LEARNING HOW TO DANCE ft. Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler

Dolan Twins

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    Watch us come OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONES and learn how to dance from dancing professionals Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler. We must learn and master a choreographed dance routine in only 48 hours before performing it in front of qualified dance judges. INTENSITY WARNING!
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    1. Junior Fuentes

      Grayson Is LITERALLY me when I have to prepare my presentation 30 minutes before the actual presentation because I procrastinate

    2. Tasia Rainge

      11:51 I'm dying🤣🤣

    3. Aly Lupu

      23:35 look at Ethan😂😂

    4. Leaky Got Skill

      10:00 only boys will understand the struggle to not look

    5. Pugnut life


    6. Addison Huchton

      The sideways front flips were pretty impressive

    7. Mia Simpson

      I had an Afro too it’s ok guys

    8. Charlotte Johannes

      Love how you always see Maddie and Kenzie in Lululemon and now Maddie has a collaboration with Fabletics😂

    9. Liliana Gavrylyuk

      Mackenzie and Maddie are really good dancers everybody knows that because they were in dance moms but gray and e are horrible

    10. Daily Cringe

      the boys look so dumb dancing no offence...

    11. Randomness 101

      4:15 we can all confirm that Grayson is going salsa dancing

    12. Kasia Galewska

      I accidently watched the 2nd part first

    13. Blessy Gnanamani

      do u remember the sister squad video when Grayson said he would never wear that pink shirt

    14. Juliana Cabello

      please do you guys trying colorguard

    15. Kiroschka_flowergirl14

      They would make cute couples

    16. Sky Jacobs

      Them getting nervous then the girls building them up and being all confident is cute as shit

    17. Ashley Clanton

      They did so fucking good, I could also never do those flips, it looks so cool and they killed it😻🤣

    18. Ashley Clanton

      19:21 the slow motion looming twerk back arch... I was laughing way too loud at 2am LMFAO😭😭😂🤣

    19. Ashley Clanton

      Grayson does wear that shirt a lot when James wears that in a later sister squad to be him he’s like NOOO and I’m like uhh YEAAHHH you wear this!!!

    20. IOS NeenjAH

      Ethan: Was the face good? Maddie & Kenzie: Yeah! it was great! Me: Ethan you and Grayson are Twins you guys literally have like the same facial features lol 😂🤣😆😝😂

    21. Danielle Carrillo

      Really what happened


      They should be best friends

    23. Alyssah Delgado

      I had to pause this so many times bc of how hard I was cringing LMAO forcing myself to watch this and the next one bc I love ya ♥️♥️

    24. Ell A

      I am so jealous

    25. Hyper Pizza

      14:25 Kenzie and Maddie do the flip* Ethan: OK Mhm. Me: laughing so much.

      1. nilsa priem

        It's An arieal (idk how to write it)

    26. Mercedes Villacrez


    27. Hee Hee

      I don’t know why but I see weird the boobs of Kenzie and Maddie

    28. sickokate

      “but a thousand people will be watching you on there” -maddie has 10 MILLION VIEWS

    29. Denise Linares

      The end reminded me of dance mom's when they show the next episode preview

    30. Clinton Anderson

      4:22 Why u look like Elvis

    31. Clumsy Cuber

      2019 squad where you at?!?!?!

    32. Reza

      Omg Madd *ie* Z *ie* gler Mackenz *ie* Z *ie* gler See? Da power of *ie*

    33. Maya Hussain

      15:51 I loved how they both wanted to do it!😂😂😂

    34. GKG

      11:00 one of the twins gets rejected when they try to high five

    35. Mangle The fox

      Maddie & Kenzie = Menzie and Kaddie

    36. It’syogirlangel

      When he started shooing I was done for I was Gonnnneeee I went to the upside down

    37. Gnanamani Amburose

      when ethan did his "trick" i was in tears

    38. Trashy Chimm

      10:03 gray was looking😏

    39. Nora Rhodes

      Dancing is a form of working out so just wear frik'n workout clothes

    40. Michelle Montoya

      Who is better Maddie or Kenzie

    41. ii_ Brøken

      You need someone to teach you ASMR and Cheerleading 😂

    42. Sapna Gaba

      13:56 dead😂

    43. Gwenaelle Massa

      cooking chefs should be the next

    44. Clara TubeHD

      OMG you guys are so good Imagine if they teached you ballet

    45. sabrais pennic

      poor dog away to thin !!!!!!

    46. Madeson Kirk

      I love that Maddie and Kenzie were flirting with them while they were teaching them the dance moves

    47. Lauryn Lizarraga

      Im watching this on my computer, and I was swirling my finger on Ethan's shirt kinda, and at one point he looked down and I FREAKED OUT, and idk why!

    48. Rachel Walker

      25:30 RIP MY EARS!

    49. Ellie O Sullivan

      Maddie and kenzie are SO in love with Ethan and Grayson.

      1. Ellie O Sullivan

        @Brooke Byrne TRUE

      2. Brooke Byrne

        Aren’t we all?

    50. Marcela Sequera

      Den like si hablas español pero quisieras en este momento hablar inglés para entenderles .