Just Dance 2020: Talk by Khalid | Official Track Gameplay [US]

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Just Dance

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    Talk by Khalid is coming to Just Dance 2020!
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    Gather your friends and family and Just Dance like nobody’s watching with Just Dance® 2020! The #1 Music Video Game Franchise of All Time*, with over 67 million units sold**, is back this fall. The newest, freshest Just Dance celebrates 10 years of bringing people together with 40 new hot tracks, more stunning universes and exclusive surprises for the players to discover!
    Join a community of more than 120 million players around the world and get ready to set the dancefloor on fire. Whether there’s something to celebrate or for no reason at all, Just Dance is there for every occasion!
    Just Dance 2020 comes with 40 new songs from the top of the trends for the whole family to enjoy! From chart-topping hits to family favorites, from viral internet phenomenons to the latest emerging artists, there is something for everyone to have fun in Just Dance.
    Just Dance 2020 celebrates a decade of bringing people together with exciting new content! Team up with friends for more fun in our Co-op mode, returning to the Just Dance franchise for Just Dance 2020. Co-op mode brings players together to combine scores and rule the dancefloor! Exercise while having fun with the Sweat Mode! Track your calories burned, time spent dancing, and keep yourself motivated with our dedicated sweat playlists.
    Enjoy a wide range of creative universes, created using new production techniques, never before seen in Just Dance.
    Little ones can join in on the fun with the acclaimed Kids Mode! The dedicated mode allows the youngest players to enjoy in full with 8 new kid-friendly curated songs, coming along with a fun dance experience tailored to kids' needs.
    With Just Dance Unlimited, the dance-on-demand subscription streaming service, you have access to 500+ songs and more! Every copy of the game comes with a month’s access!
    Experience Just Dance in a brand new way on Google Stadia.
    No console? No worries! Jump right into the
    Just Dance experience directly from your Chrome browser.
    Be the star of your own show! Just Dance 2020 is more personalized than ever with an enhanced recommendation system.
    The game learns your dancing habits and pushes you content you will like, at the time that’s right for you! Follow your instincts and pick the perfect pre-made playlist to match your mood, or let the game make recommendations created just for you. For every moment, there’s a Just Dance playlist.
    With the intuitive interface, personalizing your game experience has never been so easy. Pick your favorite songs among the ever-growing Just Dance catalog and create your own playlists to customize your Just Dance parties!
    Bust a move! The party never stops with Just Dance 2020.
    There is always something going on in Just Dance 2020! Check out the enhanced home page for the latest news on in-game seasonal events and more recommendations on songs or playlists to dance to and videos to watch. Make sure to visit the World Dance Floor to party online with the Just Dance community and enjoy themed events, Happy Hours, tournaments and new boss families to defeat, all year long!
    Keep the party going with Just Dance Unlimited! More songs and content will be added throughout the year to enrich Just Dance 2020 players’ experience.
    No additional accessories are required to join the fun! Just use your smartphone with the Just Dance Controller app! (iOS, Android, compatible with Xbox One, PS4 and Google Stadia)
    Use your smartphone to navigate in-game, track and score your moves - no camera, Kinect, or PS Move required! Up to 6 players can play with their phones simultaneously.
    Just Dance 2020: Talk by Khalid | Official Track Gameplay [US]

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    1. Luana Chagas

      Brabo dms

    2. Frizi1909


    3. Marcus Moscato

      We need stupid love by lady gaga

    4. Gamer Kid

      Bro, just dance is fire

    5. Reyna Perez


    6. Piccolo_sun

      i put a new music track to it gesels.info/video/video/m99ij8utgXijmnM.html

    7. Look, its official IM A BLINK


    8. Nicolas Da Cunha Crispim


    9. LinkMaster Power AUTTP ATHDC VGCP

      You doing good ubisoft hope just dance 2021 is good

    10. Phúc Minh channel

      Just dance

    11. XxkingzFlashXx Xxki

      I got it it was awesome and fire

    12. IncrediboxFanRey Sliver

      This dance is basically me when I dance in public:

    13. Karina Castineiras-Mata

      Goodddddddd to me

    14. Michael gaming101

      Hopefully this is on just dance unlimited

      1. GG

        it isnt

    15. Theo Linssen

      Zo leukigheden vind dit liedje een van de leukste liedjes

    16. Dynia

      Choreography 6/10 music 7/10 coach6/10 background 7/10 XD


      I Feel It Coming 2.0

    18. Andre fernando Santos ferreira filho


    19. Kerry Brennan

      Is Melanie Martinez Soap in it?

