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    Relive Barcelona's victory over Juventus in the 2015 UEFA Champions League final in Berlin.
    The #UCL Final Flashback series takes an amazing behind-the-scenes look at some of the greatest finals in the competition's history. An episode will publish every Sunday before a Champions League match-week through the 2018/19 season.
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    1. Mr Twist 71

      We want that barca 😔

    2. karen Lizeth Herrera

      J U V E N T U S VS B A R.

    3. J RC700

      Pogba's final at Europe League against AJX maybe it's better than Pogba's final at Champions League against FCB...

    4. fabi998 5

      neymar 😢

    5. Shantanu Mishra

      And then came Valverde... 😂

    6. DeAd MaN

      I hope to see this celebration 🎉 in 2020 for sure. Barca forever💯

    7. Kim Jong Un

      *I'm a Barcelona fan. But I always felt bad as Buffon dis not win the champions league. But now as Ronaldo has come to Juventus, I dont support them anymore.*

    8. Marco Capelli

      Solo 4 parole godo come un riccio

    9. Sahli Aysser

      I wish it's the last Barcelona final in thé UCL

    10. Arshad Oachira

      " Those Were the days " homie

    11. Megalodon Nice

      Das war damals doch bei uns in Deutschland oder?(Berlin) Translate: That was by us in Germany, or?(Berlin)

    12. Yash Daga

      Ironically this was The last time we,Barca fans,were sooooo happpy....Miss those days man.Barca just does not feel like Barca anymore.Riots,stupid plays have ruined us.AND THATS BECAUSE OF VALVERDE AND THE PREZ,BARTOMEU...We were destroyed by the Pragmatic playing style under Valverde.Hope QUIQUE SETIEN revives us those memories.

    13. Crazy Footballer

      Watching in 2020 February

    14. Ade Rizky

      7:21 messi neymar 😄

    15. angel Benitez


    16. Tm. Iqhwan

      Mampus yuve awkwokwok

    17. John Andreu

      cuando rakitic era bueno

    18. dewaana kusumaa

      misd this moment 😭

    19. Rifki Nugraha

      I miss moment:')

    20. Faris Hawari

      Adminnya decul

    21. Yavi Samantha10

      1.55 😂

    22. Abiola Ademuyiwa

      The was Barca! NOT the sloppy and disgusting one under Valverde.

    23. Elias renoj Renoj

      7:20 thank me 💙 ❤️ 🔵🔴

    24. PyRT 06

      8:54 camiseta de la temporada siguiente falla en la matrix

    25. Amartya Arumugam


    26. Sasxhaツ

      I love how everybody has respect for Buffon and talks with him very very friendly

    27. Elia S-X

      Barca merda merda merda

    28. Viktor Zámarský

      Ahhhh good old days of MSN

    29. Muhammed Asif

      Messi didn't scores in final but he done great work for his team he drible somany pakuers alone and make chance inside box that why barcelina get 2nd and 3rd goal

    30. San Arroyos

      Poor Useless Juve.. Dirty Bribed Team


      imagine same fixture this year's champions league final...... el classico cr7 vs leo messi

    32. Marchel Sugi

      When Barca still playing like a team and Pogba still a real football player.

    33. Jeff. Z.z

      Imagine Bayern vs Barcelona for the 2019-2019 champions league final 0.0

    34. Evelyn Duku

      Yh they were the days

    35. Im Lee Han

      Did dybala play in these final

    36. 2,413,823 views

      7:14 Gives me chills. The sheet silence right before Suarez scores, the commentators reactions, Luis’s celebration while running towards the crowd, Messi and Neymar jumping over the board at the same time. Literal chills 💯💯

    37. Luca89 Malli

      Una goduria immensa!!

    38. Shlok Does Stuff

      Mom spaghetti

    39. whsh djdjdj

      Miss the moment

    40. Arif Budiman


    41. Deepankar Kumar

      Imagine if this Juventus had Ronaldo......😀🙏

    42. Die Mine

      Juve just have a bad history in Berlin 1997 Lost to Borussia Dortmund 2015 lost to Barcelona

    43. Francisc Ferenczi

      what a match..what a game from barca...the only thing i felt sory for was Pirlo crying and Buffon not getting his hand on a champions league trophy...but what a game.. from a chelsea fan

    44. Joshua John

      Back when Neymar played with hunger and something to prove.

    45. Huevito

      La Última Champions de mi Barcelona, pero en el 2020 se viene la 6ta 🔵🔴

    46. Mr Blackman Nigger

      It could of been a el Classico final

    47. Le Nerazzurri

      Juve merda loosers

    48. OLYMPIACOS 44

      Lets go 2020 winners vamos barca!!!

    49. Leandro Lima

      Good times 🔵❤🔵❤🔵❤🔵❤

    50. LAPULGA MESSI1⃣0⃣

      Biggest mistake Barca made ERNESTO VALVERDE 😞


      Buffon dreams were crushed by barca nad madrid both I wish buffon wins the cl someday

      1. Míster Saitama el desmarcador de ruptura

        Not anymore hahaha he retired

    52. henry C

      I remember this game I was 12 years old

    53. Vypo

      This just brought back memories. The whole neighborhood was watching it on a big screen outside and the hype was amazing. Dang, I miss this barca

    54. FBI

      Me da nostalgia ver ese equipo del 2015

    55. Mohammad Nazari

      😢😢😍😍😢❤❤❤Barce ,MSN

    56. Joram Ratu

      Wish Neymar stayed at Barcelona.. would have won two more😭..Miss Neymar.

    57. Артур Манукян

      ку ку ёпта из россии

    58. Suhh Dude

      🔥🔥🔥 we need this Barça back

    59. Stanisław

      Ah, that was a beautiful day

    60. UJ 18

      When will barca win the champions league again ??? I MISS THESE FEELING of seeing barca crowned as the chapions of europe