Just Dance Unlimited: You Don't Know Me by Jax Jones Ft. RAYE | Official Track Gameplay [US]

Just Dance

Just Dance

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    You Don't Know Me by Jax Jones Ft. RAYE is coming to Just Dance Unlimited!
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    Wherever life takes you, Just Dance 2019 beats to the rhythm of your life moments! Whether there’s something to celebrate or for no reason at all, Just Dance is there for every occasion!
    Just Dance 2019 Features:
    ** With Just Dance Unlimited, dance to more than 400 songs all year long. A 1-month trial is included with every purchase.
    ** 8 exclusive new choreographies created with the help of kids’ development experts to encourage healthy movement
    ** Dynamic new home page features seasonal and special event playlists, game news highlights and a new community section
    Just Dance Unlimited: You Don't Know Me by Jax Jones Ft. RAYE | Official Track Gameplay [US]

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    2. Juaan romaan

      This is my favorite choreo


      I think this song is not famous... and is one of my favorites... :v and YAAAAS now in Just Dance!

    4. Laura Duncan

      Ive gone of jd I might just stop playing it

    5. David Konevky

      Is it me or they always put most party songs in unlimited

    6. Dynia

      Choreography 10/10 music 10/10 coach 10/10 background 10/10 perfect

    7. Henrique Neves

      Why isn't that song in Just Dance Now?

    8. otto animals music

      Amazin 😎

    9. alvaro Zuñiga

      One coming unlimited and jd2020?

    10. Random User

      Finally... YAS!

    11. Luluma

      I have been a fan since 2015

    12. Flygon

      Choreo: 6/10 Background: 10/10 kinda reminds me of Redoo fanmades Music: 10/10 Coach: 8/10 Title: 2/10 (you kept changing it 🐧) Overall: 8.5/10

    13. Tibe That Guy

      I remember when people were using this song to annoy the f*** out of me.

    14. KITI LIN


    15. Leandro Camargo

      so eu de brasileiro ? quem e curte

    16. Victor Nazario

      I love it but hope they have a guy version...I was thinking it was the guy on the cieral box from the video.

    17. David G

      The choreo is amazing for once!

    18. Muy Perras

      La preferiría en el juego y no en unlimited ya que en el juego hay muchas canciones basuras!!!

    19. Wazzuuup GD

      This is awesome, i remember hearing this song in a Tmobile commercial

    20. Yarin Edri

      Choreography: Perfect Music: Yeah Coach: Perfect Background: Perfect Overall: 5/5 🤩

    21. Evan Allaire

      Fortinte dance

    22. DAV GAMING

      Wow just dance 2019 unlimited was really good Thanks Just dance ❤️

    23. Gerardo Urdaneta

      Why those dances are too easy?

    24. Sammy Tigger

      It feels like they put “Want u back” and “Lush life” together and mixed it🤔

    25. Andres A. Ruiz V.

      Less repetitive, good moves and attitude! I like it!!

    26. Skodatheincredibles2 España

      Jax jones

    27. Álefe Johnny

      A música incrível, mas a coreografia ficou meio bosta.

    28. Abdurrahim Sayar

      Darn! This is certainly something new! Love the 3-D shapes! JD2020 Next month!

    29. fille triste

      Bts please!

    30. Valerie 13

      Great choreo, background and coach! You've outdone yourselves Ubisoft


      Please just dance 2020 bad guy by please

    32. LéoAlmeidaVEVO


    33. LéoAlmeidaVEVO

      até que enfim o hino entrou e é ótimoooooo

    34. John Luiz Mistica

      YOU DON'T KNOW how hard the JD Team will surprise you! And they did it! ✨❤

    35. Jorge Dance

      I love this song 😍 wanted to be in the game since 2017!

    36. emoji

      Love how it was "don't know me" before and they fixed it. 😜

    37. stephzne be

      Humm ,le décor est vachement cool,la chorégraphie posée et reste simple et en mm temps rythmé 😻

    38. Neo _HxfumiTogo

      I need that jacket

    39. Arthur Menezes

      Oh wow, I love this song! Very happy to see it on JD.