    20. PurpleKitten

      You know what rhymes with Khalid? Salad

    21. Zalzer7 Zeta

      _Sorry But This Is..._ *So Bored :(* _Sorry UnU_

    22. Muy Perras

      Buena canción pero coreografía mediocre!

    23. ERRORE 356


    24. ERRORE 356

      In aboned

    25. YDouble

      I'm here because I heard theres a extreme for this song

    26. Felix Alfonso JD

      No estoy en contra del baile pero poner esta canción induce al sueño

    27. Marcus Games

      Fundo horrivel

    28. Hannah Berman

      Dear Ubisoft Please add the fallowing songs to the game. Boy with luv- BTS Ft. Halsey I'm A Slave 4 U- Britney Spears Bad guy- Billie Eilish Woman Like Me- Little Mix ft. Nikki Minaj Without Me Halsey Sorry Not Sorry Demi Lavato

      1. Pineapple Stuffs

        @Hannah Berman the full songlist is leaked un the wiki

      2. Hannah Berman

        @Pineapple Stuffs Thanks Man, Where did you here that?

      3. Pineapple Stuffs

        Hannah Berman Boy with love and bad guy are confirmed

    29. AkA Stem

      I like how this is like the whole song

    30. the fat bitch who looks 16

      Can we just *TALK* about the background

    31. Nightly Fireflies

      Me, trying to dance outside of playing JD <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="35">0:35</a>

    32. TY P8 HGT

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> essa parte ficou sem sentido.

    33. Everything Android Pro 23

      Dis choreo is soooo bad

    34. elji02

      And here I was thinking they couldn't do worst than JD 2019.. Boy was I wrong... 🙄

      1. Pineapple Stuffs

        This is better than the last year

      2. Ezekiel Chavez

        elji02 Well you’re wrong again because this is better than 2019.

    35. Lily Ôsa Cute

      Can't we just talk😪

    36. Daryl Plays Games!

      Shape of you 2.0, is this you?

    37. Wazzuuup GD

      This might honestly be my favorite choreo Edit : watched I Dont Care, it has better choreo

    38. Dan Blair

      Several new songs I Don't Care Ed Sheeran Ft. Justin Beiber Backstreet's Back(alright) Le Bal Masque Infernal Gallop ( The Can Can) La Respuesta Becky G Boys with Luv BTS Ft. Halsey Always Look On The Brightside Into The Unknown(Just Dance Unlimited) Senorita(Just Dance Unlimited)

      1. The Killer Raven 13

        Dan Blair I know every songs that will be in JD 2020/unlimited but señorita is in just dance!!! what!!!

    39. Букато Александр

      I need BTS in Just dance 2020

      1. The Killer Raven 13

        Букато Александр hey, it's real you know

      2. Букато Александр

        @The Killer Raven 13 fack you

      3. The Killer Raven 13

        Букато Александр your wish is granted

    40. Alejandro nogueerol

      Idk i feel like just dance 2017 beat 2020.

    41. el mismisimo

      Panini from lil nas X please

    42. Canal Super Fine

      Logo que o just dance 2020 existir vou o comprar

    43. soysofidraws

      "What song are you dancing?" *looks at the background* "Talk"

    44. MashupperFan JD

      I dont like This song

    45. Presidenta Llama

      Espero que pongan Señorita

    46. Abdurrahim Sayar

      My people at RMA on the school bus love this song! Keep going, Ubisoft!

