just a dad yawn



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    1. Joshua Schwarz

      Can‘t believe I watched this... twice.

    2. Herebrand

      I don't know, every dad yawn I've heard is as loud as possible and ends with the word fuck.

    3. Ben Green


    4. Ron Johnson

      why did 30,000 people click on this video

    5. Kayla A. Stephen

      When you realize you have a dad yawn even though you're a girl. Thanks, dad

    6. Shreyas Misra

      owo or uwu? Sips: awa

    7. Chris' #1 Fan

      Dad asmr

    8. Mateusz Wierzbicki

      For 22 years of my life, my father yawns basically the same

    9. abi rose

      this is precisely how my mum yawns

    10. Ice Wolf


    11. Kyle Sova

      Nearly 30k views for that...

    12. Amoon

      What is the point of this video? Or this channel?

    13. Selfspot

      Hat Films: "We let an entire server raid us!" 25k views. Sips: "Just a dad yawn"...

    14. dinolandra

      Wheres the dad stretch?

    15. RedSnt

      That pretty much sums up all these Overwatch streams.

    16. A Compelled Passionate Rationalist.

      Just dad things, y'all kids wouldn't get it.

    17. Bluer than Xephos


    18. TheLaceOfSpades

      This deserves to be on trending

    19. Andrew Kajander

      was not disappointed

    20. kelsey stichmann

      This is the quality sips content I've been missing. Nothing has been quite like your walking simulator playthroughs. Honestly my favorite thing

    21. Christian Nipales

      The quality content I subscribe to Sips for. Quality.

    22. BiG NRG

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    23. Ryan Devlin


    24. erkdoc5

      That reminded me of the Biden noise.

    25. Laude

      New ringtone.

    26. Ninjachickenfingers

      This is what the people REALLY want

    27. Preston K. Productions

      Thanks for staying you, Sips. You're the only GEselsr who did it.

    28. Sun Behind Clouds

      i come here to sneeze but stay casue its my jizz sound

    29. 『』

      Can confirm that was a real yawn, I yawned after him

    30. J'zargo

      my new alarm is just this looped

    31. Mike McMahon

      I'm makin this my notification

    32. Memorabilia

      Sounds like crash bandicoot

    33. championchap

      Oh man he enjoyed that one. Rockin’

    34. matthew98405

      Waiting for the sequel "just a dad sneeze" where he unleashes a fighter jet takeoff of a sneeze

    35. Bart

      I'm using this in my next mixtape!

    36. CasiusJr1

      The average GEselsr with 2 million subs makes 20k a month, its a shame this idiot doesn't know how to do that and is throwing away a enourmous opportunity while those with talent struggle to get recognition. I know you're reading this eager to tell me he makes more on twitch please go back to the beginning of this post and read it again

    37. RBuckminsterFuller

      I do these yawns all the time. So satisfying. Sneezes as well, the louder the better.

      1. 2008davidkang

        Raising kids must be laborious to say the least.

    38. Jorwraith

      Translation Uwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuh

    39. Zightz

      Just as advertised

    40. TicTac

      Well i wasnt dissppointed from a video for once

    41. Underqualified

      Top non content

    42. Pike

      Pike is a fish.

      1. Pike

        @platefish Freshwater

      2. platefish

        saltwater or freshwater? 🤔

    43. Chris

      HOLY SHIT I YAWN LIKE THAT TOO!!! I also do the fucking crazy dad sneezes!!! ᕦ(ò‿óˇ)ᕤ

    44. TheTStandsForThomas

      Literally me and I dont even have kids (yet)

    45. TRGV

      Can someone make this a ringtone?

    46. Lardex, Destroyer of Beans

      I yawned at the same time, am I cool now?

    47. Harry Aq

      Sorry for my naughty comment daddy

      1. Sam Savage

        Spunk shot facial

    48. Woke Koala

      Anyone else yawn

    49. hogger4321

      Let's do the alphabet...A

      1. Benjamin


    50. The- potato-warrior

      I like how his main channel is just youtube poops now

    51. Archington


    52. Partialimp

      Who even dislikes these? Get a life dammit.

    53. ratchet qwark

      nice ring tone! lol

    54. Tyler Dane

      can confirm this is a dad yawn, mine does it too

    55. Boone

      I yawned after watching this.

      1. Spooksmagoo

        I jawn all the time cus I'm depressed and tired

      2. Liam Atkins

        I yawned when I read this.

      3. Jargonloster

        I yawned as I clicked on it.

    56. Billy Chambers

      On the 20th of April 1969, grandpa sips gave birth to sips. As soon as sips was born he gave birth to.. THE DAD YAWN. Yes sips was a dad at the instance he was born.

    57. Mike Hitchcock

      It's like he's celebrating being sleepy..and I love it

    58. SmokesMeth

      Content 👍🏾

    59. Marlon

      thank u I needed this today

    60. Elliott Bridge

      1st, only sips would be the youtube with nearly 2 million subs and post a short video like this. Good on ya Sips, you made me chuckle. 😂

      1. Toogaytolift

        To be fair Benjamin had a point Anyone that says there first especially when there not are cucks

      2. Nekrumorfiini1


      3. Connor 0672

        Benjamin No u

      4. Benjamin

        Elliott Bridge Shut. The. Fuck. Up

    61. Mathias Martin

      This made me tired

    62. Anna m


    63. Martijn van Beelen

      Indeed exactly like my dad would yawn

      1. Martijn van Beelen

        @Mitama Don't worry, he's stil kicking, just not tired atm

      2. Mitama


    64. Jonathan Marino


    65. TheMineingNinja


    66. EPAbonde


    67. awesomeali11


    68. GiannisForPresident


    69. Mark Hayes