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Absolute Motivation

Absolute Motivation

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    Robin Sharma
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    Master Your Heart and Mind with Robin Sharma and Lewis Howes
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    1. Absolute Motivation

      Your past mistakes are your greatest teachers.

      1. Hiroki Lory

        Thank you.

    2. Jason Spafford

      The music in this video is much louder than your voice. That makes it really hard to hear what you're saying. The music gave me a headache after a minute. Do you have a version of this without the music?

    3. StandardProceduree

      'Victims give away their power so much that they dont think that they have any Power'

    4. Renan Quarterback 7

      Thank you! Just thank you!

    5. Alma Kaster

      Wish they turn down that music, so I can listen better.

    6. Claudia Branch

      Is the back ground music really necessary? It takes away the impact of the message. It contradict what you are trying to convey. It makes it feel like Programming...

    7. Rozhin Minooei

      nice I found a good idea😊

    8. 彡LINUX彡Cobra

      Outstanding content 😍 . I feel powerful after watching your videos . Congratulation to 1M subs

    9. Róbert Nagy

      mivel én nem hibázok igy felesleges erofeszités:))) a jogdijam változatlan :)) az utolso centig ki fogjátok fizetni:))) én garantálom nektek:))))

    10. Vineet

      Absolute Motivation continues to do absolutely marvellous work. Whenever past haunts me and I begin to doubt myself, I close my eyes and repeat all the things I have achieved till now. somedaytoday.in/when-fear-stops-you-from-doing-meaningful-work/

    11. Elia Canu

      I love your channel but this the definition of over-edited; some transitions are cool, but that is not the only way to convey motion.

    12. Tactics-MNK


    13. ilmarinen79

      Did not like. Sounds like a fake marketer guru who has learned to spew lots of hip words in a fast manner. Many or most of your videos are inspiring and great but this is not imho.

    14. Devraj Panwar


    15. DB Motivation

      *अकेले हम एक बूँद हैं ,मिल जायें तो हम साग़र हैं* *अकेले हम धागा हैं, मिल जायें तो हम चादर हैं* *अकेले हम पत्थर हैं, मिल जायें तो इमारत हैं* *अकेले हम दुआ है, मिल जायें तो इबादत हैं* *DB Motivation*

    16. Brian Ranger

      Loads of TRUTH! Great advice 👍🎯

    17. MissRollinStone

      Not a fan of the transitions. If I wanted to ride a roller coaster, I would.

      1. Leo Heise

        i liked the transitions, but they were definitely overused :P

      2. Stephen Burke

        I know what your saying.

    18. Robert Skinner

      I like the editing in this video. The different clips used and the transitions between them are real slick. Good work

    19. dvlpr

      Thanks for putting all the info in the description linking to the full length videos and channel!

    20. KTM

      Oprah is worth $3.5 billion - i feel her suffering

      1. William Scott

        That's just the tip, of the iceberg. I am so SICK of these Freemasonic sell- out "puppets" worth billions IH($) paraded as the "leaders..." and publicly 'traded' CEO/Bs as the "wealthiest" PAWNS, with ZERO mention of ANY REAL "leaders," or the little men in the .000001% hidden just behind the IH$ black nobility, curtain. But I digress, after Mandela, Oprah and Barry's entirely "fake' family. I generally really like these videos... but this nonsence in the first minute, is utterly, ridiculous.

    21. Audible AudioBooks

      1 million coming!!

    22. Practical Inspiration

      Outstanding, become intimate with the ego and control the fear!

    23. Vanessa's World

      Great video! Mind, body and soul are a team. They must work together for us to reach our fullest potential. The more you work on yourself the more power you have over your life. 💪🏾

    24. zx6r79

      Might wanna look into Opra. You mentioned her as someone to look up to?.... Im out lmao

      1. zx6r79

        Awwwww cmon man, my comment doesnt get a heart too? Its ok, we'll just keep letting it get likes lmao

    25. D F

      I found this condescending and preachy. For real person motivation listen to David Goggins.

      1. William Scott

        Nothing but satanist Freemasons, as "leadership examples?" (I lasted until Barry, his 'husband' and the fake kids... And yes, Mandela was also one of them. They ALL are...)

    26. imrane يكس

      I don't even read the title and i watch the video :) really good content.

    27. morasmovies

      Who the hell thumbs down such a great video, great motivation...

      1. zx6r79

        Probably someone that noticed they praised Opra

    28. O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me

      *There is no learning in EASY* Suffering is a great mentor, a true teacher.

    29. H.O TUBE


    30. Zachary Laid Finding Freedom

      *Life is a wild beautiful journey.*

    31. Ale Fitness

      I love it

    32. Wildman Samurai