    47. Tyler Jones

      It's should have been Can we just dance

    48. Alyne Kino


    49. Ønion

      onekiss + cantfeelmyface = talk

    50. Hacker No0b

      This is borinnnnnggg

    51. MerctheGuyWhoDoesEverything Boy

      My mom love this song and I love this song

    52. Harkees Hirvad

      I want young dumb :)

    53. Jack Nadin

      Am i the only one that HATES this dance.

      1. The Killer Raven 13

        Jack Nadin yes you loser

    54. Daniela Abrahim

      Please make Swalla

    55. GAARA Emanuel

      Now united pleass

    56. SteveSoyYo

      Uff como ame esta canción en los videos de TikTok hahaha no esperaba que la metieran pero la calidad que tiene wow... otros tienen esa linea negra dibujada cutre pero este no ^^ fondo ? Me vale verga pprque yo sigo al coach no al fondo ppr mi puede ser negro o blanco me da igual.

    57. Fox

      yoo this looks sick, can't wait to play it

      1. Raine Foster


    58. Eric C

      Yay they putted this and taki taki and old town road and 365 I'm proud for and to f JD this year unlike 2019 ouch still pretty much 😉🤔

    59. More & More

      The beginning of the verse choreo is kinda cringe but i like the rest

    60. Finwenenharma

      No se me quita de Ricky Martin y Maluma!!

    61. daddylicious

      ight this is better

    62. JD John YT

      Where's the filipino songs i request here???? what happen @Just Dance ????

    63. amiel blue / DEAN ASU•GHAW / Chibino

      I love that you guys are bringing back something for the guys that want to do the cool and slick smooth routines in this game. Havent seen or felt that since 2014 or 2016. I do like the background, and the coach looks really great. The choreo is very smooth but i wish was better in some way. Other than that i think this one was great.

    64. XxXxSummerXxX x

      I love this song!! So gonna buy Just dance 2020 😁

    65. Scott Egbert

      Waiting for the Bad Guy choreo. Plus Into the Unknown from Frozen 2. Look, can we just TALK?

    66. cloudytae x


    67. Brenda Medeiros

      I was asking myself how would JD crew manage to make a choreo for such slow and boring song, and I’m impressed with the results! Very nice

    68. Cherokee Whitney

      here is something that JUST DANCE should do: show the full songs on youtube

      1. Pedro Valente

        Cherokee Whitney It is a way to make people buy the game...

    69. Quiet Mithos

      I like this background In my opinion, it looks lazy but it fits this calm music and if it was any more detailed, it'll change the feeling and will be very distracting

    70. Zerep99


    71. Eww Byee-

      This and 7 rings is a joke like deadass just dance y’all can do better

    72. Srasri Kritkrathok

      Wow... Very good 👍🙂

    73. Carl Benedict Garces

      Ehh.. I could be better... I hope there's an alternative version. This one is a little too bland... And PLEASE... Try to change the background to the lyrics like what you did with Love Me Again

      1. The Killer Raven 13

        Carl Benedict Garces what a boring comment

    74. jordan


    75. Marcos Andrade

      Ugh, I don't want harder songs, just songs with more movement variety. Tired of 15 seconds of the same movement over and over on all songs :/

    76. Anthony Neal

      I talking to you how about you make Monstercat and JD20

    77. Music Loverr

      Hoooy mga tuko! Oh sorry wrong video... anyway, just dance be like: oOP lEt's pUT thE WoRD tAlK iN tHE bacKgRoUnD

      1. Music Loverr

        @G Reacts eyyy 😂 kamukha kasi ni kuya Hiroshi eh hahahhaa

      2. G Reacts

        Music Loverr Eyyyy 😂

    78. Phosnerd

      How about Fancy extreme tho

    79. isai kress

      Shales no me gusta la canción ... Pero la coreografía si me gustó ...

    80. kieran dupont

      The pictogram body color of Talk is wrong because the dancer’s vest and pants are dark blue, so the the pictogram body color should be dark blue, not purple.