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    Juanpa teaches us how to speak Spanish but obviously that's not all.. we do stupid stuff on our GEsels channel every week..
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    1. Kamila Perez


    2. Miriam Silvar

      PLÁTANO 🍌

    3. Alex RöseAnn

      Juanpaaaaa 💋

    4. Phimploy Reuanglit

      Canilla = Chipotle 😂😂😂😂

    5. Briana Martinez

      I’m Mexican and a I love spicy 🌶 food Me gusta posole picoso

      1. Briana Martinez

        I love spicy food

    6. Halley ramirez

      juanapa : if u don't destroy them they seek veagence me : ive had a piñata in my room for two years am I gonna die

    7. thiccy niccy

      The Dolan twins are really good at pronouncing words in spanish

    8. Ireland Vigueria

      Grayson Dolan is gay we all know it 😵😵

    9. AngelLand_ Plays

      Did Jaunpa turn into Hannah from Amigos with the pant pulling outs.

    10. Tsaani Salas

      Omg 1:19 when he said how do you say hard in Spanish Juanpa: duro Then he said we’re doing it THE DURO WAY 😂 😂 do y’all get it?? I laughed so hard Edit:if y’all get like I’m not forcing you

    11. Ariana Labra

      All the Hispanics out there(Me) are TRIGGERED

    12. Salty the Croc

      Omg at 2:50 i died of laughter of when juanpa him Ethan with the tortilla

    13. Adrian Ramirez

      He got really mad whe he slap him on the face with the tortilla

    14. Emily Galaxy

      I dont understand Spanish but this is so funny 😂😂😂

    15. SofiaZ art

      Dude cavrón doesn't mean students

    16. Helen G

      plz do more of these vidieos in diffrent languages

    17. ThisIsAnnette

      Who else has watched this 2 times or more?

    18. Edsy SummerGirl

      I know both languages I know how to speak Spanish Juanpa made this video funny

    19. Shadow Playz

      I think Grayson lost like 12 brain cells In this video 😂

    20. Shadow Playz

      WAit BUt DoGS And CAtS arEnt FrIeNdS LOL 😂. that has nothing to do with meat XD

    21. Alyssa’s Life

      2:57 Grayson flinched so hard💘😭

    22. EXO&NCT GÜEY

      “Duro way” heheheh 😂

    23. Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs?

      17:15 **nolan has left the chat**

    24. Øwen Gacha

      The outride made me laugh so hard XD

    25. The Cheeto Bandito

      Pause on 11:29, and imagine the photoshop possibilities....

    26. Crafty Chihuahua

      Learning spanish the hard way: *The death of your family and everyone you love because of one missed spanish lesson*

    27. Roxy ‘

      13:50 “it’s a student “

    28. Itz Me

      Juanpa is just messing around with them and bullying them

    29. Graciela Nunez

      A watermelon is a vegetable because its apart of the cucumber family so it is considered a vegetable

    30. Makaylia Belle

      2:50 12:07 16:09 18:25 19:01

    31. O.G Bean

      13:08 😂😂 Im screaming!!😂😂😂

    32. chafai amina

      23:43 gray🥺🥺🥺

    33. chafai amina

      6:37 Grayson: i need to pick first this round Juanpa : no i décided who pic first and you both pick first, it’s Ethan he’s smartest Grayson: *about to cry*

    34. chafai amina

      2:57 i’m dead, and how gray was scared after 😭😭🥺

    35. Chloe Chloe

      18:56 Ethan what type of cats u seeing 🤨😂

    36. Chloe Chloe

      2:51 when I see a bug in my house😂

    37. Ramsha Dolan


    38. lizzie Garcia

      Anyone just replaying 2:51 over and over again lol

    39. Giselle Salinas

      Juanpa:I was educated you know Me : I was born with it you know And yes I do speak Spanish

    40. Lillian Lohmann

      It’s soo funny when you can actually understand especially when he said we are napping haha

    41. EAAgaming 1


    42. Ysabella Aberin

      Filipinos are basically asian Mexicans cause we have so much in common

    43. R. Wright

      16:08 Grayson that does not look right lol

    44. Chantal Frozen

      I love you Ethan and grayson

    45. Caitlynn Boze

      Juapa: nurse, can I get a cooter Ethan: no don’t say cooter it’s cutter Grayson: but the nurse definitely has a cooter I’m dying 😂

    46. emilie espinal

      This so funny especially when you understand both languages

    47. analysa_garcia

      Did Grayson really say watermelon was a vegetable

    48. Seguin Vital

      2:50 I love how he slapped ethan and the gray jumped after thinking he was gonna get smacked

    49. Sofia Gallardo

      I’m literally eating one while watching this video

    50. 3 El Tercero

      Is this how Mexican kids are raised? Jalapeno as kids and sandals when they grow up. Abuela es muy peligrosa. Cuidado por los viejos. Ellos Son muy lentas pero muy fuerte también.