Lakers vs Kings Full Game Highlights! 2019 NBA Season



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    Los Angeles Lakers vs Sacramento Kings Full Game Highlights! Los Angeles Lakers vs Sacramento Kings November 15, 2019-20 NBA Season
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    1. Rainier Gerald Vergara

      LBJ: Witness AD: not in my house RR: i love this game DH: Ball is life DG: nothing but net KCP: its time to shine Kuz: excuse me when i kiss the sky Mcgee: this is why we play Caruso: test me

    2. 帅又紧

      I feel if lebron shaved his bear he can do this game for another 15 years, and he can proudly say to the rookies "the future is yours"

    3. Amerr Da Vinci

      4:33 is insane!

    4. EL _ALB Bet


    5. Bjee Bonny

      Lakers future Champions season 2019-2020✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

    6. Ed Yee

      Mario bros

    7. Daniel McLean underrated channel for nba highlights sub if you want good luck for 2019 and 2020

    8. Beryl Kabongo

      most exciting team to watch lakers

    9. WillPower Nigerian Movies - 2019 Latest Movies

      That last block by AD is LEGENDARY!!!

    10. Soinas Doyi

      Skip on lebrons dunk: Bjelica ducked for him

    11. Andreas agung


    12. abbsnn cose

      4:30 Vintage LBJ right there. Gotta love it

    13. Urth An

      Love the Lakers, Love the Sparks, Never end up in self darks. Always pray, For that day. To come soon, And push you to the moon.

      1. Soinas Doyi

        Love the fact Caruso was in it at the end to win it with lebron. Better kuz right now

    14. qopoy dnon

      So nobody gonna talk the fact kuzma is in shape?

    15. korbz Rosas Orbe

      King is king

      1. korbz Rosas Orbe

        Bakit mo nmn e papasa na Alam mo nmn na Kaya mo stupid

      2. korbz Rosas Orbe

        @qopoy dnon uu nga bakaw nga eh ikaw don't no how to play basketball stupid commenting

      3. qopoy dnon

        Lebron the king, kinginang bakaw

    16. SHY GUY

      1. qopoy dnon

        4:34 that moment when Lebron James Dunk and i just gonna Wow 😮😮😮

    17. dolimi jotoo

      I told mfs lakers gone get that ring 2019-2020

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    19. 이승운

      king vs kings

    20. daryl villegas


      1. dolimi jotoo

        What u give is what u get..just sub me,i mean it..💓💓u wont regret😃👍

    21. Angeline DYOSA Castillo

      dito n ko gnda

    22. MAE ANN

      ps. i want to reach the 1ksubs and 4kwatchhours on youtube. need help🙏

    23. Cita Ernest

      game iyi yakanyanya

    24. The Aspin Kulit TV

      Freebies until nov 30!

    25. bocoy noiu

      8:27 -Give me five LeBron! -Nope

    26. Charls MUSIC

      Ohh sino gusto jun👇 Hug👍👍

    27. bronzefighta

      Oh yeah me over hear blastin' deltaparole to this right of this time

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    28. Robert Wieczorek

      Love the fact Caruso was in it at the end to win it with lebron. Better kuz right now

    29. nieooj gotoy

      So nobody gonna talk the fact kuzma is in shape?

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