    40. Silvernight14

      No me sale la canción :'''c

    41. Israel Flores

      Why is nobody talking about the gold move effects?

      1. The Killer Raven 13

        Israel Flores we already talk that before

    42. itsdomin

      this is soooo gooooood. prob one of my favorites in the series.

    43. Ninel Aguirre XD

      Yes I'm ready for it 💗

    44. Kouen

      I like a lot this song but choreo is mehh, i hope an alternate version soon :(

    45. Bianca Queiroz carvalho

      Put everglow on this Just dance because it would be really cool

    46. Bill Fusion

      Good stuff!

    47. Nathan Orlando

      Thanks for this amazing song ubi

    48. Kalanii

      It ended to soon oof. I'm ready for all the newest songs to release. But first... gotta get my adrenaline prepared cuz this gonna be a workout to break a sweat on

    49. binu

      coreografia tá meio morta porém até que o background tá ok

    50. Christian Ramirez

      I tried playing it today but I didn’t see it 😭

      1. Dave D99

        its not out yet...in few hours mostly will


      I was hoping this wasn’t going to be on JD Unlimited.

    52. Lane Vazquez

      I love this song thank you 😊

    53. Cristovan Carvalho de sousa

      Hey Just Dance team, could you put El Anillo by JLO please!!!!! It´s the best song ever!!!

    54. Charlie

      I still want at least 1 marshmello song

    55. Dan Blair

      13 days to Just Dance 2020!

    56. Andseb GD

      Now Bad guy please

    57. King Max

      Just dance 2020 is the best game ever

    58. Samuel Abreu

      I like tgis song is so sassy and crazy 😆

    59. Ryan

      Old gold move effect or new gold move effect

    60. Daniela Grimailoff

      O M G i no have just dance ;-;

    61. Pascal Scho

      Just Dance Unlimited is getting better content than Just Dance 2020 lmao

    62. Jesse A

      Thank god they fixed the title and artist name! Jesus that was a mess! It was originally “Don’t Know Me” by Jax Jones ft. RAV for the people that don’t know.

    63. Angel

      It's ....... PERFECT 😜

    64. Dionté

      Is it just me, or do the unlimited songs always come off a little lazy? 🤔 The choreography, costume, and background all just very generic, which is sad because they're usually the top requested songs

    65. Timo Fricker

      Sad that this Song isn't on Just Dance 2020 😒 It's just in Just Dance unlimited 😣

    66. prismcool

      I guess these shapes in the background are the "cereal"

    67. ThylerXD

      oh so damn's censored again

    68. Simon Says

      lol its advertising jd 2019

      1. Supbear

        Simon Says sorry I had to spill the tea😂❤️

      2. Simon Says

        @Supbear okok calm down

      3. Supbear

        Simon Says yeah because they are testing the graphics for the game. Did you not read the thumbnail it says just dance 2019 and did you not watch the the celebration trailer?

      4. Simon Says

        @Supbear they literally show jd 2020 gameplay

      5. Supbear

        Simon Says because it’s on just dance 2019 unlimited since just dance 2020 isn’t out yet

    69. Ari Is My Queen

      Please Add Melanie MARTINEZ

    70. Luis5779 13


    71. ronvfx

      the gold move is different

    72. MrPokeplayer


    73. michaUL it’s me

      they say: by rave the real thing is: raye

    74. Mathias Medina


    75. Simon Says

      The gold is scary

    76. Benchito Herrera

      Yassssssssss omg screaming Thank you jd

    77. CineFun

      If we don’t get Thunderclouds by LSD on just Dance 2020, this song will make up for it because to me JAX JONES IS A GOD!!!!

    78. David20126


    79. Benji queen

      Boys lizzo

    80. MemeElfman

      Why isn’t this in the 2020 song list

      1. PoTAEto ; - ;

        MemeElfman It's super cheap tho

      2. J07

        @MemeElfman JDU is still cheaper than Netflix ^^

      3. MemeElfman

        Dave D99 Yeah i got that but it’s unlimited you have buy months if you’re subscription is over

      4. Dave D99

        its unlimited songlist...the theme this month is all about celebrating jd2020(so they added 7 rings in unlimited for a week) plus three new songs including this