Justin Bieber - Yummy (Official Video)



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    Directed by Bardia Zeinali
    Produced by Roisin Audrey Moloney
    Executive Producers: Danielle Hinde, Jason Cole
    Video Commissioner: Yolande Geralds
    Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
    Director of Photography: Ben Carey
    Production Designer: Natalie Ziering
    Production Manager: David Garcia
    Production Coordinator: Tori Stosh
    Choreographer: Nick De Moura
    Artist Styling: Karla Welch
    Artist Grooming: Florido Basallo
    Cast Styling: Gadir Rajab
    Cast Make-up: Adam Burrell
    Cast Hair: Lucas Wilson
    Edited by: William Town, Graham Patterson @ Modern Post
    Colorist: Tim Masick @ Company 3

    Music video by Justin Bieber performing Yummy (Official Video). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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    1. Bianca Chambergo

      La canción es hermosa

    2. cami

      gesels.info/video/video/q8-bpsbUo3qerZU.html play!!

    3. Melissa White

      I likes

    4. dawn studios

      i thought the video would be about hailey not food lol.

    5. Aynisha Vang

      Justin Bieber do you hate performing??Sorry to ask you that if you don’t want to question it

    6. Jeremiah Reyes

      Who always looks for the top comment.

    7. julianne Smith

      This song is definitely about Pedogate. Pizzagate is real. Open your eyes people.

    8. x_Charchar

      25: Justin: eating yummy food Me 25: closing the fridge to see the light turn off

    9. Ari Msp

      1 like = Justin’s eyesbrows gets T H I C C E R

    10. Jack Del angel

      Yimmy ❤👍😊

    11. maddie kirby

      nobody: the coments: wowwwwww this is amazing

    12. Lucero Huchim


    13. Roberto Morales

      Cepei cepei cepei

    14. Frank Ch silva


    15. Frank Ch silva


    16. israel mendez


    17. Vanessa Hernandez

      Like👍👍 que me gusta Justin Bieber ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    18. kaylee fornes

      Whats up with you chin at 2:20

    19. Nida Shohwatulislam

      Kenapa dagunya jadi panjang?

    20. Jefferson Doria


    21. Sammy B.

      He tha goat for this one... EXPOSE THEM and may God keep you safe🙏🏽

    22. Supercubix

      so how is this a good song again?....

    23. Morena Baldovino

      Que hermoso que es

    24. Targetted Individual


    25. Justin Passley

      896K dislikes wow.... *YUMMY*

    26. Oliverr

      This song can be used in a strip club and a 10 year old child’s birthday stolen yes sirrr

      1. Oliverr

        @Jaiken900 Pflucker yes sir

      2. Jaiken900 Pflucker

        Oliverr stolen


      Untuk orang indo coba liat di menit 2:20 dagunya justin bieber memanjang gak siiihh🙃🤔

    28. rinku varghat

      Every body saying the song is bad!! This song is actually DARN CATCHY and not everyone has the same taste!!

    29. Cereal Cereal

      Eat your cereal

    30. Sandra Rodriguez

      Es lo máximo Justin Bieber ❤❤

    31. Jhoiner Reyes


    32. Desti :3

      👽 *eastereggs* 👽 2:18 *edited lifted eyebrows* 🤨 2:21 *edited long chin* 🗿 2:35 *edited huge bulged eyeballs* 👁👁

    33. Pizzaria Zl


    34. Tatínek Mstitel

      I believe Justin dragged some infants into the cellar at his palace, for he told them that the birthday party is waiting for them with big sweet cake and they all will sing Yummy Yummy... Their hands and other organs were interconnected to execute a monkeyish dance. At the moment the kids have no interest in this monkey business, because they found out never get home again. Sadly they are out of luck. They never see their folks again. How about now? This is one exemplum how little monkeys (brats) end very badly in case of disobedience to well-intentioned parental advice not to conversation with strangers. And Justin is home and dry, since nobody find out his hellacious crime.

    35. Pauls Country

      Got Autotune? Lol

    36. Payton Domangue

      If you go to 2:20 then you can see his chin go a little bit out of control

    37. Sandra Valdivia

      You are a very good singer 100% this is not joke love you Justin Bieber 😊😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😘😘💗💗💗💗💗💗

    38. Kenia Figueroa


    39. Corrine Hideos

      Justin Bieber is the best😎😎😎

    40. Dog_Lover25

      I just realized that he's coming to MY state in Michigan.

    41. Trợ thủ công nghệ

      My mom: Is my food is delicius ? Me: 0:27

    42. Amiya Aaron

      my mom always playin this song lmaoooo

    43. Miguel angel Alvarez

      En mi teléfono tengo subtítulos y me aparece perdí el control estoy en peligro en el minuto 1con 50

    44. Blue Heart

      this videoclip is the real cringe 👊😔

    45. Kevin Shipp

      That's yummy food

    46. Шахида Даурова

      Justin 😙😙😙😙😍

    47. Luiz Carlos da Silva

      a Taylor Swift apareceu atrás

    48. swaroop kamble

      Insect : exist* Bear Grylls : 0:26

    49. clarrieous B

      Everyone:talking about the album and him Me: being jealous on his sub count

    50. Vania aparecida

      I love you muisc

    51. Asit Kumar Nayak

      Love form india..❤

    52. Toxic MixYT

      If you want to be a billionaire just say 5 letters with hella auto tune

    53. HappyAgent03

      2:21 elongated chin

    54. Telminha Santos

      Brasil, alguém?

    55. Danielle Young

      you were better as a kid

    56. John peter

      Song is like yummy

    57. alexis rogers

      im just coming here to look for gregs

    58. Kaffy Efizzy

      Me hearing the song on tiktok me playing over over again😍😍😍

    59. Divs TM

      How many Indian's are here Like JB 👌🇮🇳😍❤👇👇

    60. Kaffy Efizzy

      Me talking to cake yea ypu got that yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yum 😋