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    Jayson Tatum poured in 27 PTS and 5 3PM as the Boston Celtics defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 139-107. Kemba Walker (20 PTS, 7 AST), Jaylen Brown (20 PTS, 6 AST, 3 STL) and Enes Kanter (18 PTS, 11 REB) also contributed in the win. JaVale McGee led the Lakers with 18 PTS and 3 BLK.
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    1. BlitzkriegCHILE

      WTF with the road home uniformes and vice versa?

    2. Bill Keon

      Nothing sweeter than Laker tears, except when Kobe was playing. Those were the sweetest

    3. Julian Cruz Racing Sports & Motorsports


    4. BLUE MOON

      I been to the celtics game before because i live in boston

    5. SuperRip7

      The Lakers lost. 02-02-20.

    6. Meme is my life ,lavy

      Kobe is in a good place

    7. J Lux

      I'm a Celtics fan.. but I wish they had lost this game.. RIP Gianna and Kobe Bryant

    8. J Lux

      2:53 now I've seen it all.

    9. • 43 Years Ago

      Rip Kobe bryant

    10. Ronnie Stanford

      Rest in peace kobe. Bryant

    11. Chris Langis

      The big problem with these highlights is they don't show enough of key defensive plays and stands. I have to go to other sources to watch a real highlight video.

    12. d patrickb13

      Lakers would be Lucky to be Champions of the Staple Center this year. No disrespect to them, Clippers are a juggernaut playing possum while everyone has a parade for the Lakers already. Just obervations of a Celtics fan in LA. Boston 0-1 to Cliippers.

    13. Bike Maurice

      Would luv 2 c these two teams battle in The Finals o_o ^_^

    14. Bryan Razalo

      nice play both

    15. jhyto chavez

      Shot clock at the floor

      1. bocoy noiu

        Lakers fire

    16. Alex Bustos

      Celtics scored 139 points WTF!

      1. bocoy noiu

        The lakers are overrated like a mf! All they do is beat up on bums!

    17. Paulo Espia


    18. sherkhan

      Lakers could do without Kuzma.

    19. N0 NAME

      Lebron got duned on again lol

    20. si Ld pooo

      Wow. Just how many threes was that? Celtics too is talented, tho.

    21. Clownan around

      Lakers look pathetic

    22. tmaz85

      LeBum and his Fakers have been exposed again. They're not a good team. Can only beat bad teams, can't beat top teams.

    23. End of time Repent

      Wla pa rin laban west sa finals neto

    24. bocoy noiu

      Glad Kemba got his first win against LBJ

    25. Primo Primo2

      This is when a Celtic fan thinks winning a champ by beating LA . It’s only a regular season game .

    26. AO Nation

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      1. bocoy noiu

        Lebron blamed his son the reason why he didn''t win this game?? Lebron sunk to a new low even for him.

    27. Petrusan Valentin

      I knew Boston will beat the fuck out LA by 25 Pat knew it. Fuck the Lakers 💯🙌🏽

    28. Chris Heyward

      These night as well be the Lakers only jerseys at this point 😂

    29. Ted Rowland

      How many points did the Chinese Communist party sellout...I mean Lebron James....get?

    30. Michael Jones

      The lakers are overrated like a mf! All they do is beat up on bums!

    31. NewStyle Modeling

      Lakers fire

    32. Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

      Love that video

    33. GagamVlogs atbp

      Hello! Mahilig ka ba sa "Gagamba"? Lika na bisitahin mo ang channel ko at mag subscribe na. Thank you in advance and god bless! 😁😇

    34. Savage Ian

      Kawhi being like hahahaha

    35. D GAMER

      LBJ is old, he even had to self proclaimed GOAT before it’s too late, and not a single NBA player will say he is that good lol.

    36. Zachary Artis

      Brown with the dunk here's Tatum he got the step 🏀💪

    37. Kie Vlogs

      Halatang apektado ang laro ni james sa paghihiwalay nila ni nadine

    38. Mike Luch

    39. 10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

      First game in a while that everyone's been healthy, so what happens? They're back on track. A few losses and fans want to literally trade everyone and fire the coach. Typical over reaction

    40. alberto gonzalez

      Kuzma pelo de puto fucking gay jajajajaja jajajajaja

    41. Hazardman

      Regardless if you think the Celtics can't get pass the Bucks in the East. You still have to respect them or get embarrassed! They can beat any team. Slipping but if they tighten up that defense again. Look out!🤬🇻🇮✌🏾

      1. BlitzkriegCHILE

        I just hope Paul Pierce agrees with you now

    42. S.L. Perion TV

      Lebron blamed his son the reason why he didn''t win this game?? Lebron sunk to a new low even for him.

    43. The pensive Truth seeker

      Celtics scored more 3 point shots, that’s why they won.

    44. Filmaholics Productions

      Those Boston Celtics Jerseys was made by Dr. Suess lol


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      ?? 1:55 ? ??????

    47. IceColdKilax

      No need to Watch guys Lakers get Blown Out by 30.

    48. Guide Dam

    49. SEDMUND59

      Celtics vs Lakers in Boston?? You're playing against all those Celtic Ghosts man .

    50. my punto ako my punto ka

      Oh sad.. I think lebron is injured again.. Lakers will not lose if lebron is healthy.. Right lebron fans?

    51. BlackIsBeautiful

      This entire highlight reel is nothing but threes and layups. I guess the midrange game really is dead

    52. MaKiBoy BoY

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    53. Crypto

      2 points in 5 seconds?! Damn , Magic punching air rn

    54. Kathleen Salimbagat

      Go go go 😍😍😍😍😇🙏😂😂😁

    55. Amor Hope

      😣😣😣 lakers fun here,

    56. han esto

      #smoked only time Boston gets to smoke #420

    57. STEVEN ESCAMILLA you get paid 💯 like fr fr you can knwo LeBron secrets🤫

    58. Michael DeSilvio

      lebron farted his fans away. 👹💨💦😵

    59. Felix JuanAdventurer

      thats lebron leadership.. sit...

    60. RJ John

      AD and Rondo aint healthy yet just waitn