Jury Deadlocked? The Latest on the Harvey Weinstein Case



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    After three four days of deliberations, the jury in Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial still has not reached a verdict.

    The jury is reportedly deadlocked on the most serious charges, and will return to court on Monday to resume deliberations.


    1. SyzygyStardust

      Gloria, a total CUNT!

    2. zaria Cotton

      All about dat money dats da reason y these. Lady's lying

    3. zaria Cotton

      These lady's r not victims

    4. Ronald Johnson

      Let's face reality want to frame him

    5. Ronald Johnson

      Not guilty for Weinstein

    6. Ronald Johnson

      Weinstein innocent

    7. Pete Pan

      Harvey will likely be acquitted. There is a lot of reasonable doubt here. People are looking at this case with emotion, rather than through jurisprudence. Women love to explain away EVERY single type of reaction after "assaults". one of his accusers even texted him, "I hate being a booty call". She is now crying sexual assault. Come on, man.....Thankfully, jurors sometimes see through facades and lies. As for Harvey's lawyer saying "I have never been sexually assaulted because I never put myself in that position"....she makes an EXCELLENT point. Not all sexual assaults are the same. A LOT of women put themselves in precarious situations. Drinking too much, beyond their capacity, and losing their faculties. Going to a hotel rooms and houses at 3 A.M., "to talk or play Scrabble". Come on, man....or in this case, "woman".... Am I saying sexual assault or rape is OK? Of course not. Neither is armed robbery. But if I go to Mexico City and walk in a downtown alley at night, wearing flashy gold jewelry and counting a wad of U.S. dollars in plain sight....take a wild guess at what is going to happen.....Obviously, I will be robbed. And in some way, I asked for it. A LOT of these cases could be avoided with common sense. Let's be totally honest: Women tend to play dumb when it suits them, then cry foul. No rational, well-intentioned woman goes to a meeting late at night in a hotel room. Those who do, undoubtedly perfume their vagina before leaving home...because they KNOW they will be having sex that night....cut it out. The casting couch as almost as old as the world's oldest profession....prostitution.....YES, we NEED to start blaming "victims", so that future women STOP making STUPID decisions......

    8. Peter Moygannon

      we're these woman underage or drugged..if not what's the problem. what are they winging about.

      1. Pete Pan

        They are women. They only distinctly recall they were raped once, 30 years ago, once their star has fallen...or the creditors and knocking down their doors....

    9. robert tidwell

      Gloria looking older and sicker. Wish she had focused more on lawyership than feminist political agendas.


        She went way harder on Cosby

    10. Jai Norman

      I will always support him

      1. angelbabe dawg

        ..put that on your resume...

    11. Dead Echo

      Notice they purposefully left out lupita?

    12. Dead Echo

      Gloria all-bread is about that money.

    13. A.J

      100 women... 100 women and the jury can't decide if he is guilty or not?

      1. A.J

        @Pete Pan you are 100% insane if you think that this turd is innocent 😂😂😂

      2. Noelle With an E

        Pete Pan why are you trying to say that witnesses are not reputable.

      3. Pete Pan


      4. A.J

        @Noelle With an E sounds about white... his legal team must have surely had a large role to play in selecting the jurors?

      5. Noelle With an E

        A.J I want to know if the majority of the jurors are white men..

    14. JohnnieRhodes

      I love the wheel chair type antics/theatre this lowlife is using in attempt to gain sympathy. Right out of the old mafia playbook. You forgot the oxygen tank, Harvey (lol)

    15. Cheryll Hamilton

      Please find this nasty sleezy rapist pig guilty. I believe the women.

    16. M Boyd

      The me too movement is a racially motivated movement, and has zero to do with female sexual assault victims. Which is why only black guys have gotten convicted. It's also why Weinstein won't go to jail.

      1. robert tidwell

        Me2 was started by a black woman which means 100 percent political agenda

    17. Colin T

      Wonder if media will call jury "uneducated" like the OJ Trial ?

    18. Trinidad Onassis

      So...Does anyone know the whereabouts of #MeToo? #TimesUp? All those "feminists" outside of the Cosby trial? Has a CNN or Lifetime docuseries on HARVEY WEINSTEIN dropped yet? Also, where are Fail King and Okra Winfrey??? They made sure to come after a dead Black man's legacy before he was even in the ground but they are "suspiciously" silent about their bestie HARVEY WEINSTEIN. Maybe they're doing some investigative journalism on a couple of their other friends, LES MOONVES and CHARLIE ROSE?

    19. Re Re

      I pray he is found innocent if people cannot see what Gloria alread is doing their blind of the 100 women not one reported to the police same thing in the Rkelly case the Cuba gooding case and the bill Cosby case these women are paid this is not fair no matter who it is!!!!!! This movement has to be stopped is this who we as Americans a man can be convicted on hearsay no evidence this is dangerous !!!!!

      1. Pete Pan

        Do not tell that to women. THey believe today's men should be charged with and convicted for....a rape that happened in Mongolia back in 1926-

    20. Extra Small Doll

      It's nice to see that prick look feeble and weak AF.

    21. KW000d9 West

      Somebody on that jury is paid off. It will eventually come to light who the culprit is.

      1. TheTyWay

        Nah, I doubt it. Have you read the testimony? One of the accusers claimed he violated her. Yet, she spent time with him again. Why go back if you were raped? Why not call the police?

    22. Mario

      OK.... Keep deleting my comment. I will keep on posting it under every comment which is posted under this thread. What are you going to to them... Delete every single comment others make?

      1. Mario

        @Abe Lesser I am sure you would like that. As long as this is America, I find your opinion disturbing however, you are entitled to have it.

      2. Abe Lesser

        We need to delete you and silence you

    23. Margo Vilcan

      Sleese ball . He needs to be put under the jail .

      1. Abe Lesser

        Says who?

    24. Muteteli Harvey

      This is fucking ridiculous!

    25. Esther .Y lee

      He is a rich white man there's no surprise here

      1. TheTyWay

        @Pert Burton Seems like no one has read about the case. If I were a juror, I'd have to vote not guilty. Why keep going back???

      2. Abe Lesser

        Ester please! I told you to stay in the cage and to please stop it

      3. Marilyn Monroe

        oh another jealous hooker! See if you can get hooked up with O J simpson hoe!

      4. michael morrison

        rich JEWISH man, funny how you leave that part out............

      5. Pert Burton

        Did you hear the women that testified? they kept coming back after their accusations that one lady had a relationship with him 3 years after she first accused him that's why the jury is hung on the most serious charges.

    26. Carol Christiansen

      This is not a surprise. When you wait this long to report. And if you start dating him after the attack. Well that causes doubt. He is a dirtbag for sure. More women needed a man like Brad Pitt to put a stop to him.

      1. robert tidwell

        Lol if brad Pitt did this weistein effect none of these women would have complained. These women don't like that kind of attention from ugly old fat jew guys.