Kawhi is the best player in the NBA, Browns have gotten worse not better - Doug Gottlieb | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    Doug Gottlieb joins Colin Cowherd to talk Los Angeles Clippers Kawhi Leonard and if he's surpassed Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James as the best player in the NBA, if the Cleveland Browns should move on from head coach Freddie Kitchens this offseason and if Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has proven he is a franchise QB.
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    Kawhi is the best player in the NBA, Browns have gotten worse not better - Doug Gottlieb | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

      Has Kawhi Leonard passed LeBron James as the best player in the NBA?

      1. jessie gomez

        Lebron is better than kawhi.if lebron and kawhi have no major injuries this year we will see who had the better season.my money is Lebron easily.just watch the season and enjoy it.

      2. minnie hawthorne

        @Poker Face it's the truth, so you don't make excuses

      3. Poker Face

        @minnie hawthorne injured warrioirs are weak dont make that excuses

      4. Poker Face

        @Mike ferrari Ferrari who cares your top 3, just win the chip thats all

      5. Poker Face

        @tyson clarke hahaha your giannis is outflank, they said no one can diffend him, when it comes to kawhii, his lock

    2. Ray Glover

      2 weeks later "LeBron is the best player in the nba " 🙄

    3. Marcin Skóra

      angry bronsexuals attacking Doug for speaking hard facts.... sic

    4. Kenyata Jones

      This wasn't a problem in Toronto now it's a problem

    5. Tyler Thurston

      Learn gematria the sports are scripted with the news and Oval Office

    6. K On Point

      The people that are bothered are the fans Doug. Once again you are utterly clueless.


      Why does Doug Gottlieb sound so bitter?...like innately bitter.

    8. Aaron Spyda Jackson


    9. Isaac Hunt

      Doug hates LeBron so much

    10. Peter Strianus

      Colin is a football guy. I still like his show a lot actually much better than tons of shows who dramatise everything

    11. Dylan Trout

      Lakers 7-1 Colin- lebrons distracted

    12. ArabellaPoppy

      Bronsexuals triggered. 😂

    13. mjtheloneranger

      Hot take Doug wrong again

    14. Chris J

      Why hasn’t Doug gotten fired? This man just said Lebron is not even top 5. Is this personal? I thought this show is about facts

    15. Rob Perry

      Kawhi averaged 17,6 and 2 but totally outplayed lebron... Gottlieb has never supported lebron.

    16. MoosePolo

      Kobe was the best player in the league since Michael retired and until 2012

      1. Ryan Brinker

        Said almost the same thing lol.. when bron took it over it was talked about all day every day... who's the best player in the world kobe or bron. Then from 2013 until now it's been a consensus lebron.. now it's about to switch again so get ready for this convo for the next two years

    17. Sebastian Vivas

      doug you’re dumb

    18. Andrius Dubosas

      Why you start talking about NFL? Can you just make full NBA videos or full NFL videos. I hate when in the middle of video I have to listen NFL stuff that I know nothing about :(

    19. Benjamin Halladay

      Did he just say Kawhi outplayed him on the spurs? This man's a joke. Get him off TV

    20. EliTheRealist1

      "Kawhi outplayed him with the Spurs..." Yeah ok

    21. Sean Quinn

      This dude Doug is such a sick rider hes a failed athlete and hates on LeBron tell me when kawhi out played LeBron lol

    22. bolbi

      “But can you drive that car to work everyday?” Coming wasn’t expecting that answer lmaoo

    23. Dean Kruse

      Who is the best player in the league right now? It’s obviously Lebron

    24. Shibu the Entertainer

      Doug is a joke lmao if Bron "load managed" within the first 7 games he would be crapping all over him lol

    25. Deanz Beber

      Kawhi was a role player in 2014 finals averaged 12 points how did he outplay him?. Clown has no knowledge on basketball

    26. Jalen Smith

      He's right about the Lamar MVP talk. Russell Wilson should be way, way ahead of him.

    27. DM R

      he's so right about not knowing what to do with Baker Mayfield

    28. dc47life

      Lamar gonna prove alot of ppl wrong in that Seattle game his Receivers dropped 5 passes right in they hand

    29. J. C.

      Kawhi out player LBJ when he was with the Spurs????? 😂😂😂 what series where you watching? Dude is ridiculous with his Lebron hate

    30. Aaron Spyda Jackson

      1. Gottlieb's opinion has been dead to me ever since his comments on the NCAA 2. You can't be the best player in the NBA or the world if you need to take games off when you're healthy. 3. Lebron isn't a top 5 player? No you're an MJ fanatic

    31. Darius Thegr8one

      gottlieb is the absolute worst. No clue why anyone puts him on their show.

