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    Have you ever wondered why it’s important to be kind? Kindness can change the whole world and you can make the world better by such simple acts as holding open a door for someone, saying something nice to your colleague, sharing food with someone who needs it. Being kind can truly change people's lives. Moreover, it’s important to treat people how you would like to be treated and the result will be positive. Even scientists say that being kind can positively affect your health. It literally strengthens your heart because of the release of hormones. Also, an act of being kind to others reduces stress levels. Kindness works like a boomerang and comes back to you. People might remember that once you helped them and likely will help you when you badly need it. Kindness brings only benefits and happiness to your life. Watch this video to find examples of kindness and adorable moments you will like!
    Share stories about kindness from your life with us!
    00:09 The importance of kindness
    03:08 Sharing is caring
    04:49 Always help needy people
    07:48 Friendship is a treasure
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    1. Teuta Beqja

      This video is beautiful any body can help the people this is the best video then I have see :) :)

    2. study and care

      Wow what a message

    3. Thirty-Nine Percent Of Marriages End In Divorce

      "Kindness is so simple, " says the company that has multiple GEsels channels that are based on scamming little kids for views and money. ACTUALLY HAPPENED anyone? That doesn't seem like a kind act to me.

    4. Krille Hansen

      I cried while watching this

    5. NotSpinel


    6. Sophia Starkey

      I hate the people who disliked this video their little s****

    7. toa simi

      i love 5mc

    8. Monique Vocal

      i wonder why 5 minute crafts throws these random videos at us sometimes.

    9. Braeleen Rules!

      This should be the whole world the world should be kind and happy 😊

    10. CB 76

      Yeah kindness is simple but why people don't want to do it?

    11. Alli Torres

      Homeless people just, upset me a lot..

    12. Merve •

      2:24 Saving a human's life is the perfect thing :)

    13. It's Nina

      Please everyone be kind, kind is the best, and also good ❤️



    15. Cyaro 2310


    16. Jason Todd

      The last part was a markian copy

    17. שרית לוי


    18. elmedin ismajli

      poor people make me cry when I see them people not helping them 😳

    19. Ina Gacha Studiø

      This is the only good and relatable.

    20. Gündüz Ateçelik

      Todays humanity needs to learn kindness

    21. bRanching Out

      Just the smallest things can make someone’s day😊.

    22. Nicole Pamela Marchena

      I dont have friends 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

    23. Kiranjot Hundal

      If only there were more people like this

    24. Kaloyan BG

      Ahhh what a big baby like a watermelon or a disco ball

    25. Hiep Nguyen

      In buddism we called it karma. You giving goods you’ll take it back, you do bad things you will recieve the same thing or worst.

    26. kiki silira Rossi

    27. Mohammad Alarefe

      Know 42% poor people have a job it’s a fact

    28. Saim _nerd

      Point to be noted 1:15 is a bagger afford a smartphone to watch this video 🤔🤔🤔

    29. Clover Land

      They copied some of these from markian😑

    30. ikusha gamer

      from georgia

    31. twice cherrybomb

      sorry to ruin the sweet moment yadda yadda but these people aren't doing anything just so you know.

    32. Olivia c'est moi

      Its really cool

    33. Shaji PR

      Welcome my friend

    34. Bilal Sheehan

      It’s nice that some people are help the planet and the environment with this much of kindness this and others are too this would be this saying “team work makes the dream work!” Like or comment if you agree.

    35. Jori Alharthy

      That just made my day thanks 5 minute crafts

    36. ZEUS53 Meha

      1 tl var lan😀

    37. Priscilla Barragan

      We must so kindness in ourselves

    38. Jacal Luise

      Finally 5 minutes craft produces a useful video

    39. Marlene Wharehinga

      Kindness is a way to show you care about what there going through and you understand

    40. София Дмитрук

      Класние видео