LEAKED Scooby-Doo Movie First Look (Scoob!)



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    Scooby-Doo is heading to theaters in an ambitious crossover within the Hanna Barbera universe! A few first looks have been leaked online, so let's check 'em out and see if the movie is worth a watch!
    SCOOBY TEST FOOTAGE: scoobydoo_central
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    1. Vailskibum94

      I'm looking forward to High School Musical ft. Fred Jones *When I said there were no theatrical releases, I meant animated ones! The live-action ones were... interesting.

      1. Raflamar

        Lmfao yeah sure okay

      2. Alina Sandro

        I am mostly into fraphne stuff so if it isn't there I'll be disappointed, will miss Frank welker's voice in this.

      3. Nermiachaos

        What about Daphine?

      4. Dmitri Dmitri

        666 likes... It's so perfect...

      5. Peter Brandt

        Oh okay then. I made a comment about that BTW

    2. Guy_Man 135

      When I was younger, I always wanted an ascot like Fred, I feel like I just lost a part of my child-hood.

    3. Aiden Hirney

      It is being realeased exactly may 15

    4. Adriano Torres

      And it is real

    5. DG600 V.2


    6. Papyrus

      Welp he predicted it .___________.

    7. Alex Medina

      I already saw the trailer and it's really good

    8. Depressed Panda

      *Dick Dastardly* *Hmmmmmmmmmmmm* *Dick you say* -O k a y-

    9. iyadtheboss

      Movie trailer: releases Memes: He’s using 1% of his powers to make this movie happen...

    10. JoeCartoon56

      “His own theatrical movie which surprisingly hasn’t happened yet” so that’s just false 😂

    11. Tia O’Byrne

      Why does Fred look like a chad

    12. captian dorkpants

      Wheres daphne

    13. Dan Wynne

      They did have the live action movies

    14. andrew h

      Better than "Sonic the hedgehog", which looks like a horror movie

    15. moifernam

      Now indays movies of shows are remake don't bring the original voice actors to reprise their roles. Why is that? Fred Jones should be voiced by Frank walker same goes for scooby. Daphne should be voiced by Grey DeLisle. velma should be voiced by Mindy Cohn and shaggy should be voiced by the one and only Matthew Lillard. Not this pice of crap

    16. SmasherOnline40

      I really want the Scooby Doo franchise to go back to the old days where drawing played a big part to make animation. Scooby Doo: Where Are You! Is my favourite Scooby Doo series and it’s a shame to see this franchise go towards CGI. I’m 15 and I just prefer the older series’s of the Scooby Doo franchise because it was all hand drawn and in letterbox format.

    17. Vernon McWilliams

      "Dick Dastardly" "The threat is real" Yeaaaaaaaah knowing Dick, the threat is probably not even him. I mean c'mon he can't even catch a pigeon.

    18. Dani Doubleday

      Should of just kept our core cast. Of frank, matt, kate, and gray

    19. Guilty Guy

      Leke heare we go again

    20. Doyinsola A

      If Fred had that tie it would make him look gay

    21. Jailbird's Jailhouse

      Virgin Fred vs Chad Shaggy

    22. Link the Inkling

      Please let Shaggy be voiced by Austin Hargrave?

    23. James Nesmith

      So far the movie looks promising from what I've seen. Not gonna lie I would love to see a reboot of the live action movies. They could've done a lot more with the live action movies, but for some strange reason chose not to.

    24. James Nesmith

      So there is no leak pictures or designs of Daphne Blake? Also who's gonna voice her?

    25. Jon Mcintyre

      In my opinion, they should recast Fred to be voiced by Andy Richter.

    26. Bill Green

      cool magical in Christ

    27. BAT-TALK!

      Love this style of animation I just hope it’s not super woke or anything weird

    28. TheFanBoy

      The thing off with Velma is her glasses. They're supposed to be square but I find her cuter with these one.

    29. We Remotely Low

      Why do we need a Cinematic Universe for this. Just give me good Scooby movies.

    30. Luigi Marinus Gaming

      The animation looks pretty cartoony

    31. Luigi Marinus Gaming

      Im still waiting for the trailer

    32. Luigi Marinus Gaming

      When is the trailer coming out?

    33. Luigi Marinus Gaming

      When is the trailer coming out?

    34. Luigi Marinus Gaming

      When is the teaser trailer coming out?

    35. I have to wait 90 days to change my name

      Shaggy looks just as badass

    36. Alina Sandro

      Still waiting for Daphne

    37. Nathalie Peralta

      The animation looks amazing 😉 I had grown up with scooby doo as a little girl still love him 🥰 Wonder what the teaser trailer is going to be about maybe the mystery machine and we haven’t seen it yet or Daphnie or, the gang having fun solving their past mystery’s even? Who know we’ll have to wait next year it’s so fast this year 🤨😊

    38. Nathalie Peralta

      I can’t wait for the new Scoob movie next year and happy birthday Scooby-Doo my favorite Dog friend 😁😁😁😁😁🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

    39. Lakira Porter

      Everything looks fine... except Fred’s chin 😭

    40. TheGamePlushShow

      Yeah banana splits might be involved in this film