if someone is objectively okay at their job. funny, for as much as she seems to hate white men she sure does appear to tell a lot of dad jokes....

    62. Cullius Swagner

      yeah but did you notice her race, sex, and sexual orientation

      1. beebo

        no, what is it?

    63. Johnny Buckshot

      To say it's not your place to say anything because your white is racist. Just apply that statement to any other race at all and you'll see what I mean. This is textbook cucking. Not trying to be insulting, it just is what it is. Other than that excellent video man. Very funny.

    64. Gathka Master

      The world is racist why? Because they let her get that job by not being talented....she sucks

    65. Malachite Eyes

      Honestly, maybe Mindy Kaling should have a late night talk show. Maybe Jenny Slate should too. No wait, they should bring Joan Rivers back from the dead and give her her show back.

    66. Fraksi 69

      Maybe the audience is hypnotized to laugh every time she talks.

    67. jason wolden

      Take the consideration you may be looking at this from the wrong angle... maybe these companies are making her the joke. XD

    68. Edwin G.A.

      Lily is the reason why people don’t like Diversity since she always fucked and her “diverse” people behind the scene are stupid AF.

    69. Devani Anjali

      i think it's ironic she has a "dont talk about politics" and then throws "im the only POC bisexual chick to have a talk show" all in our faces -- which is ...... political af given she's doing it for the sole purpose of boosting that message just in a very unappealing "gtfo of my face " kinda way.

    70. EimearNc

      singular guy

    71. Brooklyn

      *bold of you too assume she’s not a white woman of color*

    72. The Black Baron

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="785">13:05</a> it's absolutely trashy.

    73. ** RUSH **

      13 million more subs and you can be the next Lilly...hang in there....!

    74. Jesus Christ

      God Jimmy Fallon is like Johnny Carson compared to Lilly Singh.

    75. everett shaw

      Opinions are still opinions even if unpopular no matter who you are.

    76. bartronic

      Couldnt pay attention to the video, seen that theres yumeno garden on the back

    77. Michael Lane

      Swell Entertainment did a video about attending multiple shows and described (despite apologetics) how the audience was instructed to laugh and have various other reactions for filming before the show had begun, as well as telling them to laugh louder because the audience watching at home might not know it's funny otherwise.

    78. GottaGetMe6

      You must be a homophobic racist misogynist. Since she's told us millions of times she's a bi woman of color.

    79. Gia D

      Jenny Slate and Kathryn Hawn? Sir I think you mean Mona Lisa and Jennifer Barkley

    80. Kenzie Coco

      Her content is childish lol