Just Dance 2014 Wii U Gameplay - Will.i.am ft. Justin Bieber: That Power



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    1. ina bruining


    2. Letty Lopez

      Mi niño de 3 años Claudia miranda

    3. Kristian Medina

      Never have space grandmas looked so awesome.

    4. Aryana Herrera

      love yall's songs i dance to them all the TIME!!!!

    5. sheryl ware

      Hey I don't you have the best this justice where Abby so are you actually

    6. Yessica Gomez

      Es la peor pavada jamas exista

    7. Butt Butt

      School 🏫 is a good night to school tomorrow and I can do a a little more fun day with school tomorrow I’ll be there tomorrow and then we Hdudhiqogiwdj

    8. Bobakdarya Niaki

      My class had free time and we could do just dance then my friend chose this and everybody stared at us lol

    9. Janet Herrera


    10. sensor_YT

      old top was really cool this just dance


      This Reminds Me of School

    12. LegitMan335

      *enter cyber arena grid, cyber suit , plays music, show off your killer moves*

    13. Jackie M

      This was our tik tok💀

    14. Reighan Polk

      This is so bad my cousins dancing to it it's so bad that you want to shut it off that's why I put it down stuff and I nevered subscribe

    15. Jordi Carné Serra


    16. Alyssa Cremeans

      I love this songs of the power

    17. Abel Tesayfe

      That power

    18. Claudia Adamo


    19. Thalis Watthied

      Xsss o Enzo tá bom dia Letícia tudo bem com vc cê tá bom então amor

    20. Ky Mcl

      Hi Kylee

    21. Deborah Lemons

      My students love it

    22. Rapid -Dragon

      I remember listening to this in 2 grade this is old old memories

    23. guadalupe Rodriguez

      Es mi baile favorito de verdad amo la música de Justin Bieber es mi idolo desde que estoy en este mundo ya me aprendí la coreografía 😂❤está preciosa 💜💜💜💜

    24. risikat shade adegbola


    25. Mohamed Daa


    26. ashley caty

      quarantine got me dancing this

    27. yomonda davis


    28. pauline smith


    29. Baynaylul

      Legend Song!

    30. Mariam Akram

      That is the most amazing song I have heard

    31. Thalis Watthied

      D wbsbshshshsge

    32. Baljit Kaur

      It is so awesome

    33. Thalis Watthied


    34. Thalis Watthied


    35. Thalis Watthied

      Deixes desconheço

    36. Ayşe Nisa Yıldırım

      Şu dans yüzünden varya Allah belanuxu vetsun lan of

      1. Ayşe Nisa Yıldırım

        Utanç meselesi gençler bişi değil

    37. Khánh Ngọc Đỗ


    38. Paola Ramirez

      I do that at home

    39. María Sofía y alessa Rodriguez ld

      Just Dance

    40. Norma Martinez


    41. Babs

      Although Justin Bieber was heard in this song, I still like it. It's catchy!

    42. CloudKiller DJ

      10 Year Old Me Loved This 🤣

    43. •melon head •

      *jesus how do i explain...* So um our classroom has a break from work here and there and someone requested this and i was just kinda scared the whole entire time they always put this on when they have a break

    44. Crackhead Bobby

      So many good memories

    45. The marauders Are awesome

      Taking me back to fourth grade

    46. Gamer fox Is here

      Bruh i need to learn this for school they told me

    47. Nozakhile Zwane


    48. SAFADO s2

      Meu primo me chama pra dançar direto kkk 🇧🇷

    49. Ryan Peralta

      Can we get an F in chat when all of them missed that first gold move?

    50. Rick Bartlett

      Melt ms

    51. Johanna Pereira


    52. Shamso Osman

      Gg J

    53. VForever MarcelaV H

      Helo Main em is Marcela so de México y You ablo inglis

    54. erin hunter

      can you do my favoriet song starship and superbass

    55. Winie Anja

      Like it

    56. Evelyn Howard

      My fiancé is at work right now is make money

    57. Mr.Maliclan

      My kindergarten teacher always played this😭

    58. Nakobi King


    59. Cate Hudtloff a.k.a Jack94Mario1


    60. Svana Diy

      I amsohappy i kept my 2014 just dance

    61. Stupid •

      If you remember the good old days in kindergarten give this comment a like

    62. Afia Animwaa Agyemang

      Just Dance is the best

    63. Maia Condrea

      I love the song so much!!!💜💜💜💜

    64. 王飞

      I won.

    65. Gamer Kimiko

      Nice video I love the just dance game

    66. Sydnie_Marie07

      I remember I didn’t want to do that one part when I was little in front of my mom cause I thought it was inappropriate

    67. Play Play

      Esta padre con mucho rit no like si tu crees que es cierto🙃🙃🙃

    68. Asunta Autran Cerqueria

      I just

    69. Alexa Meza


    70. Alexa Meza


    71. Kathleen Seaton

      My brother watches this all the time

    72. Kennedy Braswell

      🤩 wow

    73. Brixyie

      my whole class did this and i got so fucking cringed i wanted to walk out of the school

    74. Caio Josias

      I'm from Brazil

    75. Connor Carmine

      I can play them but 2014 is the oldest I can play

    76. Connor Carmine

      I think old just dance is better

      1. Connor Carmine

        Only sometimes though

    77. Daniel Lawhon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a> is me and my friends in the classroom

    78. Daniel Lawhon

      Every time we hear this song we do the dx suck it from wwe

    79. JJ Blakey

      The good old days

    80. Kate Thompson-dale


      1. Kate Thompson-dale

        Ur all good