    32. Patrick Deaguiar

      What does he mean that lebron has the benefit of not going to college? He was in the NBA, Doug. 82 games a year with national travel compared to Kareem playing college which is 30-40 games a year and regional travel. The wear & tear Lebron had in those 4 years is much harder than college, Doug.

    33. Adan Herrera

      disrespect... Tim Tebow is way worse than Lamar Jackson.... Lamar runs better than Mike Vick.. Tebow did not touch Mike Vick..

    34. Samuel Parker

      Yeah I’m done with Doug at this point. Bron ain’t top 5? Who is?? Kawhi, KD, Giannis, Harden...who else you got?????? And I’m stretching it because KD is not playing this year and James is always has been an inefficient, one dimensional player. Also, Kawhi NEVER outperformed Bron in the finals. The year Kawhi won finals MVP, it was because of his “great defense” on Bron but Bron averaged 28 ppg...

    35. Chris Renshaw

      Clearly it’s kawhi not lebron

    36. D Jones

      No disrespect to kawhi but those 12 min kd had....he dominated him....who did kawhi beat?? Steph???

    37. Logan Lefeld

      Doug is an idiot... every game russel Wilson is amazing. What about when he got destroyed by the quarterback ur trash talking?

    38. Nathan Barnard

      Lamar beat Wilson

    39. Eric Maye

      Lebron has good games but game in game out there are several players better than him .

    40. JAH LOVE

      Kawhi out played Lebron, lol, Lebron avg. 30 that series....

    41. Harry Templeman-Wright

      Coming from England as a football fan (soccer), I find it weird how people freak about load management. In football, players are always rested and the team is rotated. This is not just to keep the stars healthy, but to ensure role players get more playing time so they can improve.

    42. Quante' Ellison

      Boy I tell you, Lamar just can’t get credit for anything 🤷🏾‍♂️seriously what more does he have to do to earn respect

      1. Jalen Smith

        He's right thoough. Lamar is awesome but he shouldn't be in the convo with Russell Wilson, Watson, and McCafrey

    43. Grant Richter

      Fool reporters are the ones who started the narrative that regular season does not count. Winning regular season MVP holds more weight than winning finals MVP. Could Iguadala win a regular season MVP or Cornbread Maxwell?? LOL I would argue that Kareem's 6 MVP's put him in the Goat conversation. You need a very good team to win finals MVP.... should only players on very good teams be in the discussion? Really stupid! Because of fools like Gottlieb the NBA should put in a couple of rule changes to put value back into the regular season. Higher seed gets 5 out of 7 home games..2-2-3,, 2 at home, 2 away, 3 at home. Also players contracts should be pro-rated paid for games played...why should Kawhi get paid for sitting when healthy?? Everyone has a risk of getting injured,,,, sitting Kawhi is a strategy... not a necessity! The problem is the talking heads have got it twisted... they created the narrative that you have to win rings to move up all-time list which caused players joining super teams (durant) and they created narrative that regular season is meaningless.

    44. Diego Bustos

      Doug hate for Lamar is Crazy, he is not going to be the MVP we all know that, but this clown keeps making Teabow comparison he sounds like a fool

    45. therealb1zzness

      This guy said the Ravens have a great defense, lol.

    46. AJ Palmeri

      I hate when people say let’s stop talking good about this guy because of one day and then say well if we take away this play and that play and that play he only did this

    47. Jeremy H

      Gottlieb is the type of dude who reads stat sheets and looks at box scores and forms his takes purely on that. You can tell on his hate for Lamar Jackson

    48. Jazz Travis

      Shut up he knows what hes doing. Hes fine

    49. Bert Suluvale

      Trash topic - LBJ is still thee best!

    50. The Dark Matter 2019

      How many idiotic statements were made this segment? Lebron bored him early on, Lebron might not be top five now, OBJ have no trade value...

    51. Walter monroe

      Kawhi the best period.

    52. Steve MT

      3 words for you Doug. PED.

    53. Jeremy Sivertsen

      Until the day LeBron retires he will be the best player in the league.

    54. Ree Moe

      Easily some of the worst takes in Sports

    55. Asus Asus

      We care when it's 2 weeks in the regular season. And it's against a good team with a reigning MVP.

    56. سلطان 13

      Lets not over hype 3 strait triple doubles away with 3 w but lets hold opining night which was ONE game against him forever 😂😂😂😂 this guy has no logic ever when talking about lebron

    57. SpartanK07

      Gottleib and skip coordinating their hate ? This guy has been saying KD is the best now he’s on the kawhi meat wagon ?

    58. James Ber

      Players should be suspended a game in the playoffs for each game beyond 5 per season he sits because of load management.

    59. Swank Mastermind

      I’m cool with not having LBJ as the best player in the league but not too 5 wtf are you smoking ? WHO IS THIS GUY ?? GET HIM OUT OF HERE COACH.

    60. michael morris

      NBA is the most superficial sport with nothin but selfish stars.