Last To Stop Pillaring Wins $10,000,000 (Part 3)



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    გამოქვეყნდა თვის წინ


    1. David Fernand

      That click bait low-key look like a powerlevel chart

    2. Oliverious

      Damn you are literally the Minecraft MrBeast! Awesome vids man

    3. Prop

      Mr Beast??

    4. Pseto 1950

      You = copy 9f mr beast

    5. Ginger817

      Wait he said no more crouching and then there all crouching

    6. Travis Sundo

      i thought it was real money xd

    7. Wassuup

      Minecraft mr beast

    8. WeirdCake

      when i clicked on this vid i thought he was giving away real money :>>>>>>

    9. liam neame

      But didn't he say at the beginning no more crouching for the rest of the game

    10. master of dizaster

      Me: do you even have 10m LoverFella: gives 100k ingame money to the mystery chest guy Me: aaaaaaah im dumb

    11. Ethan Bakazan

      Bro you said no more crouching at all they cheated

    12. Dyl_Zx

      Defo giving away 10mil on his server not irl


      What happened to your channel dude? I don’t know if you remember me but I’ve been around forever and used to watch your live streams and stuff back when you played just Ark.


        LoverFella I can see that haha

      2. LoverFella

        Just put in the work man

    14. Xamber Linog

      LoverFella:How your feeling? Rotex:good LoverFella: now you have get down without falling Rotex:say what? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    15. Yoda


    16. Baby Floof

      Wait real money or Minecraft money

    17. pixel flame

      wow thats alot of money, I'm not sure yif you can afford this

      1. pixel flame

        lol ik it's in game money

      2. pixel flame

        espassialy giving it tu kids

    18. Eric Hahn

      Rotex crouched

    19. Mitchell BURGESS

      Wait in irl

    20. Free Gaming

      You have no money

    21. Free Gaming

      10000000 is impossible

    22. dgm192

      I wish I could be in one

    23. şahin kızıl

      mr beast who ever stop flying ill give them one million dollar. mind* omg im donating one millon dollar thats alot Lover fella* i think i can beat mr beast with 5 millon dollar oh wait we need more BANK

    24. Jerimiah

      Rotex was cheating she was crouching no fair

    25. Vanik Bright

      Im braindead, it took me wayyyy too long to realize its 10,000,000 on his server

    26. Herbers

      But wait this is the first part i watch. Is the 10m 4rl?

      1. Herbers

        @The Berg Lmao

      2. The Berg

        Herbers it’s 10million of minecraft money on his server

    27. Jesse Fisher2222

      He didn’t give 10 million away

    28. Thicc Nibba

      You could genuinely be my personal favorite GEsels but you try so hard to be funny sometimes it ruins your entire video for me

    29. my wolf Nguyen

      Well i have boobs

    30. Jollyz

      green and black both crouched many times

    31. DMB Vlogs

      rotex was cheating

    32. Jeffrey Gazedatwrong Luithle

      I thought he said that anyone that crotches was out so wouldnt holy be the winner since rotex crotched

    33. StupidAmericans Gaming

      Thought it was real money

    34. dumb ass

      Okay im sorry but $10,000,000 I dont think you have that money Hint: this is a joke btw

    35. Adam Wianecki

      Bruh Minecraft youtubers giving away 10 mil😂 that’s weird that’s like their salary every 100 years

    36. Reillykids Gaming

      Rotexbuh was in there i think if im right and he was yesterday i was his slave

    37. PlasmaBeam

      I really thought that he gave them real cash... nope he’s not secretly MrBeast.

    38. TheArchitect_ 1

      I like how he gave away everything in the beginning of the vid

    39. Shannonkkeane

      I thought this was cash IRL lmao

    40. [EPIC] Tense

      9:54 watch team green crouches

    41. Kriswashere 99

      Why are they digging down and then building up

    42. Gr8estWalter 10

      This is if mrbeast made a time machine

    43. Austin Mumaw


    44. EdGe CURVE

      Who else thought he was talking about real money

    45. Tabatha Braden


    46. Warrior YT

      Vortex cheated you told them they can't crouch so mr is the winmer

    47. Bjørn Degn Nielsen

      Rotext croch

    48. Ink Sack

      Its called nerd polling

    49. Ree Kid

      Minecraft MrBeast wannabe

    50. Grace Yu


    51. Wesley Haws

      $10 mil in game money? Your def not rich enough for cash😂

    52. Andrew Nelson

      Rotex cheated you said no crouching and rotex crouched at the end

    53. Fallen

      Rotex lost because he was crouching before green fell and lover said that you can no longer crouch.

    54. Patrick Bernier

      Rotez cheated because you said that you were not allowed to crouch

    55. Mrmonkey 375

      Lover fella:Australia something big is coming Australia: sets fire then floods

    56. NoClue DooDoo

      Wait i could of sworn you said no crouching yet rotex still did it and won.

    57. Man Go

      Do you mean first to stop??!!

    58. Zoomanata

      10 million, no wait, there’s no . But there is a , so it is: 10,000,000 Instead of 10,000.00

    59. Stephanie_Estefania Beep

      If I was the purple person I’d take the 100,000 too Bc I don’t wanna risk losing 10,000,000 and my mom would be screaming if I got 100,000

    60. Tristam Romanoski

      Nice mrbeast rip-off