Justin Bieber Carpool Karaoke 2020

The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

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    James Corden and Justin Bieber are reunited in the carpool lane where they quickly get into an argument about Tom Cruise, create a new TikTok dance for 'Yummy,' chat about Justin's marriage to Hailey Bieber and of course, sing some of Justin's new music and even a couple classic tunes.
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    Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."


    1. Demogorgon02

      TOm Cruise would WAXXXXXX this kid.. Stick to music bud lol

    2. Ahmed Brownie

      This was different 😂 nice

    3. bc a

      Those two are best couples.

    4. This Kun

      I hope one day blackpink there


      They both look cute together hanging out friendship freely 😂😂😂😂😂😚😊😊😙😙🙂😃

    6. hemzzah twaiti

      Justin biebr needs to stop acting like zayn malik

      1. hemzzah twaiti

        Zayn malik is better than you but just be your self

    7. Rindiani Idin


    8. Gagls Segkj

      tối ưu tiktok

    9. Giselle Lopez

      ngl when Justin said : I'm a married man, got a mustache on" that hit me hard :/

    10. Sam Htike

      god damnnn he looks better with a pedophile's moustache lol

    11. Starrybluesky91

      Why has James not made a damn album yet? Like seriously his harmonies with all of these artists are so great!! ❤️❤️❤️

    12. Ariana Urcia

      My heart exploded when they sang Smelly Cat 😍

    13. Linda Alvarez

      My god, they are not even 25 years old. That marriage is NEVER going to work out. Believe me, we’re gonna read all about the nasty divorce before they turn 30.

    14. Noemi Guarneri

      love love love

    15. Evan Reyes


    16. B 21

      Justin looks like he's craving his next fix at the start... Shaking and shivering like an addict

    17. princess for life

      Check out the Angel Canadian Talk Show

    18. Alhajj Ibrahim

      James: Let's dance Justin Bieber: chill I'm not in the mood just sing

    19. Sophia Betesh

      The boomer energy in this video🤣

    20. linda kasumba


    21. Kaasbaas 01

      Why are their people clapping (@0.07) in these video's?

    22. Uriel zegarra

      Lovin 'you now, a little more tomorrow are my intentions ✌🏻

    23. Robin Swift

      that is my jazz dance this year

    24. Grace Denton

      hes an actR 😂

    25. Grace Denton

      I love this

    26. Jackson Holllond

      Hooooo 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🎮🎮

    27. Quetzalle

      Justin is a good kid. Remember he didn't have much choice in show biz. His parents pushed him along. It's not easy to be christian in Hollywood. Also the thing about him being soft is stupid. He was a little kid at the time. I know James understands as Americans are weird to talk to and you have a bit of a bromance going lol.

    28. John Hatchell

      People hate on justin beiber so much but when you see something like this he seems like a cool guy that would be fun to hang with

    29. William Reyes

      The real question is James is driving or he is being towed?

    30. tomo rob

      I just watched a tick tock and.james ain't driving there being toed

    31. aisha qayyum


    32. Giorgios Botis

      Do Slipknot next you’ll need a bigger suv..

    33. bryz

      it was cute when he said "you're like the last girl" but it's not as cute when you remember he sang one less lonely girl with the n word

    34. Bridget Mthethwa

      James Corden's harmonies are everything 😭😻😻😻♥️

    35. nil projapoti

      Talking during driving is not good

    36. Noemi Braga

      Amo Justyn amo muito ele é lindo dimais queria pelo menos um dia ao lado dele😍💟

    37. Nira Pal

      I really like when JB is here .

    38. Justin Bieber Malaysia

      When Justin is with James,he always wears grey hoodie.. 1)gesels.info/video/video/dt5ib8eTjHl1r50.html 2)gesels.info/video/video/rNqJf9SZZYWDzGY.html 3)gesels.info/video/video/p9GecbaUiJmmx6k.html 4)gesels.info/video/video/Y7qlcsO7gXx516k.html

    39. Dana Tahhan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="642">10:42</a> Justin's laugh 🤣🤣😂😂

    40. Tammy keeton

      He definitely had more feelings when singing intentions. You can tell he loves that woman! Love them together, best thing that happened to him.

    41. favour francis

      Who else thinks Justin looks cuter with his grown mustache,cos I for one do.

    42. Ellek

      Justin looks like he's going to cry during love yourself song. Hmmmm

    43. Panton Muenchen


    44. CheeziCakePop

      This is insane lol

    45. Mr Beast

      We need Vanessa Marquez on this.

    46. Rumail Saddique

      We need Eminem


      i caan win

    48. Aubree Garnes

      Justin why a

    49. Hi Im Ur Geisha

      "Im Crazy"

    50. Lance Mountain

      The only thing i took from this video is that i'm now hyped for this Justin Bieber v.s. Tom Cruise fight.

    51. Sophie Jocelyn

      I used to really hate Justin Bieber back in the day, I’m glad to see how he has grown up and matured over the years. 👍🏼

    52. precious jayda Villarina

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="94">1:34</a>🥺🤣

    53. demetria walker

      Ilove Justin so much 🥺

    54. Nahh G

      lmao we all came from that video

    55. Hjb124

      The sass of Justin in this content

    56. Felipe Santos

      We need Chris Brown on the card pool Karaoke!!!!!!!

    57. oh well

      the difference between this one and the carpool karaoke from 4 years ago- one thing stays the same,, our love for him🤭 im so sorry that was horrible-

    58. Emilia Thompson 123

      I saw on tik tok James Corden doesnt actually drive the car is on a trailer that is in front of them. Hence why the camera stays facing forward.

    59. April 🥀Rose

      Lyme disease sucks the life out of you. You can tell Justin still doesn’t feel completely well again but he may never. I have Lyme for 4 years and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same.

    60. April 🥀Rose

      We need Lukas Graham on here!

    61. Chel Delgado

      Justin Bieber’s Carpool karaokes will always be my favorites 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    62. Yamilete Bustos

      I love how James is not holding the wheel while driving

    63. Nato Japaridze

      I hate you justin

    64. Shereen Fester

      So cool. 🤗

    65. kelsie kyle burce vlogs

      The one last lonely girl my gad casieee

    66. smooth smoothsmooth

      Justin Bieber should see BTS song titled idol...lol...Idol song is the answer for love yourself song...I wanna see Justin Bieber n BTS collabs...horay...

    67. azel weerasingha

      Funniest carpool karaoke ever 😂🔥❤

    68. Giavanna Costarelli

      Shave the mustache

    69. Void SupremeDXD ツ

      I’m up at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="364">6:04</a> and I don’t regret staying up late watching videos 100% not regret

    70. Doging Pussang

      JB love 💖💖💖from India🇮🇳 (love u 🥰😍)

    71. Alannah Beaman

      him singing one less lonely girl again made me want to cry 😭

    72. Hi-ka O

      Anybody know the name of the first song plz

    73. SONNGAIHTE gaming

      Me in car No talking or vomit these guys wrestles

    74. Ivan Ho Cuber

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="764">12:44</a> and when he was younger he sang a very racist parody of one less lonely n word lmao but I love Justin tho no hate

    75. Ashley Webber

      Name of this sonnnnng????

    76. Brianna Duke

      Lil wayne carpool PLEASEEEEE

    77. Dominic Lowe

      ok well that was hard!

    78. Jell O

      I thought the person singing One less lonely girl was a girl for a second and the image of the movie White Girls popped up where they sing in the car. LOL

    79. Mohammed Kamran Ali

      An 2 pic

    80. Malak Tarek el Tahan

      Justin is my favorite singer at all times and l love him so much❤️❤️